5 seasons available

Divorce Court

TV14 • Legal, Reality • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

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5 seasons available (347 episodes)

5 seasons available

(347 episodes)

Episode 1

Flores vs. Flores

Terina and Jose are on the verge of ending a tumultuous marriage plagued by allegations of cheating and the loss of their baby. Can this couple overcome the pain of the past and stay together?
Episode 2

Valero vs. Valero

Crystal and Jonathan met on a dating app and got married a few months later. Their wedding vows haven’t stopped Jonathan from flirting with other women, but he blames Crystal for not giving him enough attention.
Episode 3

Morando vs Norcross

David wants Sara to stop ogling other guys and get a job; she says he needs to trust her and get past his jealousy.
Episode 4

Raudabaugh vs Raudabaugh

Tabatha's promiscuous past causes her husband, Thomas, to watch her every move; the couple's threesomes are creating even more problems, and, to make matters worse, Tabatha believes Thomas is using drugs again.
Episode 5

Miles vs. Miles

Khadine says her husband Desmond couldn’t provide much needed financial security and she’s ready to move on. Desmond cheated on Khadine after the couple lost their one month old baby, so they separated.
Episode 6

Lantry vs. Lantry

Joseph says his wife is a serial cheater and he’s not sure their newborn is really his. Shadow admits she’s cheated, but maintains the baby is Joseph’s.
Episode 7

Hendrix vs Parson

Yaminah suffered from post-partum depression and says Tremaine wasn’t there for her when she needed him. Tremaine blames a violent upbringing for his communication problems. Can this couple find common ground and save their marriage?
Episode 8

Ben vs Sharp

Letress says Terrance ditched her for the strip club when she was 7 months pregnant, then didn’t support her after a miscarriage. Terrance calls Letress insecure and says her bad temper is pushing him away.
Episode 9

Carey vs. Baafi

Karen and Nana met at a gas station and it wasn't long before Karen was snooping through Nana's stuff and following him. She later caught Nana creeping out of his ex-wife's apartment complex. But, is there someone else he's hiding?
Episode 10

Shelton vs. Marton

Avantiese says he can’t trust Danielle ever since she cheated on him. Danielle says she and Avantiese have a sex-less marriage and she’s sick of driving him around because he doesn’t have a license and can’t keep a job.
Episode 11

Coley vs. Abrams

Dorothy and Gemini have a combined 20 children, plus plenty of family drama and financial problems. Dorothy wants Gemini to be a better provider so she can stop working and stay at home. Will Gemini step it up, or step away?
Episode 12

Tubbs vs. Jackson

Lindsey and Mark run a nightclub promotion business together but trust issues are tearing them apart. Lindsey says Mark never introduces her as his girlfriend and constantly flirts with other women. Mark claims Lindsey is too clingy and controlling.
Episode 13

Higgins vs Higgins

Harriet is fed up with her husband’s drinking and unwillingness to get a job. Terry says he’s happy being a stay at home dad and his drinking isn’t a problem, despite several DUIs.?
Episode 14

Moreno vs. Moreno

Felicia and Andrew’s marriage of two years has been full of lies and deception. Felicia says she busted Andrew sending pics of his private parts to a mistress. Andrew suspects Felicia cheated on him with a former roommate.
Episode 15

Bean vs Parson

Jasmine says she uncovered a web of lies while going through Jason's computer -- he even went on a cruise without her -- but despite the cheating, she still wants a committed relationship.


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