1 season available

Divorce Court

TV14 • Legal, Reality • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

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1 season available (87 episodes)

1 season available

(87 episodes)


Divorce Court Funniest Moments

The Funniest Divorce Court Moments

Divorce Court Lessons in Tough Love

Here on Divorce Court Judge Lynn has to tell it like it is! We’ve highlighted the best lessons in tough love that can only be found on #DivorceCourt!

Divorce Court's Most Emotional Moments

Get your tissues out for this one. We have compiled the Most Emotional Moments we could find in Divorce Court history.

Judge Lynn's Favorite Moments

For the past 13 years Judge Lynn Toler has given her verdict with tough love and compassion. She has poured her wisdom into us all. As she takes her leave from the stand we have prepared all of her favorite moments right here for you!

Most Ratchet Divorce Court Moments

Here on Divorce Court we know things can get a little ratchet, so we decided to highlight some of the most ratchet moments! Check out this mix-up mash-up of ratchet that can only be found on #DivorceCourt!
Episode 1

Denton vs. Denton

Maria can't stand Donnie’s excessive drinking and verbal abuse and has moved on to another boyfriend, to which Maria claims Donnie has been harassing. Donnie claims Maria is a liar and a low-life and he’s worked hard to provide for her and their daughter.
Episode 2

Clay vs. Baptiste

Latrishia believes Raymond’s PTSD from the Navy is taken a toll on their sex life and relationship. Raymond says he is a man of faith and if Latrishia wants to be a wife she must first act like one. Raymond questions if their daughter is even his.
Episode 3

Jackson vs. Chatmon

Constant disappearing acts by Delbert has pushed Chynna into the deep end. Chynna says Delbert doesn’t respect or value her, but Delbert claims she’s not so innocent herself as he found her exchanging steamy text messages with another man.
Episode 4

Doss vs. Jones

Cornisha claims Jawaun leaves for weeks at a time. She believes he frequently mingles with women on dating sites. Jawaun says Cornisha is far too bossy. Cornisha’s breaking point was when Jawaun deserted her at the hospital during her miscarriage.
Episode 5

Sanders vs. Sanders

Tahani says Cymbre is controlling and accuses her of cheating. Plus, she suspects that Cymbre is the one who’s cheating as Tahani found a receipt to a hotel. Cymbre loves Tahani but doesn’t trust her as she has been caught cheating in the past.
Episode 6

Preston vs. Council

Muriel is fed up with Nikkinba’s indecisiveness. Nikkinba says Muriel is controlling and constantly breaking his phones. Nikkinba went MIA and wouldn’t return her calls and told her that he’s leaving her for a new life in North Carolina.
Episode 7

Lawrence vs. Lawrence

Paw'lla is fed up with Keith's Antics! He claims he is married to two other women over seas, and he plans to bring them over! Paw'lla says Keith is a fake Pastor who doesn't know what he's talking about! will Judge Lynn send them separate ways?
Episode 8

Cordova vs. Morris

Robert is no longer willing to be in an open marriage while Diana refuses to stop living her best life. After tying the knot Diana gave Robert an ultimatum: they would either have an open relationship or she was gone. Can they come to a compromise?
Episode 9

Winborn vs. Winborn

Christy is done with Demetrice’s nonstop obsession with his video games. Christy is tired of what feels like living with an empty shell of an addicted gamer who plays 20 hours a day. Demetrice claims Christy is just too bossy and finds her to be insecure.
Episode 10

Parker vs. Barksdale

Ebony is getting tired of being the parent in the relationship. Gary claims she’s verbally abusive, acts like a dictator and is frustrated with her never-ending disrespectful comments. She loves Gary very much and claims to be a ‘ride or die’ girlfriend.
Episode 11

Douglas vs. Kirksey

No matter how hard Demont tries, he's always looking up at the bar Reasha keeps raising, and the romance took a hard turn into a wall when Demont got a promotion and relocated for work, which raised her suspicions of him cheating.
Episode 12

Brickle vs. Banks

La’Tanya is open and honest to Jonathan with her sexual attraction of other women, which is giving him serious concerns about going forward. La’Tanya isn’t working and Jonathan pays the bills. Will La’Tanya’s absentmindedness end the relationship?
Episode 13

Kraudel vs. Hodge

Emily is 29 and still a virgin. She feels the pressure from her boyfriend Romeo to have sex is overwhelming. Romeo says he feels their 20-year age difference may be part of the problem. because she’s an attention hound, breaking out in back flips.
Episode 14

Umbles vs. Umbles

Corey has cheated on his wife with 27 women, but wants a divorce because he can’t trust Chanese because she had sex with 1 man. Corey cannot get over Chanese’s affair because she hid it from him and he found out on his own. Can the couple get passed it?
Episode 15

Molyneaux vs. Rivera

Brianna says Steven constantly looks at other women, which has taken a toll on her confidence. She feels like Steven’s continued selfishness causes her to doubt her beauty and value. Steven says Brianna’s unrelenting overprotectiveness leads to arguments
Episode 16

Bellamy vs. Roberts

Markia says Herb’s over-active sex drive is out of control and it’s ruining their relationship because he wants it daily. Herb loves sex and says it does the body good while Markia needs to rest. When Herb doesn’t get his way, he throws major tantrums.
Episode 17

Hecker vs. Secor

Kevin is constantly haunted by the ghosts of his girlfriend’s past. He says Jessica constantly punishes him because of her history of cheating ex boyfriends. Jessica must know where Shea is every second of every day. Jessica says he has been lying too.
Episode 18

Tate vs. Steward

Erin feels like Timothy doesn’t care about the relationship and she’s considering moving on. Timothy is tired of being kicked out every time Erin catches an attitude. Erin says she dropped out of college and left behind a scholarship because of him.
Episode 19

Tarquino vs. Rose

Quanasia can no longer deal with Chandler’s compulsive lying just so he can have his outside affairs. Chandler says Quanasia lost her drive after having children. Chandler admits to cheating and says he needs to keep his options open.
Episode 20

Allen vs. Vizuela

Bryan says Kayla can out drink a fish. Kayla’s excessive drinking along with the cheating is a deal breaker. Bryan can't tolerate Kayla’s angry outbursts. Kayla says Bryan is controlling. She claims Bryan no longer puts their child and her as a priority.
Episode 21

Winfrey vs. Moore

Kelley says she can no longer compromise with a child, her husband Keionte. Kelley feels his immature and childish behavior has her considering burning their marriage license. Keionte claims that once he married Kelley, Mommie Dearest was born.
Episode 22

Hall vs. Hall

Dwight has had it with Roxy’s mental abuse. Dwight says Roxy has cost him multiple jobs because she’s constantly harassing him at work. Roxy says Dwight needs to man up and give her the attention she deserves or else she’s gone.
Episode 23

Behm vs. Futch

Jennifer says the effect of Josh’s constant lies have left her and their family homeless. Josh is madly in love with Jennifer but wishes she wouldn’t be so hard on him all the time. Jennifer needs Josh to grow up and be accountable for his actions.
Episode 24

Beale vs. Watson

Devonte says Alyssia doesn’t trust him because he cheated. He says she’s insecure and stalks his social media. Alyssia says Devonte is a serial cheater but wants to save their relationship, but Devonte doesn’t want to commit if she can’t change.
Episode 25

Henderson vs. Henderson

Darnesha is still in love with Pedro even though he recently had a baby with another woman as well as started a new relationship with a completely different woman. Darnesha wants to fight for their marriage while Pedro says they aren't compatible.
Episode 26

Price vs. Price

Krystal is an alpha woman with a big personality and Caleb is not having it. Krystal holds resentment toward Caleb for finally proposing only after her father’s death while Caleb is having a hard time dealing with Krystal controlling all their finances.
Episode 27

Hawkins vs. Hawkins

Andwela and Nicole are lovers who came together after cheating on their spouses to form a family, but issues of lying and distrust has plagued the relationship. Nicole feels like her marriage to Andwela has been severely damaged due to disloyalty.
Episode 28

Johnson vs. Johnson

This couple's been together for 10 years, but their age difference may be the cause of their fights. Tamara claims Jasmine sends inappropriate texts to other men and women. Jasimine says Tamara can explode from 0 to 100 in fits of rage.
Episode 29

Hays vs. Jackson

Porcha says Cupid must have missed when he shot his arrow because she has had it with her boyfriend's manipulative ways. She says his promiscuous behavior is no longer allowed under her roof. Ivory claims Porcha has more tricks and secrets than Houdini.
Episode 30

Brandenberg vs. Brandenberg

Victoria says that she is tired of Casey taking advantage of her and not taking care of his responsibilities. Victoria feels like she’s been conned. Casey now feels like a slave to her because she makes more money than him.
Episode 31

Ervin vs. Bair

Khasha says Jermaine is always too busy for her and he lacks the respect she deserves. Jermaine says his young girlfriend wants sex all the time, and sometimes he just can’t keep up! Jermaine also says Khasha is messy and carries a disrespectful demeanor.
Episode 32

Wright vs. McFadden

Jazmin wants to trust Darren, but can’t because he has cheated with multiple women. Darren feels he’s a good father who pays the bills, so he doesn’t have to answer to anyone, especially if he isn’t married.
Episode 33

McCormick vs. McCormick

Chimira gets lavish vacations, gifts and a designer wardrobe, but the thing she wants most from Bennie is love and support. Bennie feels that Chimira should be grateful for the life she has. Chimira believes he’s running around town with other women.
Episode 34

Frazier vs. Thomas

Sleepless in Sarasota has become a reality for Selina who lays awake in the wee hours of the morning calling her boyfriend Derrick to make sure another female isn’t keeping him company. Derrick admits to it, but he doesn’t consider it cheating.
Episode 35

Benjamin vs. Stevens

Alqueisha “Quey” Benjamin loves Floyd Stevens, but Floyd’s jealousy is leading her to consider ending their 3-year commitment. Quey believes she’s becoming an alcoholic because of his controlling ways. Floyd claims Quey pushed him to become this way.
Episode 36

Ward vs. Greaves

Latoya Ward and Davarius Greaves are back for round two! A few years ago, they were in the courtroom and Judge Lynn really let them have it. Latoya wants Davarius to become a stay at home dad because he can’t keep a job.
Episode 37

Kaplan vs. Green

Cheryl is fed up with Cody's drinking. She says Cody is unaffectionate and believes he’s cheating. Cody feels like he’s living a nightmare. The final straw was when they lost their home and Cody pressured her to leave her 7-year-old daughter in Ohio.
Episode 38

Gray vs. Walker

Kadaveion and Justice’s anger issues are tearing them apart and now he is questioning the paternity of their 1-year-old child. Justice says during the pregnancy of their first child he was a disrespectful liar who cost her not only heartache but an STD.
Episode 39

Hall vs. Parker

Rechene and Itarous have been together over 4 years. Even though they are engaged, Rechene does not trust Itarous because of his constant lying. Itarous says that Rechene is too immature and that she’s not ready for an adult relationship.
Episode 40

Scott vs. Davis

Anita says Ronald is a chronic cheater and a sex addict. Ronald demands sex from Anita constantly and when doesn’t get his way he admits he feels forced to seek sex elsewhere. Ronald says Anita treats him like one of her kids and is not attentive to him.
Episode 41

Mendez vs. Graham

Briana is suspicious of Geovani because she claims he is way too sexual and can’t keep his hands off her. She thinks that if he has that much drive for her, how could he not have it for other women. He believes that she's the one talking to someone else.
Episode 42

Scott vs. McFarthing

Asia is sick of Clifford complimenting women as an excuse to keep his doors open over social media. Clifford feels like he has come to the realization that Asia is always searching for things that aren’t there. Asia says she is done with Clifford.
Episode 43

Alago vs. Alago

Edward and Madeline have been together for 12 years, but after one year of marriage, Edward is fed up with Madeline’s lies and is ready for a divorce. Madeline says he is always snooping behind her back and she is over it.
Episode 44

Hightower-Bey vs. Nelson

Mali is five years younger than his girlfriend Zay. He still wants to party, and she is ready to settle down. She says he assumes she’s jealous when other women are around. She is bothered that he never fills her in on who he’s inviting.
Episode 45

Martinez vs. Cook

America says that Nathaniel’s controlling ways has taken the relationship to the point of no return. Nathaniel says she’s always flirting with other men and even coming home with a hickey one night after she slept with a woman.
Episode 46

Garrett vs. Garrett, Part 1

Jacoby Garrett is fighting to save his marriage of 15 years. Meanwhile his wife, Kim Garrett has her belongings packed and is waiting on the moving truck. Kim says that his Mother is a huge thorn in her side.
Episode 47

Garrett vs. Garrett, Part 2

Jacoby Garrett is fighting to save his marriage of 15 years. Meanwhile his wife, Kim Garrett has her belongings packed and is waiting on the moving truck. Jacoby says his wife has stolen money from the household to feed her gambling addiction.
Episode 48

Harper vs. McCormick

Raymond, also known as #IamRollingRay, is an Instagram sensation who says his high school sweetheart is jealous of his social media fan base. Christian thinks Ray shows more attention to his fanbase. Ray thinks Christian is living a double life.
Episode 49

Ferguson vs. Delancy

Chante says her boyfriend, Steve of 8 years is trying to end her “hot girl summer.” Not only that, but he doesn’t trust her, is controlling and wants to marry her. Chante isn’t ready for marriage and just wants to have fun.
Episode 50

McClain vs. Lanier, Part 1

LaSonya claims her husband can’t keep his pants zipped. Daniea says he is fed up with her attitude and feels she would be happier if she had more self-esteem. LaSonya just found out from another woman that she was three weeks pregnant with his baby.
Episode 51

McClain vs. Lanier, Part 2

LaSonya claims her husband still can’t keep his pants zipped and quit the flirting. Daniea Lanier says he is fed up with her attitude. The breaking point was when LaSonya found out from another woman that she was three weeks pregnant with his baby.
Episode 52

Ellis vs. Hill

Eventually a woman gets tired of compromising her self-respect for love. Syncere says Mark has lied and disrespected her on several occasions. Mark says he cheats on Syncere because she has a bad attitude and she gets on his nerves.
Episode 53

Powers vs. Powers

Willard’s getting tired of this roller coaster of a relationship with Cynthia and he’s had just about as much as he can take with her lies. Cynthia acknowledges she did hurtful things in the past and she’s doing her best to regain Willard’s trust
Episode 54

Watts vs. Whitsett

Rofiesha and Dermatess used to be the it couple in their local town. But when the going got tough, Dermartess got going and left his family. He abandoned Rofiesha and their children 7 years ago. She has not seen him in 7 years and wants a divorce.
Episode 55

Jacobs vs. Jacobs

Layaloni and Clancy have spent most of their relationship pouring up the drinks. Clancy asserts Layaloni complains about everything while Layaloni says that Clancy is a good for nothing drunk who’s always running around with other women behind her back.
Episode 56

Wright vs. Vance

Jeanine and Marvin can’t see eye to eye on anything. Their relationship is rocky. She says he is cheating with co-workers and often meets up with his exes. He asserts she’s the one who cheated, and she is so insecure she won’t stop bugging him about it.
Episode 57

Chambers vs. Chambers, Part 1

Henri cheated on Johnnie, but after his son from a previous relationship died, the marriage unhinged, and she had an affair. Johnnie says she suspects him of cheating now because he acts indifferent and doesn’t come home most nights.
Episode 58

Chambers vs. Chambers, Part 2

Henri cheated on Johnnie, but after his son from a previous relationship died, the marriage unhinged, and she had an affair. Johnnie says she suspects him of cheating now because he acts indifferent and doesn’t come home most nights.
Episode 59

Schlageter vs. Johnson

Bumping in the night with his mistress in the back seat of his jeep has caused problems! Justin is going through a midlife crisis. Kelsey says he cheats, doesn’t pay bills and he's always angry. Justin argues that she’s a liar.
Episode 60

Corbitt vs. Patton

We have a 7 year relationship with no marriage in sight because Stephen’s mother doesn’t approve. Stephen says Kisha is crazy and can snap in a split second, especially with his mom. He claims she accuses him of cheating.
Episode 61

Cruz vs. Shissiak

Billy wants Marylu to quit pole dancing and stripping, while she wants Billy to confess if he’s straight or not. He is done with Marylu insecurities and accusations. According to Marylu, Billy has a fetish for wearing women’s underwear.
Episode 140

Beaumier vs. Beaumier

Jolene and Michael are over the drama in their lives and they both agree that their marriage is over. Jolene says she lost all respect for Michael when he did not show up to her mother’s funeral. She claims that she no longer loves or respects him.
Episode 141

Smith vs. Darby

Alexis’ main issues with Ernest are that he calls her out in public about her parenting skills, spends too much time with his exes, is constantly angry. She even says he has lost interest in sex. Ernest argues Alexis is just too immature and lazy.
Episode 142

Hollis vs. Bundle

Robert says Breanna cheated on him so many times, he is not sure if he is even the father to his own son. He says Breanna is so thirsty for attention that she is constantly on social media flirting with men. Breanna admits to cheating.
Episode 143

Smith vs. Smith

The disrespect from his family, lack of sex and lies has Deborah ready to throw away their marriage. Deborah is tired of Bob’s family disrespecting her and influencing him to do the same. She feels he is becoming too old to please the young woman she is.
Episode 144

Glover vs. Glover

Quiana asserts if there was a book on misogyny Darien would have wrote it. She says Darien is a chronic flirt with other women and he expects her to cook, clean the house and look good when he comes home from work. She says Darien treats her like a maid.
Episode 145

Pugh vs. Wells

Maranda says she feels stuck in her marriage with Frederick because there doesn’t appear to be any growth, excitement, romance or communication. Frederick expects her to become a better housewife and says after coming home from a long day at work.
Episode 146

Laws vs. Laney

Renee feels like she is stuck on the side of the road in a loveless relationship with a man who does nothing but disrespects and humiliates her. She says Ivan Laney is a liar and has cheated on her with over twenty different women.
Episode 147

Coleman vs. Williams

Journey is ready to settle down, but Myron still wants to live the single life. She no longer trusts him because of his numerous contacts with other women. She says Myron has zero responsibilities and he does nothing to change that for her or their kids.
Episode 148

Rosado vs. Arredondo

Nelson thinks Vanessa is getting too close for comfort with his own father. He recently found out about them hanging at a restaurant together behind his back. Meanwhile, Vanessa accuses him of hitting on other women whenever they step out of the house.
Episode 149

Lopez vs. Russell

Theo can’t stand Jessica’s excessive drinking anymore and claims she’s made it a priority over the family. He says her drinking problem has gotten so out of control that Jessica once left the shower on all night causing major water damage to their home.
Episode 150

Bishop vs. Bishop

Veronica and Demetris met when they were very young and now have 2 children together, but the fire that was once there has smoldered out. Veronica says Demetris Spends more time playing video games than he does with his family.
Episode 151

Ceasar vs. Ceasar

David and Dameisha have been married for 2 years and are ready to call it quits because deep seated anger keeps popping back up. David’s main issue with Dameisha is her acting all crazy and argumentative and her mom always in their business.
Episode 152

Allen vs. Allen

Robresha says that he was constantly cheating and she admits to revenge cheating, but she affirms that doesn’t give him the right to control her every move. Anthony says he’s trying and has changed his life around with the cheating.
Episode 153

Phillips vs. Toni

Bianca loves Adam, but wishes he helped out more financially and became the family man she always wanted. Adam says sex between them is nonexistent because Bianca wants to get married first. Adam has no plans on starting a family in his 50s.
Episode 154

Merrit vs. Arnold

Tonya says Telly is lazy, unreliable, and untrustworthy. She says he’s always trying to cause friction between her and her kids and he gets jealous if she does something nice for her kids. Telly says Tonya is always choosing her kids over him.
Episode 155

Agyman vs. Spates

Celina says Jamarcus is controlling and lacks the necessary communication skills to maintain sanity in the relationship. Jamarcus says Celina’s mother is always meddling in their business and her friends tell her what to do regarding their relationship.
Episode 156

Jones vs. Jones

Ashlee and Bruce, both suspect the other of cheating. They’re also accusing the other of being controlling, indifferent to the other’s feelings and verbally abusive. Ashlee says Bruce isn’t a bad guy, she just doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.
Episode 157

Tolliver vs. Hammond

Crystal Tolliver claims Corey Hammond is a compulsive liar and says she’s tired of being his emotional punching bag because he doesn’t deal with his own internal issues. Corey asserts Crystal tries to act like she’s ‘Little Miss Innocent.'
Episode 158

Echols vs. Eackles

Giovanna Echols wants Christopher to get a steady job and keep it. There is too much inconsistency with his work and they are struggling with keeping a roof over their head. Christopher is tired of disciplining Giovanna’s kids for her.
Episode 159

Dukes vs. Dukes

Aleshia was able to keep her husband Dexter on the straight path when it came to his criminal past, but she’s unsure if she’s able to help change his health before it is too late. Along with his weight problem, Aleshia is upset that he cannot find a job.
Episode 160

Lowe vs. Copeland

Britney Lowe and Derek Copeland are two lovebirds who are both seeking a second chance at love. Britney says that Derek’s ex feels like a third partner in the relationship, which is not what she signed up for. Derek does not feel respected.

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