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TVY7ComedyAnimation • KidsCartoons • TV Series2014

Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as...more

Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-...More

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Episode 1

The Burple Nurples / Shnitzel Makes a Deposit

Burple Nurples: When Chowder unknowingly fills a dish with poison, Mung must spend an action-packed day keeping the tainted food away from the citizens of Marzipan City. Shnitzel Makes a Deposit: Payday is always Shnitzel's favorite day. But it becomes the worst day of his life when he's forced to take Chowder along to the bank.
Episode 2

The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin / Chowder's Girlfriend

If Chowder can survive making a very complicated dish, he's on his way to becoming a chef. Chowder's Girlfriend: When Panini sets her love-struck eyes on Chowder, he tries every trick he can think of to convince her that he's not her boyfriend.
Episode 3

Grubble Gum / The Cinnamini Monster

Chowder does not share his gum with Truffles; Chowder befriends a lonely monster in the forest.
Episode 4

Certifrycation Class / The Sing Beans

Certifrycation Class: When Mung is forced to spend the day in chef certifrycation school, he butts heads with the instructor. Mung must decide whether to stay true to his instincts or swallow his pride in order to pass. Sing Beans: In order to cook the performing food Sing Beans, the gang has to stay up all night as the dish cooks. But Chowder takes it upon himself to finish the process with wildly musical results.
Episode 5

The Wrong Address / The Wrong Customer

Chowder's gut instinct leads him and Mung on an adventure; an outlaw turns the catering company into his hideout.
Episode 6

Mahjong Night / Stinky Love

Messing with the Truffles' game night means certain doom; Kimchi whisks away a smelly dish for a romantic setting.
Episode 7

The Thrice Cream Man / The Flibber-Flabber Diet

Chowder's love of thrice cream disrupts his work; after gaining weight, Truffles forces the company to diet.
Episode 8

Gazpacho Stands Up / A Taste of Marzipan

Gazpacho Stands Up: Chowder gives Gazpacho a hand in preparing for his comedy debut. A Taste of Marzipan: When Mung and Ms. Endive unveil the same dish at Marzipan City's food fair, it's an all out war to decide whose is better.
Episode 9

The Puckerberry Overlords / The Elemelons

The Puckerberry Overlords: When a powerfully sour berry sends Chowder on a strange journey into his own mouth, he finds himself on a mission to save his beloved taste buds from some very tart invaders. The Elemelons: When Truffles' short temper causes Mung's fruit creatures to stop producing juice, he locks her in the garden with an ultimatum: Either she makes friends with them or she never gets out.
Episode 10

Sniffleball / Mung on the Rocks

Mung forces Chowder to play sports with the others; Mung gets the cold shoulder when he forgets his wedding anniversary.
Episode 11

The Heavy Sleeper / The Moldy Touch

The Heavy Sleeper: When Chowder accidentally puts Mung into a deep sleep, he and Shnitzel must race across town to find a cure before Truffles finds out what they've done. The Moldy Touch: Chowder thinks he's finally become helpful when he discovers a secret, magic spice. But it's really a mischievous mold pixie who plans to use Chowder to spoil everything!
Episode 12

At Your Service / Chowder and Mr. Fugu

Mung and Chowder work for Ms. Endive to get a rare fruit; Chowder encounters someone who can eat more than he does.
Episode 13

The Vacation / The Sleep Eater

Mung, Shnitzel and Chowder are stuck in a restroom while they are on vacation; Chowder tries to stay up without eating so he can reset his body clock, which causes him to become a sleep-eater.
Episode 14

The Bruised Bluenana / Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel

The Bruised Bluenana: When Panini decides an injured bluenana is their baby, she uses it an excuse to stay close to Chowder. So to free himself, Chowder begins a desperate quest to nurse it back to health. Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel: Shnitzel's rock-hard body goes marshmallow soft. To regain his strength, he must train until he can lift the heaviest object in the city, the dreaded lead farfel!
Episode 15

The Thousand Pound Cake / The Rat Sandwich

Chowder and Shnitzel have to deliver an extremely heavy order to the top of a mountain-sized giant. When Reuben extorts the catering company, the gang have to figure out a way to make him leave.
Episode 16

Chowder Loses His Hat / Brain Grub

When Chowder accidentally loses his hat, he goes on a wild chase to get it back. Then, Mung attempts to curb Chowder's constant scatterbrained behavior. But when Mung makes him too smart, it could spell disaster for the kitchen!
Episode 17

Shnitzel Quits

Shnitzel quits Mung's Catering Company for good and goes to work for their rival, Endive. But he soon discovers that his old friends mean more to him than he realized.
Episode 18

Broken Part / The Meach Harvest

Mung sends Chowder to buy a replacement part for a broken machine but Chowder's forgetful nature makes it nearly impossible task. To make a dish, Mung must confront the ghosts of his past.
Episode 19

Banned From the Stand / Creme Puff Hands

Gazpacho must choose between being right and having friends; Chowder finds that he is unusually useful when his hand becomes inflated.
Episode 20

The Apprentice Games

When Chowder and Gorgonzola are unwillingly paired up at the annual Apprentice Games competition, they discover their opposing personalities lead to a winning formula.

Be Back Soon

All Grown up

Wild and / or Crazy

Chowder Wins!

Sugar Sapphires

Big Chicken

That's Too Much Pizzazz!

Mountain Mountin'

Precious Cargo

Over Appreciated

Shnitzel Fu

Banned Man

Fruitful Lesson

Unwelcome Guest

Working Man

In the Dark

Mine Meach Pie

Team Mung Daal

Two Enter, One Leaves

Dirty Rat

Hat and Home

The Legend of Big Food


Bluenana Baby


Let's Party!

Pee Shy

The Cellar

Taco Stand

Acting Bug

Play Ball!

Uneasy Squeeze

The Voice


Comedy Gold

Fishing Lesson

Rate My Nurples

Gum Shy

Knish Kringle

Shopping Therapy

Trust Your Gut

Adventures in Babysitting

Clabbage Cobbler

Fuzzy Love

Musical Fruit

Chowder's Favorite Things

Forever Is a Long Time

Hot Stuff!

Thice As Nice

About this Show


Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as an apprentice in Mung Daal's catering company. Although he means well, Chowder often finds himself in predicaments due to his perpetual appetite and his nature as a scatterbrain. He is also pestered by Panini, the apprentice of Mung's rival Endive, who wants Chowder to be her boyfriend, which he abhors.

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