3 seasons available

Route 66

Drama, Action, Adventure • TV Series • 1960

One of the most brilliant dramas to emerge from the 60s, Route 66 was famous for its catchy Nelson Riddle theme song, intriguing characters, top-drawe...more

One of the most brilliant dramas to emerge from the 60s, Route 66 was famous for its catchy Nelson Riddle theme song, intriguing characters, top-drawe...more

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3 seasons available (93 episodes)

3 seasons available

(93 episodes)

Episode 1

One Tiger to a Hill

Tod and Buz cross paths with an Oregon fisherman whose war experiences have turned him into a bitter, vicious misanthrope.
Episode 2

Journey to Nineveh

Tod and Buz suffer a series of odd misfortunes after they give a ride to a local jinx.
Episode 3

Man Out of Time

Tod's cab fare is a former prohibition-era gangster who believes someone from his past wants to kill him.
Episode 4

Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma?

At California's famous Huntington Beach, Buz challenges the local surfing champ to avenge the death of a former challenger.
Episode 5

Voice at the End of the Line

A co-worker of Buz carries on a telephone romance with a woman he has never seen.
Episode 6

Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing

Old-time horror-movie icons Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre reunite at a Chicago hotel to plan a horror TV show for a new generation.
Episode 7

Across Walnuts and Wine

Tod and Buz board at an Oregon house with a strangely dysfunctional family.
Episode 8

Welcome to the Wedding

A cold-blooded killer escapes from police custody and takes Tod captive.
Episode 9

Every Father's Daughter Must Weave Her Own

Buz's employer tries to set him up with his troubled daughter.
Episode 10

Poor Little Kangaroo Rat

Tod and Buz work for a shark-hunting scientist who is so obsessed with his cholesterol research he ignores his own family.
Episode 11

Hey Moth, Come Eat the Flame

Tod and Buz try to help a young boy cope with his father's alcoholism.
Episode 12

Only by Cunning Glimpses

A traveling medium displays an uncanny ability to predict the future, and her next prediction is for Buz's death!
Episode 13

Where Is Chick Lorrimer? Where Has She Gone?

Tod unwittingly helps a young woman escape from her bail bondsman.
Episode 14

Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse

Tod once again encounters Vicki Russell in Tennessee, where she is being courted by a cotton baron.
Episode 15

A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis

Tod's idyllic new existence working for a prize-winning, William Faulkner-ish novelist in rural Mississippi is shattered by murder.
Episode 16

You Can't Pick Cotton in Tahiti

A runaway groom in a tiny Tennessee community pretends to study local folk songs as he uses the town, its people and Tod for his own ends.
Episode 17

A Gift for a Warrior

Tod and Buz try to help a German youth find his American father, unaware that the youth plans to kill the man.
Episode 18

Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain

Tod becomes romantically involved with a woman who gives the term "role playing" a whole new meaning.
Episode 19

Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow

Tod tries to help a pair of runaway orphans.
Episode 20

Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King

Tod joins a posse hunting a pair of killers near Arizona's Superstition Mountain.
Episode 21

In the Closing of a Trunk

A woman returning from a long prison stay believes Tod to be her son.
Episode 22

The Cage Around Maria

Tod comes to the rescue of a young woman who jumps into the bear pit of the Houston zoo.
Episode 23

Fifty Miles from Home

Tod meets his new traveling partner, one Lincoln Case - Army Ranger and war hero, just returned from Vietnam.
Episode 24

Narcissus On an Old Red Fire Engine

Linc becomes involved with a troubled, self-obsessed young Galveston debutante.
Episode 25

The Cruelest Sea of All

Tod works at Florida's famous Weeki Wachee aquatic park when he meets a young woman who may be a real mermaid.
Episode 26

Peace, Pity, Pardon

In Tampa, Tod and Linc aid Jai-Lai players in a dangerous attempt to smuggle a little girl out of Cuba.
Episode 27

What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant

After the guys are shortchanged on the docks in Tampa, Linc pays a visit to his former commanding officer only to find that head wounds suffered in combat have regressed him back into an 8-year-old boy.
Episode 28

But What Do You Do in March?

Tod and Linc race speedboats as they get caught up in the rivalry between two spoiled heiresses. Guy Lombardo and Carmen Lombardo portray themselves.
Episode 29

Who Will Cheer My Bonnie Bride?

Linc is shanghaied by holdup men who are on their way to a wedding.
Episode 30

Shadows of an Afternoon

Linc is jailed after an old woman accuses him of cruelly injuring a dog.
Episode 31

Soda Pop and Paper Flags

A hobo befriended by Tod and Linc is suspected of bringing a rare and deadly virus into a Missouri town. An early appearance of Alan Alda as a town doctor.


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