4 seasons available


TVPG • Classics, Spies, Drama, Action, Adventure • TV Series • 1984

A loner test pilot and his mentor use their military-grade helicopter to fight crime.

A loner test pilot and his mentor use their military-grade helicopter to fight crime.

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4 seasons available (75 episodes)

4 seasons available

(75 episodes)

Episode 1


For Stringfellow Hawke, the reunion with his long-lost brother brings a chapter of his life to an end, but for St. John Hawke a wild adventure is about to begin.
Episode 2


Jo is held prisoner in a Bulgarian prison camp when her airliner is forced down behind the Iron Curtain.
Episode 3

A Town For Hire

A mysterious force brings down Jo's helicopter and St. John's plane during a training mission.
Episode 4


A clandestine plot to sell a missing attack helicopter is discovered by the Airwolf team while they attempt to aid an agent on leave after a week of traumatizing captivity.
Episode 5


The Airwolf team spends hours undercover as they monitor the movements of a known foreign agent they believe will receive a circuit board capable of sabotaging the planned launch of a United States strategic defense satellite.
Episode 6

A Piece Of Cake

When Jo and Mike take a group of troubled youngsters on a camping trip, hoods sent by an organized crime czar kidnap one of the teenagers.
Episode 7


When the United States and Russia place observers on a train carrying lethal gas to be destroyed, the Airwolf team responds after misguided military officers attempt to sabotage the plan.
Episode 8

Code Of Silence

St. John Hawke tries to assure a fair trial for the commander of a special air combat force charged with murdering his wing man.
Episode 9

The Stavograd Incident, Part 1

A major accident in a Soviet nuclear plant, threatening meltdown, forces the Russians to ask the United States for assistance – and Airwolf leads the technical team.
Episode 10

The Stavograd Incident, Part 2

As the nuclear crisis worsens, Soviet authorities reluctantly agree to allow the Airwolf crew to join efforts to stem the continuing spread of radioactivity and prevent a total meltdown of the multiple reactors.
Episode 11

Mime Troupe

Jo and Mike are assigned to protect the daughter of an inspector who is the target of a terrorist squad.
Episode 12


St. John Hawke and an old friend from Vietnam discover a highly contagious and dangerous virus created by a madman intent on death and destruction.
Episode 13

Rogue Warrior

A set-up backfires, causing Locke to try and stop a spy from escaping with vital secrets and Mike as hostage.
Episode 14

Ground Zero

Revenge motivates a kamikaze pilot who was taken prisoner of war during World War II by St. John's father.
Episode 15

Flowers Of The Mountain

St. John almost loses his life while test-flying an experimental airplane called Viper, then disappears after an auto mishap.
Episode 16

The Key

When a group of radical anti-war pacifists gain control of twenty nuclear missiles and threatens to unleash their destructive power to force total disarmament, the Airwolf team attempts to neutralize their seemingly unstoppable plan.
Episode 17

On The Double

The Airwolf team travels to an international air show to effect the escape of a double agent who has been working as a military pilot for a European Eastern block nation.
Episode 18

Storm Warning

When a corrupt general in a small republic disappears with millions of dollars in U.S. aid funds, the team attempts to track him down.
Episode 19

The Golden One

Jo goes in search of her old boyfriend who is reported dead in a plane crash in a Middle Eastern desert.
Episode 20

The Puppet Master

Locke becomes the object of a plot to steal Airwolf after a physician successfully conducts brain implant surgery which controls his thoughts and actions.
Episode 21


A sinister and dangerous man called Malduke threatens to destroy a freighter containing atomic waste if the nations of the world do not move people with contagious diseases into isolated colonies.
Episode 22

Poppy Chain

The team tracks a shipment of opium from Southeast Asia to France in an effort to gain sufficient evidence against a grower before a fateful confrontation at a drop-off location in the United States.
Episode 23

Flying Home

Jo's father helps the Airwolf team recover radioactive plutonium stolen by a group of Neo-Nazis.
Episode 24

Welcome To Paradise

St. John Hawke is lured into the underworld of contraband by a woman he once loved.

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