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TV14 • Musicals, Drama, Music, Black Stories • TV Series • 2015

From Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Precious”) and Emmy Award winner Danny Strong (“Game Change,” “Lee Daniels’ The Bu...more

From Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Precious”) and Emmy Award winner Danny Strong (“Game Change,” “Lee Daniels’ The Bu...more

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5 seasons available (84 episodes)

5 seasons available

(84 episodes)

Episode 1

Steal From the Thief

Two years after Cookie and Lucious lost Empire to Eddie Barker they continue to pick up the broken pieces.
Episode 2

Pay For Their Presumptions

Cookie and Lucious discover the difficulties of launching an artist without the support of Empire Entertainment.
Episode 3


Cookie and Lucious are determined to reintroduce themselves to the music game, but they must first get the support of the entire family and a few allies.
Episode 4

Love All, Trust a Few

The Lyons aim to return to form as they undertake a brand-new project; Cookie and Portia try to sign a new artist with a sound they've been looking for; Andre tries to prove his business savvy to Lucious; Jamal reflects on his history with Kai.
Episode 5

The Depth of Grief

Lucious and Cookie get their artist ready for a premiere listening party, but they are concerned that the pressure will be too much; Hakeem wants to show Tiana that he's matured, but struggles to let go of the recent past; Cookie worries about Jamal.
Episode 6

What Is Done

In an effort to sign more artists, Cookie and Lucious make a bet to see who can find someone first.
Episode 7

Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils

Lucious must get along with Jeff Kingsley to close the distance between Empire and Lyons Family Management and get a girl group back into the mix; Jamal gets frustrated with Cookie for stealing his London artist; Andre helps free an old inmate's son.
Episode 8

Master of What Is Mine Own

The cost of running Lyon Family Management starts to put pressure on Cookie and Lucious' relationship.
Episode 9

Had It From My Father

The Lyon family's financial security is threatened before the deadline for their LFM showcase; Jamal is conflicted with Kai's research into Empire's activity; Hakeem and Tiana finally agree on how they should progress their relationship.
Episode 10

My Fault Is Past

The Lyons must pull out all the stops to prove Lucious and Becky’s innocence in the datamining scandal. Cookie struggles with Lucious’ past and Jeff Kingsley’s place in it, Jamal and Kai try to figure out where they stand and a mystery begins to unravel.
Episode 11

In Loving Virtue

The Lyons work on a plan to clean Kingsley's mess and reveal a new-and-improved Empire as their family business' reputation is at risk; Lucious and Cookie hire someone to locate the money Eddie had stolen; Andre tries to get Devon an Empire record.
Episode 12

Shift and Save Yourself

Cookie's future place in the family business is threatened by a game-changing career offer; Jamal is determined to ensure Tiana and Treasure's track is successful; Lucious, Cookie and Giselle contemplate the future of Empire's artists.
Episode 13

Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot Deeds

Tensions escalate and egos clash after Empire starts its national tour; Jamal and Kai's relationship grows more complex; Treasure has an unfortunate moment onstage; Cookie confronts her feelings towards Damon; Federal agents start to investigate.
Episode 14

Without All Remedy

The Lyons are determined to show their support for Andre and continue the tour; Cookie and Lucious decide to confront their wrongdoings; Maya learns to accept her position with Blake and the rest; All of Empire works to ensure the tour goes on.
Episode 15

A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child

Jeff Kingsley aims to learn what happened between Tracy Kingsley and Lucious while the Feds close in on Empire; Teri and the Lyon family hope Andre recovers; Cookie confronts the truth regarding her and Damon Cross' relationship.
Episode 16

Never Doubt I Love

Jamal and Kai prepare to share a special day together until drama caused by Meghan Conway threatens their moment and the Lyons as a whole; Damon arrives to threaten Cookie with exposing her secret; Teri shares a secret with Cookie.
Episode 17

My Fate Cries Out

Cookie is picked up by AUSA Conway while Lucious confronts his past; Becky, Hakeem and Andre come up with a scheme to save Empire with a special show with musicians Sevyn Streeter and Ty Dolla $ign; Cookie struggles to forgive Lucious.
Episode 18

The Roughest Day

Cookie and Lucious worry that their relationship could be reaching a breaking point as they deal with one another's betrayals; Andre's life is threatened; federal agents come closer to taking down Empire; the coffin's occupant is revealed.

Becky Tells Giselle She Was Offered A New Job from "The Roughest Day"

Cookie Tells Andre She Will Fight For His Life from "The Roughest Day"

Lucious & Cookie Argue About Andre from "The Roughest Day"

An Injured Lucious Is Surprised By Bunkie from "My Fate Cries Out"

Andre Wants To End His Own Life from "My Fate Cries Out"

Cookie Is Interrogated By Agent Conway from "My Fate Cries Out"

Tensions Run High In The Studio from "My Fate Cries Out"

Becky Helps Jamal With His Wedding Vows

Damon Returns The Missing Painting To The Lyons

Jamal & Kai Shut Down Rumors In An Interview

Lucious Arrives Late To The Wedding

Jamal & Kai Get Married

Andre Doesn't Believe God Will Help Him

Cookie Tells Carol About Her & Damon

Lucious Confronts Kingsley's Mother

The FBI Wants Kingsley To Get The Dirt On Lucious

Andre Tells The Family About His Lymphoma from "Without All Remedy"

Jamal Pushes Kia Away from "Without All Remedy"

Lucious & Cookie Argue About Treasure from "Without All Remedy"

Lucious Tells A Story About Andrea When He Was Sick from "Without All Remedy"

Cookie, Tiana & Treasure Listen To Their New Track

OMG Moment: Cookie Has Seen Enough

Teri Helps Andre After His Chemo

About To Go Down

Cookie Talks About Building A Community Center from "Shift and Save Yourself"

Gabby Directs Her First Episode

Jamal Brings His Two Female Artist Together from "Shift and Save Yourself"

Ms. Giselle Challenges The Lyon's Opinion from "Shift and Save Yourself"

Thirsty Gets Interrogated from "Shift and Save Yourself"

Sneak Peek: Cookie Is Done

Cookie & Lucious Argue In Bed from "In Loving Virtue"

Lucious & Cookie Make A Deal from "In Loving Virtue"

Lucious Introduces The New & Improved Empire from "In Loving Virtue"

Sneak Peek: A Handful Of Scandal

Sneak Peek: She Rides For Her Man

OMG Moment: There Is No Stage Five

Cookie Discusses Kingsley With Her Friends

Kai Shows Lucious & Andre The Source Of The Leak from "Had It From My Father"

OMG Moment: Something's Wrong With Andre

OMG Moment: The Damon Situation

Porsha Signs Blake As An Artist from "My Fault Is Past"

Thirsty Brings Bad News To The Lyons

Close Up: AZ Kelsey As Jeff Kinglsey

Cookie's Fashion: Keep It Moving, Here We Go

What Women Want

Bad Valentines

Close Up: Nicole Ari Parker

Cookie Is Not Pleased With The Showcase Rehearsal

Giselle Wants To Take Control Of Empire

Hakeem & Tiana Have a Serious Talk About Their Relationship

Hakeem Is The Only One With No Blood On His Hands

Kai Confronts Jamal About His Father's Past

Kingsley Ain't No Lyon

Preview: Someone Is Coming Back To Collect

OMG Moment: There's No Love Or Trust

"Why Not" (Showcase Extended Music Video)

Cookie Remembers When She Met Damon Cross

Cookie Schools Devon & Carlito

OMG Moment: A Fourth Lyon Son

Cookie's Clapback: Shut Up & Say Thank You

Lucious Finds Out Kinglsey Is Sabotaging Him

Cookie & Carol Confront Candace About Her Abuse

I Don't Mind (Extended Music Video)

Jamal Tells Cookie He Is A Grown Man

Kingsley Has Dinner With The Lyons

Make It Last (Lyric Video)

Winter Arrives Unexpectedly

Everyone Has Secrets

Jussie Acts & Directs

Kingsley Is Dropping the Three Black Divas

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