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Behind the Mask

TV14 • Sports, Documentaries • TV Series • 2013

"Behind the Mask" dives into the colorful, unusual side of sports through the eyes of four mascots.

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"Behind the Mask" dives into the colorful, unusual side of sports through the eyes of four mascots.

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2 seasons available (20 episodes)

2 seasons available

(20 episodes)

Episode 1

Meet the Mascots

Dive into the world of four mascots at very different stages of life: "Lou Seal" of the SF Giants, minor-league mascot "Tux," freelance mascot Chris Hall, and "The Tiger" from Gilbert High in Arizona.
Episode 2

Blood, Sweat and Tears

It’s opening day for Lou Seal, meanwhile tensions flare as Navey battles a bitter rival. Chris has an important job at a blood drive, and Chad makes a house call to surprise Tux’s biggest little fan.
Episode 3

The First Time Is the Hardest

Navey competes in her first ever mascot competition. Chad takes "Tux" skiing. Joel has to face his biggest fears repelling down a 15-story building. Chris leads a walk-a-thon at his old school as "Flappy the Eagle."
Episode 4

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Paddleboard

Chad performs at his first ever NBA game. Navey challenges a rival school's mascot to a 50-yard dash. Chris takes his first ever Zumba dance a dragon suit. Joel sends "Lou Seal" out to sea to compete in a paddleboard race.
Episode 5

Special Delivery

Joel’s wife Sierra goes into labor during a Giants game. Chad applies for a pro position as the Pittsburgh Pirate. Navey pulls out all the stops at a Tiger’s basketball game. Chris tries to bring in business after an important doctor’s visit.
Episode 6

In for a Surprise

Navey heads to her junior prom. Chris is in for a birthday surprise. Chad brings out "Tuxette” and invites last season’s"Rooty the Cedar Tree,” to play the role. Joel has a big surprise planned for his family at the Giants’ Father’s Day game.
Episode 7

Heroes and Villains

Chad gets big news as he runs a mascot camp. Navey visits her first choice college and gets a very special tour. Chris goes to a Phillies game and gets to meet his idol. Joel trades in his “Lou Seal” suit for the Giants’ legendary anti-mascot.
Episode 8

With a Little Help

Navey seeks redemption as she competes at the national mascoting championships. It’s Joel’s first time watching both kids. Chad receives a generous gift and heads on a road trip with his son, Cody. Chris struggles with his anxiety at an important meeting.
Episode 9

All in the Family

Chad and Cody arrive in Florida to thank the family for their gift. Joel tries to get Chloe in the “Baby Seal” suit. Chris visits his therapist to learn new coping strategies for his anxiety. Navey has an emotional return to her elementary school.
Episode 10

The End Game

Joel hopes baby Iris can bring a World Series victory to the Giants. Navey must begin to say goodbye to “The Tiger.” Chris must perform in front of thousands of people. As Chad tries to rally his fans at a playoff game, he reflects back on the year.

Meet Chad

Meet Chris

Meet Joel

Meet Navey

Navey Doesn't Play

Season 2 Trailer

That's When He's Happy

Season 2 Teaser

Reunion Special

Mascot Groupies

No Talking

Pomp and Circumstance

Throw in the Towel

Injured List

Speech! Speech!

Bath Time

Senior Night

On the Mat

Par for the Course

Praise for Behind the Mask

Bring the Heat

O Christmas Tree

Air Bango Scare

Enemy Territory

The UNLV Rebel Girls


Bango Junior

Bathroom Surprise

Hey Reb in a Meeting

LA Premiere Event

Lights Please

Part of the Team

Ring Toss

Rooty & The Stapler

The Ladder Dunk

The Spirit of Lebanon

Series Trailer

What is Behind the Mask?

Teaser Trailer

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