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After losing their father in a gunfight, the Sherman brothers must hang on to their r...more

After losing their father in a gunfight, the Sherman brothers mus...More

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Episode 1

Among The Missing

Mike is wounded when three outlaws rob the Laramie bank. The outlaws get away and Jess joins the posse to get a chance at revenge.
Episode 2

War Hero

Jess is the bodyguard a Union Army hero, General George Barton, who is running for President.
Episode 3

The Fortune Hunter

Kitty McAllen is being courted by newcomer Vince Jackson, which angers Slim. Slim and Kitty had planned to be married.
Episode 4

Shadow Of The Past

Jess thought his sister had died four years ago until she shows up in Laramie to bury her outlaw husband.
Episode 5

The Long Road Back

Slim arrests Virg Walker but returning him to Laramie proves difficult. Along the way Slim encounters difficulties with his prisoner, a friendly prospector, and a girl in distress.
Episode 6

Lost Allegiance

Jess gets injured while tracking rustlers and ends up face to face with one of the outlaws. Turns out the face is very familar.
Episode 7

The Sunday Shoot

A mountain boy and his girl come to the big city of Laramie to compete in a shooting contest. After the boy wins it is up to Slim to see if he can help the pair return home safely.
Episode 8

Double Eagles

Outlaw Al Denning and his gang are being chased by a posse, so he starts leaving behind some gold eagle coins to tempt the pursuing lawmen into a payoff.
Episode 9

Beyond Justice

Slim is deputized to protect Stephen Collier, a murder suspect with a killer on his trail - and his lawyer, who's behaving very strangely.
Episode 10

Bad Blood

Jess is escorting a young boy to his aunt in Colorado, but the boy is determined to break away and go see his father, a cold blooded, murderous outlaw leader.
Episode 11

Time of the Traitor

The son of a wealthy rancher is severely injured in a wagon accident while his father is away, and upon his return, the father is furious about the medical care given.
Episode 12

Gun Duel

Jess Harper is spending the weekend in Laramie as deputy sheriff, but his quiet weekend is about to heat up and the results could get him and Johnny Hartley killed.
Episode 13

Naked Steel

Slim heads to Riverton to discover who killed Marty Patterson and took the 3000 dollars he was carrying. Lee Christy was responsible for Patterson's death but a mysterious gambler took Patterson's money.
Episode 14


Joe Morgan is suspected of robbery and murder, and when a posse tracks him into some rocks Slim breaks his collar bone. The following day, Jess encounters Joe and the two shoot it out.
Episode 15

Protective Custody

Slim's friend Mike Douglas is searching for his daughter, Alicia. Jess knows her as a saloon girl with a bad reputation. When Douglas finds Alicia, she shoots him.
Episode 16

The Betrayers

Jess is in Ironwood when he runs into an old friend, Chet Darby. Chet sets Jess up as a fall guy during a bank robbery and Jess gets sentenced to hang.
Episode 17

The Wedding Party

Stacy Bishop divorced Gil three years ago and is planning on re-marrying. Slim and Daisy go to the wedding and attempt to prevent Gil from interrupting the ceremony.
Episode 18

No Place To Run

A former safecracker, Gandy Ross, is dealing with an outlaw who's trying to get him to return to his illegal profession.
Episode 19

The Fugitives

While searching for robbers Slim is shot and left for dead. With snow coming in, it becomes a race against time for Jess to find Slim.
Episode 20

The Disposessed

En route to a neighboring ranch Slim and Jess run into a family of anti-social Mustangers. Once they get to the ranch they discover that the ranchers have been hit by Comancheros.
Episode 21

The Renegade Brand

Jess and the Stage Agent are robbed at the ranch and Slim sets off in pursuit. The only information Slim has about the thieves is that one was riding a big grey horse.
Episode 22

The Violent Ones

Five years ago Jess crippled Bob Blayne's gun hand when arresting him for robbery. Now Blayne's sons are out for revenge, and when Slim is beaten half to death all bets are off.
Episode 23

The Unvanquished

Slim's newest hand, Ben, finds a pair of Arapaho camped on Sherman land. Ben threatens the Diamo's pregnant wife and is killed when Diamo tries to defend her.
Episode 24

The Sometimes Gambler

Herb Richards is an ex-gambler and occasional thief trying to go straight and locate his daughter. Richards' former partners show up and strong arm him into robbing the town bank.
Episode 25

Edge Of Evil

Jess finds himself in trouble with an unattended mule packing gold. Involved with Jess are prospector Canby and his partners - from whom Canby stole the gold.
Episode 26

Broken Honor

When the stage is robbed, Jess sets off in hot pursuit of the thieves. The thieves hide the strong box on the Halloran's property.
Episode 27

The Last Battleground

Jess finds the remains of a US Army wagon that disappeared during the war with $60K in gold. It was suspected that Matt Sherman was involved in helping the Confederates steal the gold.
Episode 28

The Stranger

Slim and Jess are losing cattle to a mysterious stranger who leaves a gold piece for each animal he steals.
Episode 29

The Marshals

Jess rides to warn two marshals bringing in a prisoner of an ambush. Unfortunately, Jess catches a bullet in the chest, and the nearest doctor is in Ironwood - a town controlled by the prisoner's brother.
Episode 30

Badge Of Glory

Sam Logan turns up on the doorstep of John Holbry, a former bounty-hunter-turned preacher. Sam is dying and asks that John claim the reward money in order to build a church.
Episode 31


Slim finds an injured kidnap victim in the woods. But while Mike rides for help, the kidnappers return to reclaim their pretty hostage.
Episode 32

The Road To Helena

Ruth Franklin, a saloon girl, foils a plan by three men to rob Slim. Afterward she persuades Slim to help her father, who plans to return the $50K he embezzled from a bank in Helena.

About this Show


After losing their father in a gunfight, the Sherman brothers must hang on to their ranch in 1870s Wyoming Territory.

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