4 seasons available

Divorce Court

TV14 • Legal, Reality • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

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4 seasons available (351 episodes)

4 seasons available

(351 episodes)

Episode 47

Dixon vs. Moody

Health problems are taking a toll on Marketa and Mark’s relationship. Marketa feels Mark isn’t there for her when she needs him, so she called off their summer wedding. Will Mark step up his game for another chance to tie the knot?
Episode 48

Cruzado vs. Cruzado

Tereca and Manny come from different cultures, but that’s not the only reason for their separation. Tereca says Manny is a lazy mama’s boy and a compulsive liar. Manny says Tereca disrespects him and can’t be trusted.
Episode 49

Davis vs. Davis

Vyna put her dreams on hold to support her husband Shea’s career. Now, 20 years later, the couple are constantly fighting and at a crossroads over how to raise their children.
Episode 50

Hamiel vs Hamiel

Kodijah and Wayne have both cheated during their marriage, now Wayne questions whether he’s the father of their daughter and is demanding a DNA test. Will he get the answers he’s searching for in court?
Episode 51

Frye vs Frye

Cherise and Rodney Frye are back before Judge Lynn Toler and things have gone from bad to worse. The couple’s business failed and they were evicted. Rodney blames Cherise for not budgeting properly. Cherise says finances aren’t their only troubles.
Episode 52

Hugle vs. Weldon

Monica and Joshua were just looking for a fling when they first met on a dating app. Six years and two kids later this interracial couple is still together, but battling major cultural differences, including his usage of the N-word!
Episode 53

Shippy vs. Green

Kiyah suspects Christopher is leading a double life. She says he has several phones and she caught him booking a trip to the Bahamas even though he doesn’t have a job. He says Kiyah is being paranoid and needs to stop watching every move he makes.
Episode 54

Canada vs. Canada

Kathy and Nicci are ready for their rocky relationship to come to an end. Allegations of infidelity and arguments have taken a toll on the marriage, now Kathy says she’s in love with another woman who is more family oriented.
Episode 55

Lee vs. Russ

Tyrice has given Tarvoria the world, a new house, car and a beautiful ring, but she refuses to get married. Tarvoria says she loves Tyrice, but she can’t trust him after she caught him cheating with a man.
Episode 56

Upchurch vs. Upchurch

Kay says her husband Dwayne has been pulling a disappearing act on her and their 11 kids. She’s fed up with his infidelity and being embarrassed in their community. Dwayne admits to cheating, but says he’s not ready to throw away 16 years of marriage.
Episode 57

Robinson vs Williams

James and Wisda have been together 18 months and Wisda is ready for a ring. James feels it’s too soon to talk marriage and worries Wisda’s two failed marriages are a sign things won’t turn out well.
Episode 58

Grant vs. Grant

Danielle says husband Michael is a serial cheater, especially with prostitutes. Michael says he’s a ‘pimp’ and prostitutes are a part of his life. He wants Danielle to stop being so jealous and hiding in cars to catch him with other women.
Episode 59

Miller vs. Brown

It’s been 13 years and Mapeasta is ready to walk down the aisle, but her fiancé Gerry wants to stay engaged as long as possible. He says Mapeasta’s jealous paranoia and bad temper are giving him cold feet.
Episode 60

Barge vs. Tate

Charles is fed up with handing over his paycheck every week to Alicia and claims she’s constantly calling him names. Alicia says Charles needs to stop being so insecure and accusing her of cheating.
Episode 62

Morrison vs Jones

Sara and Branden met online and drugs soon became a major factor in their relationship. Now that they’re both clean and sober, fighting over family issues is tearing them apart.
Episode 63

Singleton vs. Lewis

Rodney and Melissa have been through a lot of ups and downs in the eight years they’ve been together. Rodney gave Melissa a promise ring six years ago, but recently took it back because he says she’s not fulfilling his needs.
Episode 64

Spence vs. Spence

Saquala and Lawrence’s marriage was a rollercoaster ride that ended in divorce. Saquala says Lawrence cheated throughout the relationship and she can’t trust him. Now, Lawrence wants her back and is ready to get married again.
Episode 65

Toor vs. Joseph

Jasmee and Erby met on a business trip in Montreal. Jasmee moved across the country to be with Erby with big dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. But, diva behavior and financial troubles are taking a toll on their relationship.
Episode 66

Patterson vs. Willis

Brandy says she’s stripping to provide a better life for her and Letrey, but he thinks she’s cheating when she’s at work. Baby mama drama is also wreaking havoc on this relationship.
Episode 67

Davis vs. Moore

Dennis and Lameeka met on a social media app and immediately hit it off. Things moved quickly and now Lameeka is pregnant with growing concerns about their future. She calls Dennis a habitual liar, who lied about his age, education, and a car accident.
Episode 68

Knight vs. Knight

Craig and Desiree had a one night stand and got married after just two weeks. A year and a half and one child later, their relationship is on the rocks. Craig claims Desiree got him kicked out of the military and he’s done with her.

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