5 seasons available

Tales of Wells Fargo

TV14 • Drama, Action, Western, Adventure • TV Series • 1957

Special agent Jim Hardie protects Wells Fargo agents from the perils of the road

Special agent Jim Hardie protects Wells Fargo agents from the perils of the road

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5 seasons available (164 episodes)

5 seasons available

(164 episodes)

Episode 1

Day Of Judgment

As Hardie trails a killer, another man trails Hardie.
Episode 2

Angry Town

Jim Hardie is searching for a thief named The Utah Kid. When he discovered that he'd already been hanged in a small town, he begins to suspect that the someone in the posse grabbed the Kid's stolen cash.
Episode 3

Doc Dawson

Hardie suspects that a paroled man--who is working as an eccentric frontier dentist--may have something to do with a murdered stage driver. Guest starring Edgar Buchanan ('Petticoat Junction').
Episode 4

The Kinfolk

Hardie is tracking a suspect wanted for robbery and murder--but a town sheriff's ties to the outlaw's family might make it difficult to bring him to justice. Story by Louis L'Amour.
Episode 5

A Study In Petticoats

A lovestruck young woman is infatuated with Hardie, causing him complications during a seemingly simple Wells Fargo job.
Episode 6

All That Glitters

Hardie probes the town after the stagecoach arrives in Denver and is missing $50,000 in gold.
Episode 7

Run For The River

Hardie is transporting a prisoner to stand trial in Santa Fe. But when they stop in a small town along the way, he discovers that there's a price on the man's head--and the mayor and sheriff may not let him leave alive.
Episode 8

Leading Citizen

Hardie finds a stolen stagecoach in a town near the Mexico border--miles from any Wells Fargo station. He soon discovers most of the citizens of the town are not exactly on the level.
Episode 9

The Killing Of Johnny Lash

Hardie investigates the murder of a saloon owner.
Episode 10

The Wade Place

A vengeful woman informs Hardie of a plot to rob a Wells Fargo station. Story by Louis L'Amour.
Episode 11

Jeff Davis' Treasure

Hardie and an old friend track down a suspect who might know the location of Jefferson Davis' buried treasure.
Episode 12

The Bride And The Bandit

A lone gunman has been robbing stagecoaches across the West, and it's up to Hardie to stop him. Story by Louis L'Amour.
Episode 13

Escort To Santa Fe

Hardie is in a meeting with outlaw Kyle Gentry, who is disguised as an Army Major.
Episode 14

Frightened Witness

Hardie is puzzled when a prisoner is not concerned with his upcoming murder trial.
Episode 15

The Border Renegade

Hardie tries to apprehend a ring of gunrunners.
Episode 16

Captain Scoville

Army Captain Scoville is wanted for a string of crimes.
Episode 17

The Has-Been

A has-been actor visits a ghost town where he was last seen with his late wife.
Episode 18

Town Against A Man

An entire town resists Hardie's investigation of a friend's drowning.
Episode 19

The Barefoot Bandit

A Wells Fargo employee has been killed and Hardie investigates a potential suspect.
Episode 20

The Hand That Shook The Hand

A troubled drunk turns out to be the famed boxer John L. Sullivan.
Episode 21

That Washburn Girl

Jack Nicholson stars as the fiancé of an outlaw's daughter.
Episode 22

The Diamond Dude

Turmoil is caused when Hardie is sent to guard a diamond salesman carrying a small fortune in gems.
Episode 23

A Show For Silver Lode

Pearl Harvey entertains miners and she then refuses to leave when her heavily insured dog disappears.
Episode 24


A fellow agent has allegedly committed suicide, Hardie thinks it was murder.
Episode 25

Stage From Yuma

A criminal conspires to rob the stage from Yuma.
Episode 26

Prince Jim

Hardie helps a girl whose doll was snatched by stagecoach thieves.
Episode 27

The Remittance Man

Hardie tracks down a fugitive's loot from his latest robbery.
Episode 28

The Jealous Man

Kitty Thorpe wants Hardie's protection from her escaped convict husband.
Episode 29

Something Pretty

A diamond bracelet found by a dog helps Hardie stop a jewel thief.
Episode 30

Lady Trouble

A female mine owner investigates Wells Fargo before signing a contract with them.
Episode 31

Moment of Glory

A rival stagecoach company holds Wells Fargo passengers at gunpoint which forces them to transfer to his line.
Episode 32

The Lobo

A fellow agent proposes a hefty reward to Hardie for outlaw Sam Horne.
Episode 33

Rifles For Red Hand

Hardie believes a lady gambler is selling guns to insurgent Indians.
Episode 34

Gunman's Revenge

Once released, a prisoner wants revenge on the person who sent him there.
Episode 35

The Repentant Outlaw

Hardie is stranded in Mesa City without a sheriff and a tempting Army payroll.
Episode 36

A Quiet Little Town

After Marshal Dave Prescott cleans up the town of Warburg, Hardie investigates his death.
Episode 37

Bitter Vengeance

A penniless woman helps Hardie's prisoner to escape in exchange for some of the loot.
Episode 38

John Jones

An elderly man is kidnapped off the stagecoach. Does he have the information the kidnappers want?
Episode 39

The Dowry

Hardie is hired to protect Michelle Bovarde and her jewels.

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