1 season available

Bite Size HalloweenBite Size Halloween

HorrorTV Series • 2020

A series of stand-alone horror shorts ranging from the terrifying to the ridiculous.

A series of stand-alone horror shorts ranging from the terrifying...More

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1 season available (28 episodes)

1 season available

(28 episodes)

Episode 1


A young girl is frightened when she witnesses a basketball game with invisible players.
Episode 2


An unremarkable man hopes to find out he is special by taking an at-home DNA ancestry test -- but did he read the fine print?
Episode 3


A spunky teenager dreads going through her baptism ceremony at a Southern Black church.
Episode 4

Devil Vac

A young couple’s new robot vacuum goes too far in its cleaning duties
Episode 5


When a naive office worker doesn't hold the door open for an old lady, his lack of chivalry comes back to haunt him.
Episode 6


A forensic sculptor re-constructing the faces of murder victims isn’t sure why her latest assignment looks so familiar.
Episode 7


A not-so-imaginary monster appears when a mother laughs off her little boy's wishes to stop posting on social media.
Episode 8


A woman trying to escape an apocalyptic monster is unimpressed when finally coming face-to-face with the creature.
Episode 9

The Mime

An obnoxious bully gets his due for mocking a street performer.
Episode 10


A passenger who refuses to give up his seat meets the airline's newest employee sent to remove him.
Episode 11

Don't Go Down to Wildor

When his brother goes missing, Chuck journeys to an old abandoned house and finds an impossible doorway to a hellish alternate reality.
Episode 12


A little girl defies her mother's warnings about the legend of the Pied Piper.
Episode 13


While performing a routine maintenance spacewalk, a pair of space station astronauts experience mysterious malfunctions.
Episode 14


A beefy boyfriend risks the ire of the dead by throwing out a cherished old rotary phone.
Episode 15


In a mysterious parking garage, a business woman is haunted by the ticking of the biological clock in her head.
Episode 16

Eye Exam

A woman goes in for a routine eye exam and discovers her optometrist might have nefarious intentions.
Episode 17


A girl at a silent meditation retreat is getting strange vibes, but is it all in her head?
Episode 18


A pianist hired to play a plantation wedding is haunted by the land's terrible history.
Episode 19

Costume Change

A peculiar little boy refuses to take off his Halloween costume.
Episode 20


Audrey spends one evening attempting to summon the spirit of her “true love” Jake, but gets the wrong guy.
Episode 21

Special Delivery

A delivery courier is tempted to open up the strange box she was given.
Episode 22


In dystopian future South Los Angeles, a father & daughter avoid sweating, crying, and drinking water while trying to escape moisture-sensitive monsters.
Episode 23

Old Maid

While her wedding guests wait, a bride plagued with premarital anxiety is visited by the Old Maid.
Episode 24


Adopting a mysterious cat has strange consequences for Erin, whose boyfriend is too distracted to notice.
Episode 25

This Old House

An aging diva is stunned to find a young couple with a realtor in her home looking to buy.
Episode 26

First Date

After a great first date, Billie heads to Alex’s apartment for a night cap, but is freaked out by a photo she finds.
Episode 27

The Lake

A Moroccan woman and her American boyfriend hike in the Atlas Mountains where they witness a strange meteorite crash.
Episode 28


A mother explains to police what happened the night her daughter disappeared.

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