2 seasons available

Divorce Court

TV14Reality • Legal • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

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2 seasons available (100 episodes)

2 seasons available

(100 episodes)

Episode 1

Patterson vs. Johnson

Rosalyn says Javon sexting other women has been the downfall in their relationship. Javon is fed up with the cheating allegations and says Rosalyn is insecure about him having female friends.
Episode 2

Harden vs. Coburn

Demario says Detric's friends are covering for him to allow him to cheat; Detric says Demario is spiteful and irrational.
Episode 3

Beroud-Jackson vs. Bell

Alicia is ready to end the relationship because of her fiancé Willie's insecure ways and constant judgement. He claims she's been unfaithful. Willie says he has proof of Alicia's infidelity and claims she's even cheated with his cousin, James.
Episode 4

Square vs. Clark

Shante says for the last 15 years she’s put up with Ronaldo’s infidelities and his lack of motivation to get a job. Ronaldo says it’s Shante’s insecurities that are ruining their relationship. He feels that she is unappreciative of his efforts.
Episode 5

Gardner vs. Gardner

On today's episode of Divorce Court, Sha says her husband, Kenneth, is an emotionally abusive cheater who refuses to work and constantly makes her feel insecure about her weight. She wants her money back from a vacation she paid for that he abandoned.
Episode 6

Blackwell vs. Blackwell

Trisi says she found Clyde talking to his female friend on the phone for hours and has found evidence of another woman being in his truck; Clyde says he has a female friend and it's his wife's jealousy that causes her to act out.
Episode 7

Jones vs. Long

Theresa says her family has been torn apart by her fiance’s lies, laziness and cheating habits. Mikael says it’s Theresa’s fault why their relationship is hanging by thread. Theresa is suing Mikael for child care expenses if he can’t shape up!
Episode 8

Vilycahn vs. Rios

“VieVie” says after 4 years, she’s ready to kick her boyfriend Nathaniel to the curb. She says Nathaniel will disappear for hours and found him communicating with women on social media. Nathaniel says he wants to save this relationship.
Episode 9

Williams vs. Green

Anisa was dismayed by her girlfriend stealing money from her and believes Nasheema was never in this relationship for love. Anisa feels Nasheema used her like an ATM and wants to end the relationship. Naseema says she doesn’t owe her any money.
Episode 10

Moss vs. Moss

Angel is suing her husband, James, because she alleges he forced her to take out thousands of dollars in loans to support his womanizing and drinking habits. James admits to being a terrible husband, but says he never forced the Angel to do anything.
Episode 12

Wright vs. Wright

Amber says during their marriage her husband has had children with other women. She is done with the cheating and wants a divorce. Dustin fell out of love with Amber. He says his wife is a liar and cannot be trusted.
Episode 13

Johnson vs. Arnold

Latasha says her severe lack of trust has caused a major wedge between her and the father of her child, Alton. She suspects Alton has brought women into the bed they share.
Episode 14

Acuff vs. Acuff

Cody is a recovering addict and Jennifer fears her husband is using again. Cody’s short temper and anger issues have taken a toll on Jennifer and their marriage.
Episode 15

Moore vs. Shephard

Today on Divorce Court, Chandra says her boyfriend, Larry, is guilty of the 4 “C”s. She claims the defendant is Cheap, Controlling, a Cheater, and Can’t Communicate!
Episode 16

Francis vs. Jackson

Tanisha is fed up with William cheating and bringing unnecessary drama into their relationship. She says if he doesn’t fix his behavior, the wedding is off and she is done with this relationship!
Episode 17

Dawn Borden vs. Curtis Harding

Dawn says her relationship with her fiancé, Curtis, came crashing down when they admitted to being unfaithful to one another. She suspects his alleged one-time indiscretion is really a long-time pattern of cheating.
Episode 18

Gaines vs. Gaines

Christina is ready to divorce her husband who is emotionally and physically unavailable to her. Christina says Charles would rather work than spend time with his family. According to Charles, they’ve lost the spark in their marriage.
Episode 19

Dickerson vs. Dickerson

Brian and Tierra admit their marriage is hanging by thread because of Brian’s infidelity. Brian says his wife, Tierra, has been trying to get revenge by not wanting to have sex and engaging in inappropriate conversations with other men.
Episode 20

Nunnally vs. Graham

Barbara and Darryl met on a swinger’s website. After committing to each other, Darryl still has trust issues and feels Barbara may be resorting back to her past lifestyle. Barbara says she is done with the constant cheating accusations and fighting.
Episode 21

Edwards vs. Rogers

Christina says Derrick’s longtime female friend has been a thorn in their relationship and suspects Derrick of cheating.
Episode 22

Barlow vs. Perez

Casey says Eric’s rap career has led to infidelity which has left her feeling insecure. Casey says she is tired of feeling insecure and wants a baby now but only if Eric chooses to grow up.
Episode 23

Anthony vs. Anthony

Denisha says Christopher is a habitual liar and serial cheater. When they met, she says Christopher told her he was a youth minister, owned a condo by the beach, and that he would remain faithful to her.
Episode 24

Austin vs. Dowdell

Maya says being quarantined with Tiana made her realize they had little to nothing in common. Tiana says Maya has to get over her personal issues about their differences and is a believer in that opposites attract.
Episode 25

Hogan vs. Hogan

Sity says she should have known her marriage wasn’t going to work when John showed up an hour and half late to their wedding. Sity says she’s sick and tired of John’s laziness, his weight gain, and “loser” tendencies.
Episode 26

Golden vs. Kerner

Miranda wants Chase to stop abandoning her and show her more attention so they can be a family with their new baby. Miranda believes Chase is cheating because he is constantly disappearing and often accusing him of flirting with her friends.
Episode 27

Thompson vs. Thompson

After 15 years of being together, Biata says she’s ready to end her marriage. She says Quincy is a “dream killer,” a cheater, and has allowed his Godfather to meddle in their marriage.
Episode 28

Patterson vs. Manuel

Amesha says D’jarvis is a liar, cheater, and a fraud who convinced her he was living the high life when he was actually homeless. Amesha claims D’jarvis moved into her home and started freeloading off of her.
Episode 29

Reed vs. Reed

After being married less than a year Shante says Donnell is not the man she thought he was. Donnell told Shante he was financially secure and promised to pay for the wedding but couldn’t deliver.
Episode 30

Casimir vs. Adams

An on again, off again relationship over the past 5 years has pushed Cindy to call it quits with Tramere. After Cindy ended the relationship, Tramere moved out of their apartment without reimbursing her for his portion of the rent and utilities
Episode 31

Jackson vs. Chann

Vanessa says Visall’s temper and jealousy is destroying their relationship. Vanessa is a cocktail waitress who has high-end clients who request her for bottle services. Visall deletes her male clients text messages after going through her phone.
Episode 32

Stevens vs. Malizewski

Joseph wants his ex, Amy, to move out or start paying rent after refusing to have a threesome. Amy says her relationship is on the rocks after finding evidence of her boyfriend cheating.
Episode 33

Spruill vs. Franklin

Bruce is fed up with Rashad not wearing his engagement ring and is questioning whether Rashad wants to even get married. Rashad wants to be reimbursed for his moving expenses. After the engagement, they both moved in with each other
Episode 34

Natahsa Remson vs. Ricky Remson

Natahsa and Ricky suffered a miscarriage, so they decided to adopt a baby. Natahsa argues Ricky was on board, but after receiving the baby, he lost interest and put all the responsibilities on her.
Episode 35

Shelby Coren vs. Tabatha Delma

When Tabatha doesn't get enough attention from Shelby, she acts out and break her personal items. According to Tabatha, Shelby is very insensitive and never shows her affection which has forced her to look for attention through VR games.
Episode 36

Tyrone Johnson vs. Clinea Johnson

Tyrone wants to take a DNA test to find out if he’s actually the father of his daughter. Clinea biggest concern is Tyrone’s drinking. She believes it’s affecting his parenting and making him paranoid.

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