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Pit Pony

TVGDramaTV Series1999

Based on the beloved children's novel, 'Pit Pony' tells the story of a small town in ...more

Based on the beloved children's novel, 'Pit Pony' tells the story...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Power Plays

As the newly elected first president of the Junior Mine Workers' Association, Willie asks Mr. Crowe to recruit a doctor who can treat consumption. Nellie tries to send Maggie and Sarah back to Halifax as her condition worsens.
Episode 2

Two Sides of the Coin

The national coal company's new doctor arrives in Glace Bay to treat the bedridden Nellie's advance case of consumption. In a surprising twist of fate, the new physician turns out to be Tony Moressa, Nellie's ex-boyfriend.
Episode 3

Coal Dust

Willie is given responsibility for checking a dangerous seam for methane. When an explosion brings down the roof, he's held accountable.
Episode 4

A Weighty Matter

Mine owner Wendell Crowe, tired of Willie's combative attitude toward management, makes plans to teach him a lesson and keep him under control - starting by separating the boy from his beloved horse, Sable.
Episode 5

Gone Fishin'

The Ponies are about to play their first big game without Willie. Charley takes him on a fishing trip to get his mind off the game, and Willie struggles with becoming a kid again.
Episode 6


After a fire breaks out, Ned accidentally stumbles upon the secret location that Spider Davis calls home. Ned is surprised to find that Spider has been living for some time in an abandoned boat.
Episode 7

Company Business

Tony's appointment as mine doctor proves to be a mixed blessing when the men find themselves over-billed for his services.
Episode 8

The Game

The Ponies are about to play for the championship, but the game might have to be forfeited. Ned and Dr. Tony Moressa get into a heated confrontation, and in the aftermath, the ponies disband.
Episode 9

Taking Chances

Love is in the air, or is it? Willie and Maggie conspire to ignite a romance between Charley McGinnis and Anne Harper, the schoolteacher. Their plan revolves around the upcoming school fundraiser.
Episode 10

In Harmony

Ned feels the weight of his new responsibilities in his new position as the mine's overman. During some dangerous work involving the use of explosives, a "tricked charge" triggers a collapse.
Episode 11

Sarah's Return

While staying in Halifax, Sarah has turned into a tiny Aunt Rose, full of sophistication and pretension. Maggie tries to deal with her sister's new attitude but ends up fighting with her.
Episode 12

That Special Spark

Stringy Borso is leaving Glace Bay for baseball camp, and Nellie's choir is planning its first public performance in honour of this special occasion. Angus, the freckle-faced soloist, discovers he has a serious case of stage fright.
Episode 13


Glace Bay's new advances in technology results in more mechanization at the mine. Consequently, a large number of miners lose their jobs, and many are bitter.
Episode 14

Fiddler's Fall

The annual Fiddler's Fall is in jeopardy of being cancelled when beautiful and talented Theresa Cameron (Natalie MacMaster) arrives in town expecting to play.
Episode 15

Chasing Shadows

A wild stallion is stealing ponies from the mine. In order to keep Doyle from shooting the animal, Willie and Charley must tame the stallion.
Episode 16

Price of Change

Ned's modern coal cutters continue to cause problems at the mine. Rufus and Scotty have trouble maintaining their machine and enlist Spider as their assistant.
Episode 17

Small Steps

Ned and Nellie unexpectedly receive a bundle of joy at their house. Unfortunately, the baby's arrival leads to a confrontation between the couple as they argue about the wisdom of a possible adoption.
Episode 18


When Willie gets an opportunity of a lifetime to leave behind his life as a pit boy and attend photography school in Boston, he has to make a decision between following his dreams or his father's footsteps.

About this Show

Pit Pony

Based on the beloved children's novel, 'Pit Pony' tells the story of a small town in 1904 Nova Scotia and 12-year-old Willie MacLean, who takes a job in the town's coal mine to support his family. Willie develops a bond with a pit po

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