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Clarence finds something amazing in just about everything. Discover the best that lif...more

Clarence finds something amazing in just about everything. Discov...More

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Season1 2 3
Episode 1

Bucky and the Howl

Sumo joins a stage production; Clarence promotes the show.
Episode 2

Worm Bin

After his mom gets a worm bin, Jeff deals with the gross reality that he has a tub of bugs living in his kitchen, and Clarence obsesses over feeding the worms.
Episode 3

Clarence and Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure

While on a school trip, Clarence and Sumo explore displays, mess with exhibits and remove a tooth from the T-Rex.
Episode 4


Jeff and Sumo expect no one to show at Clarence's birthday party, just like last year. When dozens of kids arrive, the boys struggle to get face time with Clarence, the popular party host.
Episode 5

Tree of Life

Clarence, Jeff and Sumo make it their mission to climb a really tall tree before it's set to be chopped down. As they scale higher and higher their reality begins to slip away.
Episode 6

Capture the Flag

Clarence and his friends play a game of capture the flag, and everyone wants to take control of the crown and the power to control the neighborhood's juice boxes.
Episode 7


When Clarence befriends an aging woman at the local retirement home, he's determined to remind her of her old self in order to convert the grumpy granny to his fun loving ways.
Episode 8

Fishing Trip

Mel learns that Chad has never taken Clarence fishing and decides to remedy this with a bonding trip for all the boys; Mel and Clarence learn a bit about each other while Chad struggles with the ins and outs of fishing.
Episode 9

Belson's Backpack

After an accidental backpack swap, Clarence discovers that Belson is hiding an artistic side and attempts to foster Belson's creativity.
Episode 10


For the end of the school year, Papa Marianio is supposed to dish out his famous pizza with a song and dance spectacle.
Episode 11

Merry Moochmas

Clarence believes that his wish for winter snow in Arizona will come true, but Belson and his cousin are unconvinced.
Episode 12

Pizza Hero

For the end of the school year, Papa Marianio is supposed to dish out his famous pizza with a song and dance spectacle.
Episode 13

Sumo Goes West

Clarence learns his best friend Sumo may transfer to another school! It's up to Clarence to protest, petition and rally to convince everyone to let Sumo stay - or face losing his closest school pal!
Episode 14


When Clarence notices his teacher Ms. Baker is the only one in class left without a Valentine this year, he decides to enlist the help of Sumo to set her up with Sumo's teacher, Mr. Mozer! Will sparks fly or will the boy's naive view of romance backfire?
Episode 15

Clarence for President

It's school election time at Aberdale Elementary, and Jeff is once again determined to become Class President. However, like previous years, he's unsuccessful in connecting with other kids - that is until he sees a shoe-in puppet President - the lovable Clarence!
Episode 16

Rock Show

Chad's band Dogmon, plays a show for the first time in years, giving Clarence and Mary a chance to really rock out.
Episode 17

The Phantom Clarence

Clarence plans the sleepover to end all sleepovers, but finds that his guests need some convincing.
Episode 18

Jeffrey Wendle

Mary and Chad are relieved to have a quiet day with Clarence's friend Jeff. Unlike Clarence, Jeff is polite, organized, and clean. However, they soon suspect there's something Jeff is hiding from them!
Episode 19

Badgers & Bunkers

As Sumo's dad Mel prepares the family for over-the-top doomsday scenarios, Sumo struggles to convince his family to let him keep a new pet.
Episode 20

Dingus and McNobrain

Belson and Mr. Reese work together to find Miss Baker during a power outage.
Episode 21

Bye Bye Baker

An ever-cheerful Clarence attempts to improvise a sleepover party with some of Aberdale's townsfolk in an unusual location - while everyone else panics.
Episode 22

Flood Brothers

Our stories come to a head as Aberdale tensions rise. The residents must act quickly to work together, or accept their impending doom.
Episode 23

Pool's Out for Summer

The boys go to the Aberdale Community Pool for a day of wet fun! While Jeff slowly wades in the shallow end, getting used to the water, Sumo tries to conquer the diving board, redeeming himself from last summer's bellyflop.
Episode 24

The Big Game

Chad, Clarence and Betson go to a baseball game, and Clarence wants to meet the team mascot.
Episode 25

The Boxcurse Children

Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo stumble upon a mysterious box. After they open it, some strange things begin to happen. Convinced they've unlocked a curse, they become determined to reverse it!
Episode 26

Karate Mom

After surprising Clarence with Martial Arts classes at the "Aberdojo," Mary gets talked into joining the class herself. She loves the slow-paced lessons in discipline and control, but Clarence just wants to have fun and kick butt! Can Mary convince Clarence to stick with the class, earn his belt and have some fun with her?

Baby Plant

Rocket Ship

Jungle Jeff

Alone Time

School Day

Substitute Teacher

Phone Call

Skater Boys



Eye of Coogan

Percy's Friends

Farm Boys

Belson's Dad

Car Ride

New Kid


Lost Crab


Esquire Boys

Jeff's Space Adventure

Plane Ride

Cactus Protest

Guy's Night


Playground Heaven

I'm the Scarer

Bathroom Shave


Handcuff Fun

Gilben's Cake

Sail Home

Bear Robbers

Waterslide Fear

Shopping Cart

Pizza Man

Not Myself

Green Shampoo

Nice Day


Dragon Sword

Giant Snails

Egg Germs

Build a Ladder


Animal Kingdom

Giant Turtle

At Least I'm Not Uptight

Pick C

The Hospital

Sleep Crickets

It's the Sauce!

Candy Brain

Mystery Piñata Time!

Story Time

Belson's Sleepover

The Date


Lizard, Lizard, Lizard!

Vikings vs. Astronauts

The Rescue

Slumber Party


Puddle Eyes


Mountain Lion

Buddy Promise

Where's the Money?

The Horn

The Attic

About this Show


Clarence finds something amazing in just about everything. Discover the best that life has to offer--epic pinecone wars, backyard tree forts and the secret worlds beyond milk cartons--all through the eyes of Clarence and his friends, the unpredictable Sumo and overly-cautious Jeff.

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