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Ancient Aliens

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If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For...more

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearanc...More

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Islands of Fire

The native Hawaiians trace their ancestry to beings from the Pleiades star system called the Akua. Could these islands have once been inhabited by extraterrestrials?
Episode 1

Return to Antarctica

Has Antarctica served as a home base for extraterrestrial visitors to Earth for thousands of years?
Episode 2

The Badlands Guardian

Satellite images have revealed a giant face that appears to be carved into the Earth in Alberta, Canada, which has now become known far and wide as "The Badlands Guardian." Could it be part of a cosmic communication system?
Episode 3

Element 115

Could an exotic super heavy element provide the key to humanity's future in the stars? According to physicist Bob Lazar, "Element 115" is the fuel source for an alien spacecraft he was hired to reverse-engineer by the U.S. government.
Episode 4

The Star Gods of Sirius

Did aliens from the tiny star Sirius B visit humans in the distant past, imparting the knowledge of civilization to peoples thousands of miles apart? And did they leave behind a vital clue in the form of a word?
Episode 5

They Came from the Sea

Lurking in our oceans are creatures that defy explanation. Octopuses that can edit their own DNA. Animals that can regenerate their entire brain. Jellyfish that can literally live forever. Were they delivered to Earth by extraterrestrial beings?
Episode 6

Secrets of the Maya

When Spanish Conquistadors obliterated the historical record of the Maya in the 16th century, did they wipe out evidence that ancient people traveled to the Americas from all over the world--and in flying craft provided by extraterrestrial visitors?
Episode 7

The Druid Connection

Did ancient Druids travel to New England and New York's Hudson Valley centuries ago, bringing with them the beliefs and technologies of their alien mentors, the Shining Ones of Irish myth?
Episode 8

The Reptilian Agenda

Serpent gods are found in the religious traditions of Mesopotamia, Central and South America, India, China and Japan. Even the Bible describes reptilian entities interacting with humans.
Episode 9

The Alien Infection

In 2016, scientists made the astonishing discovery that 30 percent of all protein adaptations since humans' divergence with chimpanzees have been driven by viruses. Could ancient aliens have shaped human evolution by introducing viral epidemics on Earth?
Episode 10

Project Hybrid

Are extraterrestrials altering human DNA and repopulating the Earth with alien/human hybrids?
Episode 11

The Trans-Dimensionals

Could paranormal activity be explained by beings entering our world from other dimensions? According to some Ancient Astronaut theorists, entities that have been described as ghosts, angels, and extraterrestrials are actually visitors.
Episode 12

The Constellation Code

Throughout the ancient world, structures were built to mirror the constellations in the night sky--and, in most cases, this is only apparent when they are viewed from high above the Earth.
Episode 13

The Nuclear Agenda

Ever since the first atomic bomb was detonated in 1945, UFOs have been reported at nuclear facilities all over the world. Is it possible that extraterrestrials are monitoring humanity's nuclear capabilities? But why? Does this constitute a threat?
Episode 14

The Alien Mountain

A mysterious mountain in northern Italy has stood witness to strange sightings in the sky and unexplainable phenomena for hundreds of years.
Episode 15

The Alien Brain

Telepathy. Precognition. Psychokinesis. Is it possible that the human brain possesses extraordinary untapped abilities--given to us by extraterrestrial beings? Abilities that, once harnessed, will enable the next step in the evolution of humankind?
Episode 16

The Secrets of Stonehenge

A shocking DNA study released in 2018 reveals that the original builders of Stonehenge mysteriously vanished. But where did they go? Could Stonehenge's mysterious "Bluestone circle" have activated a portal?
Episode 18

Food of the Gods

In ancient times, people spoke about divine substances that were consumed by the gods, and sometimes gifted to humans to impart great power, wisdom, and even immortality. But could it be that the food of the gods was really sustenance for alien visitors?
Episode 19

Human Hieroglyphs

Tattoos, piercings, and body modification account for a nearly one-billion-dollar industry. But are these practices being adopted by mainstream society as a bold form of self-expression or could it be motivated by a profound link to our ancestors?
Episode 20

The Storming of Area 51

In 2019, millions responded to an internet post advocating to storm the gates of the world's most top-secret military installation--Area 51.
Episode 21

Countdown to Disclosure

A look at if governments around the world are preparing mankind for the most startling event in human history, the official disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
Episode 22

Secrets of the Exoplanets

Over the past 20 years, thousands of potentially habitable exoplanets have been discovered outside our solar system. Could some of them be home to intelligent extraterrestrial life? Perhaps even alien beings that have visited Earth?

UFO SIGHTING Inspires Holy Site

The Mayan Calendar Mystery

Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs

King Pakal's Spaceship

Mysterious Temples of Palenque

Alien Apocalypse 2012

Alien Hotspots

Ancient Death Rays

Ancient UFO Sightings

Ancient Underground City

Florida's Coral Castle

Hidden Caves of Tayos

Japan's Atlantis

Legends of the Anasazi

Mayan Underground

Mexico's Zone of Silence

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Myths of Atlantis

The Nazi Bell

Operation Paperclip

Peru's Ancient Fortress

Peru's Gate of the Gods

Stonehenge of Armenia

Stones of Carnac

Turkey's Buried City

UFO Sightings on the World Grid

Walls of Jericho

Where was Atlantis?


Discovering the Next Earth

Foo Fighters

Frank Drake and the Founding of SETI


What Are the Pyramids?

About this Show

Ancient Aliens

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They believe that, by sharing their views with the world, they can help prepare future generations for the inevitable encounter that awaits them.

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