1 season available

Vets Saving Pets

TVG • Science & Technology, Reality, Animals & Nature • TV Series • 2018

At the Emergency Veterinary Trauma Center in Toronto, one of the busiest animal care facilities in Canada, veterinary professionals work together tire...more

At the Emergency Veterinary Trauma Center in Toronto, one of the busiest animal care facilities in Canada, veterinary professionals work together tire...more

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1 season available (16 episodes)

1 season available

(16 episodes)

Episode 1

The Saga Begins

Luke the puppy has been favoring his right hind leg, and Dr. Boyd thinks she can fix the problem; something strikes a nerve with Simba the cat’s ability to walk; Dr. Gray hopes she can help Honey the bulldog see things more clearly.
Episode 2

Old Friends

Rusty the dog visits Dr. Williams with an elevated heart rate; Dr. James helps Niko the shih-poo, whose hind legs are on the decline; Dr. Boyd breathes life into a Yorkshire terrier whose throat is closing up.
Episode 3

More Bark Than Bite

After a run-in with a tree while playing fetch, poor Tessa needs Dr. French to repair her broken teeth; Dr. Forbes helps Mocha the poodle, who was attacked by a larger canine; Dr. Gray fixes Winston the bulldog’s sweet but serious vision problem.
Episode 4

A Roaring Toothache

Dr. French relieves Rowdy the lion of an infected tooth after Dr. Williams gets him safely sedated; Dr. James helps a cat whose spine needs saving; a Jack Russell terrier turns out to have bigger problems than Dr. James thought.
Episode 5

Taking Strides

When a young St. Bernard's legs begin to fail, Dr. James enlists the help of Dr. Kilburn; Dr. Williams deals with a large pup plagued by a heartworm infestation; Dr. Bryer investigates a mysterious breathing issue affecting a newly adopted cat.
Episode 6

Sleeping Hazard

After discovering a tooth abscess in elderly feline Ginny, Dr. French enlists the help of other VEC specialists to help her endure surgery; Dr. Bryer partners with the head vet technician to save Pomeranian puppy Ella from a deadly virus.
Episode 7

Excess Baggage

Bruce Lee the cat donates some blood and Dr. Bryer oversees the procedure; Charlie the golden retriever is carrying an unusually large tumor that Dr. Boyd wants to remove; Dr. Williams faces difficult circumstances when treating Star’s ailing heart.
Episode 8

A Spotty Situation

Dr. French helps Pinky the cheetah with her broken tooth; an aging golden retriever named Brody has a physical therapy session to soothe his pain; Dr. James tries to help disoriented Max the Shih Tzu find out which way is up.
Episode 9

Heart of the Matter

When Chihuahua Reilly breaks a leg, Dr. Boyd performs surgery; a cat named Jerry survives a house fire, but his gums suffer due to smoke inhalation; Dr. Williams consults with Dr. Cochrane to treat Cyril the cat's high blood pressure.
Episode 10

A Weaselly Illness

Dr. Boyd and Arnold the Mastiff's owner decide it's best to amputate a portion of his tail; a Pomeranian named Rosie needs a long overdue teeth cleaning, but may not be a good candidate for surgery; an older ferret named Jet is treated for influenza.
Episode 11

All in the Family

Dr. Boyd's own pup needs surgery to repair his knee; Dr. Bryer tries to help Trigger the cat, who is in need of serious relief; Dr. Bryer and Dr. James team up to help an aging cat who's unable to walk.
Episode 12

Taming of the Dragon

Mazy the Bichon Frise has had a few seizures, and her owners seek neurological care from Dr. James, who suspects a brain tumor or inflammatory disease; Dr. Boyd spays Komodo dragon Loka; Dr. Martin helps Titan the cat with respiratory issues.
Episode 13

Feet to the Fire

Dr. Williams uses ultrasound to test Shadow the golden retriever for heartworms; Dr. Boyd attempts to treat Tiger the cat's severely burned paws after a tragic house fire.
Episode 14

The Shepherd's Plight

Dr. Williams finds that elderly cat Chloe may have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Dr. James suspects that internal bleeding from a knitting needle injury may be causing Alien the cat's motor function issue.
Episode 15

Jaws of Life

Dr. Boyd treats a cancerous tumor on Dudley the miniature poodle's jaw; Dr. Martin tests Kaileigh the dog's spleen while looking for the cause of nausea and restlessness; doctors seek the cause of Loki the kitten's heart murmur.
Episode 16

New Beginnings

Dr. Boyd removes bone fragments from chocolate lab King's elbow after a slip and fall on ice; Dr. Bryer runs tests to help Rocky the dog overcome a severe skin infection due to unchecked demodex mites.

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