6 seasons available


TVMA • Documentaries • TV Series • 2013

The taboo-breaking team from VICE deliver incredible news stories from around the world in this HBO series.

The taboo-breaking team from VICE deliver incredible news stories from around the world in this HBO series.

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6 seasons available (113 episodes)

6 seasons available

(113 episodes)

Episode 1

Raised in the System

Season Six Premiere. An unflinching look at young people caught up in the criminal justice system.
Episode 2

Battle for Jerusalem/A Face In The Crowd (Eng Sub)

Impact of Trump's Jerusalem announcement on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict; legal boundaries of facial recognition technology.
Episode 3

A Revolution in Ruins/New Kids on the Blockchain

An inside look at how the Libyan revolution is failing; a front row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.0.
Episode 4

The Parkland Effect

Exploring the deep divisions in America that make stopping mass shootings seem nearly impossible.
Episode 5

Massacre in Myanmar/The Blue Helmets

An investigation into what the future holds for the Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar; the role of UN peacekeeping forces in Mali.
Episode 6

Iran in Iraq/Dying on the Vine

How Iran is exerting its growing influence over war-torn Iraq; the dangers facing the wine industry in the face of climate change.
Episode 7

Russian Democracy/Global Gag Rule

Ben Ferguson looks at how democracy works in Russia; a look at the ripple effect the Global Gag Rule has had on women's health in Uganda.
Episode 8

Printing Tomorrow/Are We Alone?

Exploring the future of 3D printing; the latest ways scientists are attempting to answer the ultimate question: Are we alone?
Episode 9

No Choice But to Choose/Rebel Republic

Delving into the education reform movement; a look inside of Central African Republic's refugee crisis.
Episode 10

The Cost of Living/Paradise Lost

Exploring alternatives in the pharmaceutical world that could democratize our medicinal future; the struggles Puerto Rico faces to rebuild.
Episode 11

Separated By Birth

Exploring what it's like for children in the U.S. growing up in the shadow of deportation.
Episode 12

The Big Fix/Silicon Valley of India

An in-depth look at the future of America's infrastructure; Exploring Bangalore, the world's next Silicon Valley.
Episode 13

A Kurdish State/Out of Space

The conflict between the Kurds and the Iraqi military; The risk of collisions in space.
Episode 14

Opioid Generation/Hindustan

America's opioid epidemic is creating a lost generation of children; In India, resurgent nationalism is transforming the nation.
Episode 15

After the Fall (Eng Sub)

Following the defeat of ISIS, Syrians are fighting to rebuild their shattered lives.
Episode 16

Waiting to Die/Women in War

An inside look at just how hard it is to die on death row; how Yemeni women are pushing for real change in the wake of a vicious civil war.
Episode 17

Trump's Trade War

Tracking the escalating concerns about a global trade war in the wake of Trump's presidency.
Episode 18

A New Leaf/Quantum Supremacy

Examining the struggle for a cocaine-free Colombia; meeting the scientists at the cutting edge of the new age of computing.
Episode 19

Trans in Texas/Nicaragua Deja Vu

How the transgender community in Texas is fighting for rights and protection; meeting the new revolutionaries in Nicaragua.
Episode 20

American Piety/Terror in Congo

How evangelicals are navigating today's volatile political environment; exploring the underreported conflict in Congo.
Episode 21

Engineering Earth

Examing the plan to use technology to "geoengineer" the Earth to reduce the impacts of climate change and the potential risks.
Episode 22

Brainhackers/Fall of Rio

An inside look at the what could be the next evolutionary step for humankind; exploring Rio post the recent World Cup and Olympic Games.
Episode 23


A searing, personal look at how we define consent and hold assailants accountable in today's world.
Episode 24

Voodoo Wrestling/Big Placebo

An inside look at the popular but polarizing sport of Catch Fetiche in the Democratic Republic of Congo; the booming 'wellness' industry.
Episode 25

Death Inc. / Bannon's World

Gianna Toboni investigates the roots of Mexico's spiraling murder rate and meets the people who refuse to be silenced; political strategist Steve Bannon heads up new projects to support right-wing populist parties that are surging across Europe.
Episode 26

The Road to Asylum/Lab Rat Nation

How policy changes are impacting the fate of asylum seekers; an inside look at self-proclaimed human "lab rats."
Episode 27

A Living Hell / MDMA For PTSD

Returning to Yemen to see the war being waged and its devastating effects; exploring the use of MDMA to help treat PTSD.
Episode 28

The War at Home/Putin's Crimea

The women working to fix a legal system that often fails to protect domestic violence victims; the reality of Crimeans and Ukranians today.
Episode 29

Doom Boom/Unfair

Exploring the U.S.'s booming doomsday industry; the cultural bias towards lighter skin in India.
Episode 30

Back in the DPRK & California Burning

Revisiting the Korean peninsula in the wake of the new detente; the state of California’s future in the wake of increasingly deadly fires.

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