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Divorce Court

TV14RealityLegal • TV Series1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler,...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided...More

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Season21 22
Episode 149

Stephen Clay vs. Shakenna Banks

Stephen says Shakenna parties way too much and rarely wants to spend quality time with him alone! She claims that she’s given up a lot of her life to raise her three children and now it’s time to catch up on the fun that she feels she missed out on!
Episode 150

Theodore Wesby vs. Myja “MJ” Wilson

He’s still waiting for the ink to dry on divorce papers from a previous marriage but in the meantime he’s trying to figure out if his current girlfriend can make the cut!
Episode 152

Tineka Miller vs. Shavon Curtis

Tineka is ready to walk away if Shavon doesn’t agree to start contributing equally to their relationship and proving that she's not still dealing with her ex!
Episode 153

Shakari Johnson vs. Alexis Oliver

Shakari is upset because Alexis isn’t interested in having another child. Alexis feels Shakari already has six kids of her own and enough is enough!
Episode 154

Perrie Johnson vs. Sheldon Latimore

After a devastating miscarriage, she says he abandoned her emotionally. Now they need Judge Faith’s help to heal old wounds and mend the relationship.
Episode 156

John Clarke vs. Shawanda Johnson

He says before he pops the question to his girlfriend, she has to take control of her life. She claims she’s went above and beyond and time is running out for him to propose!
Episode 157

Emma Branson vs. David Dranoff

She’s not feeling the love in her long distance relationship anymore and has a secret to reveal that might end it for good!
Episode 158

Derek Lewis vs. Jessica Limehouse

Jessica says she’s found Derek on dating sites although they’ve agreed to be exclusive! He says he was only helping a friend!
Episode 159

Iesha Wilkerson vs. Christopher Smalls

He claims if she could just meet his emotional and physical needs then he wouldn't have to entertain other women!
Episode 160

Mistress Compilation Show

From meddling family members to financial problems, but the issue we see the most is infidelity. We take a look back at our most talked about mistresses and the courtroom drama that follows.
Episode 161

Lisa Searcy vs. Shaun King, Part 1

Shaun says Lisa is jealous of his assistant Chanta but there’s nothing she can say or do that will convince him to get rid of his assistant.
Episode 162

Lisa Searcy vs. Shaun King, Part 2

On part two of Searcy vs. King, Shaun says he can’t help that Lisa is jealous of the relationship he has with his assistant but insists there’s nothing going on between them!
Episode 163

Jaime Bliss vs. Christopher Myrick

She claims she has the mother-in-law from hell and if her husband doesn’t step in and set boundaries she’s taking the kids and leaving!
Episode 164

Ashley Sansone vs. Vincent Price

Ashley feels she’s lacking the emotional and financial support from her partner Vincent. She says if he doesn’t get his finances under control and starts supporting her fitness journey, it may be over.
Episode 165

Michael Edwards vs. Sydney Taylor

He’s a personal trainer who has a girlfriend who is too jealous of his female clientele! She claims he’s just a bit too friendly with the women he trains!
Episode 166

Kayla Gilbert vs. Henry Coleman

Kayla says her man, Henry has a real gambling problem and doesn't put any effort into their relationship!
Episode 167

Reshana “Shana” Shurman vs. Toye Whitaker

He’s a popular barber and musical artist who says although he’s faithful, he can’t help that the ladies want his attention!
Episode 168

David Dinkins vs. Jodoy Rowe

She became impregnated by another man while they were on break but didn’t break the news until they were headed to the delivery room!

About this Show

Divorce Court

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples square off in real-life courtroom battles. With over twenty years of experience behind her in the practice of law, Lynn Toler brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the bench of “Divorce Court.” The television classic features real people, real conflicts and powerful human drama in a compelling courtroom setting where litigants abide by Toler’s legally-binding decisions.

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