3 seasons available

ABC 20/20

TVPG • News Magazine • TV Series • 1999

20/20 brings you hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories.

20/20 brings you hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories.

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3 seasons available (85 episodes)

3 seasons available

(85 episodes)

Episode 1

Siegfried & Roy: Behind the Magic

Performers Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn open up about the infamous career-ending tiger attack that happened 16 years ago, their storied career and the legacy of their Las Vegas residency.
Episode 2

Sole Survivor

A kidnapping victim shares her story.
Episode 3

Over My Dead Body

Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson’s marriage falls apart in Florida; FBI tries to get more information on Markel’s murder; Where Dan Markel murder case stands today
Episode 5

The Wicked

Payton Leutner recovers from an attack.
Episode 6

Shattered Love

A man is convicted of killing his wife.
Episode 7

Growing up Buttafuoco

Buttafuoco family members reflect.
Episode 8

Undercover Girlfriend

A suspect's girlfriend goes under cover.
Episode 10

Switched at Birth or Stolen?

Kimberly Mays and her biological family.
Episode 11

The Hitman: From Pop to Prison

Disgraced mogul Lou Pearlman.
Episode 12


Kidnapping survivors share their tales.
Episode 13

Broken Vows

Pamela Smart discusses her case.
Episode 17

Gone in a Flash

Details surrounding the Jodi Arias murder case, including excerpts from Arias' personal journal and victim Travis Alexander's blog, and new interviews with Alexander's friends and family.
Episode 18

Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time

The most successful inventions and products.
Episode 19

Last Seen Walking

After spending almost 10 years behind bars for his former girlfriend's death -- a crime he says he did not commit -- Nicholas McGuffin opens up after his conviction is overturned.
Episode 23

The Chameleon

Decades after two barrels containing the bodies of a woman and three children were discovered in New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park, a podcast renews interest in the cold case and helps lead to authorities solving it.
Episode 26

Down Payment on Death

Murder-for-hire sting is filmed for TV.
Episode 29

The Last Defense: Julius Jones – A Special Edition of 20/20

Julius Jones, who was convicted in the shooting death of an Oklahoma businessman at 19 years old, tells his version of events, claiming he is innocent, from death row.
Episode 30

In The Cold Dark Night

The 1983 murder of a young Black man.
Episode 31

Regis Philbin: The Morning Maestro - A Special Edition of '20/20'

The life and legacy of TV pioneer Regis Philbin.
Episode 32

American Catastrophe: How Did We Get Here?

An investigation into why the United States was unprepared for COVID-19, how government and administration officials failed and missed the warning signs, and what the country needs to do to reopen.

Inside the pandemic's lost month

Dalia and Mike Dippolito fall in love, get married after whirlwind romance: Part 1

Dalia Dippolito confides in a man who becomes an informant for police: Part 3

Dalia Dippolito questioned by police in husband’s ‘murder’: Part 2

Police launch investigation into Rhoni Reuter’s murder: Part 3

Police look at other women in NFL player's life after Rhoni Reuter's murder: Part 4

Rhoni Reuter, longtime girlfriend of NFL player Shaun Gayle, found murdered: Part 2

Abandoned child becomes key to Bear Brook murders: Part 2

Barrel with human remains found in Bear Brook State Park launches mystery: Part 1

Police find 2 more bodies in 2nd barrel in Bear Brook State Park: Part 3

15-year-old Leah Freeman mysteriously vanishes from Oregon town: Part 2

The last time anyone saw 15-year-old Leah Freeman: Part 1

Leah Freeman’s body found after 5 weeks, boyfriend comes under suspicion: Part 3

How Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander met: Part 1

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander’s relationship begins to unravel: Part 2

Travis Alexander’s friends say Jodi Arias was ‘scary’ and ‘obsessed’ with him: Part 3

Family searches for missing California couple, reaches out to yacht buyers: Part 2

Police think the Deleons may be the last people to see missing couple: Part 3

Retired California couple suspiciously disappears after selling dream yacht: Part 1

Investigators receive critical tip in Gregg Smart murder case: Part 4

Pamela Smart falls in love with man who’d be killed a year after wedding: Part 1

Pamela Smart found guilty in husband’s murder: Part 10

2 women who gave birth within days of each other go home with wrong babies: Part 1

Arlena Twigg dies after complications from heart surgery: Part 3

Twigg family learns daughter with heart problem isn’t biological child: Part 2

The Buttafuoco family seems to live an ‘ideal’ life until Mary Jo is shot: Part 1

Mary Jo Buttafuoco is shot in the face by stranger at her front door: Part 2

Police arrest a 17-year-old girl in Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s shooting: Part 3

Unraveling story of who murdered Darlie Routier's sons: Part 4

Ad agency notices dramatic claims about Theranos technology: Part 5

Former Theranos employees claim toxic work culture: Part 3

Where ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes got her start: Part 1

Texas doctor found shot and stabbed to death in his own home

Sarah Stern case investigators question Sarah's friends, Part 2

8 hours of terror kick off with wild Uber ride in Kalamazoo: Part 1

Uber driver grabs gun and accepts another fare: Part 2

As BTK Killer Continued His Murder Spree, He Also Raised His Own Family, Part 3

BTK Killer Instills Fear in Wichita, Kansas, after Murders of Parents, 2 Kids, Part 2

BTK Serial Killer's Daughter Describes Life Growing up with Her Father, Part 4

BTK's Mistake Helps Police Finally Identify and Catch the Killer: Part 6

Woman Recalls Moment She Found out Her Father Was the BTK Serial Killer, Part 1

Televangelist Jim Bakker has secret sexual encounter with a follower: Part 4

How John and Lorena Bobbitt Met

John and Lorena Bobbitt's Marriage Unravels

Chris and Shanann Watts' seemed to be in love, say friends, family: Part 1

Desperate search after Shanann Watts, young daughters disappear from home: Part 2

26-Year-Old Face Transplant Recipient: 'I See Me'

Face Transplant Recipient's Mom Learns about Renowned Reconstructive Surgeon

Senate seat in Arizona flips blue as Florida recount heats up

From Michelle Obama's humble Chicago upbringing to the White House, Part 1

Michelle Obama opens up about miscarriage, IVF and marriage counseling, Part 2

A $3.5 Million Mansion, a Beautiful Family's Future up in Flames

Inside 20 Hours Family, Housekeeper Held Hostage in DC Mansion

11-year-old Arrested for His Pregnant Soon-to-be Stepmother's Murder

Police Interview 11-year-old About the Murder of His Father's Fiancee

Being Melania - the First Lady Part 1: Melania Trump on Becoming the First Lady

Being Melania - the First Lady Part 2: Melania Trump on Her Husband's Tweets

Being Melania - the First Lady Part 3: Melania Trump on Immigration, 'the Jacket'

Pennsylvania Teacher's 1992 Death Grows Cold

Teacher's Gruesome 1992 Death Launches Decades-Long Mystery

Audio Detailing the Night Prince Nearly Died from Overdose on Plane, Part 1

Prince Suddenly Dies at Paisley Park from Fentanyl Overdose, Part 2

Former Stay-at-home Mom Enters the Police Academy at Age 52, Part 1

Woman Becomes Houston's Oldest Rookie Police Officer, Part 2

Teacher Suspended after Being Reported for Kissing a Student in Classroom

Teen Taken by High School Teacher on How Their Relationship Began

After breakup, teen claims he was kidnapped and left in ditch, Part 2

A high school cheerleader and football player's tumultuous relationship, Part 1

14-year-old girl reported missing after she doesn't come home from school, Part 1

Letter From Missing New Hampshire Girl Appears in Mom's Mailbox, Part 2

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