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The Dick Van Dyke ShowThe Dick Van Dyke Show

TVGFamilyComedyClassics • SitcomTV Series1961

The Dick Van Dyke Show is an American sitcom about a TV writer doing his best to jugg...more

The Dick Van Dyke Show is an American sitcom about a TV writer do...More

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Episode 1

Coast to Coast Big Mouth

Laura blurts out a top secret on a national television quiz show--that comedian Alan Brady wears a toupee.
Episode 2

A Farewell to Writing

Rob sets out to write a book during his vacation, but has trouble getting started.
Episode 3

Uhny Uftz

Rob sees a flying saucer and tracks it to its lair--the office above his own.
Episode 4

The Ugliest Dog in the World

Rob and Laura try to find a permanent home for an ugly little mutt from the dog pound.
Episode 5

No Rice at My Wedding

Rob and Laura recall their courtship days, when Rob almost lost Laura to another man. Van Williams guest-stars.
Episode 6

Draw Me a Pear

Rob and Laura enroll in an art class--and the beautiful instructress has designs on Rob.
Episode 7

The Great Petrie Fortune

Rob's dreams of inheriting a fortune are dashed until he realizes the intangible worth of an old photograph.
Episode 8

Odd But True

Rob is offered $500 because the freckles on his back are in the shape of the Liberty Bell.
Episode 9

Viva Petrie

Rob and Laura have an unusual houseguest, a bullfighter named Manuel who installs himself as a handyman.
Episode 10

Go Tell the Birds and the Bees

When Richie spins a few fantastic stories for his friends, his parents wind up in the school psychologist's office.
Episode 11

Body and Sol

Rob recalls the time he defended his title as middleweight champion of the Army camp.
Episode 12

See Rob Write, Write Rob Write

Rob and Laura become rivals when each writes a story for children.
Episode 13

You're Under Arrest

Rob goes out to cool off after a quarrel with Laura and winds up in trouble with the law.
Episode 14

Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work

Rob recalls the time he was out of work with a new home, no furniture, and a pregnant wife.
Episode 15

Who Stole My Watch

Rob loses his friends as well as his watch when the friends learn they're all under suspicion.
Episode 16

I Do Not Choose to Run

Rob can't make up his mind when asked to be a candidate for the city council. Arte Johnson guest-stars.
Episode 17

The Making of a Councilman

Rob agrees to run for office but realizes he'd prefer to vote for his brainy opponent. Wally Cox guest-stars.
Episode 18

The Curse of the Petrie People

Rob's parents give a family heirloom piece of jewelry to Laura, who accidentally drops it in the garbage disposal.
Episode 19

The Bottom of Mel Cooley’s Heart

When Mel Cooley takes Rob's advice and stands up to Alan Brady, he is promptly fired.
Episode 20

Remember the Alimony

Rob and Laura recall the time they filled in an application for a $10 divorce.
Episode 21

Dear Sally Rogers

As a gag, Sally advertises for a husband on a national television show and is flooded with fan mail.
Episode 22

Buddy Sorrell Man and Boy

Symptoms and evidence indicate that Buddy is either seeing a psychiatrist or having an affair.
Episode 23

Bad Reception in Albany

Rob and Laura attend a wedding in Albany. In order to get an idea for a sketch, Rob has to locate a television set to watch a special show.
Episode 24

Talk to the Snail

Believing that comedian Alan Brady plans to cut down his writing staff, Rob applies for a job with a ventriloquist. Paul Winchell, Henry Gibson guest-star.
Episode 25

A Day in the Life of Alan Brady

The Petries' anniversary party for the Helpers turns into a television documentary for Alan Brady.
Episode 26

Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc.

Rob and his writers are in big trouble for adding insults to an Alan Brady script.
Episode 27

The Man from My Uncle

The Petrie home becomes a command post when government agents put a neighbor's home under surveillance. Godfrey Cambridge guest-stars.
Episode 28

You Ought to Be in Pictures

Rob is cast opposite a gorgeous Italian actress in a low-budget film and turns out to be the screen's worst lover.
Episode 29

Love Thy Other Neighbor

Rob and Laura are dismayed by Millie Helper's jealousy of their new neighbors.
Episode 30

Long Nights Journey Into Day

Laura and Millie spend a harrowing night alone when Rob and Jerry go off on a fishing trip.
Episode 31

The Gunslinger

The Petries and their friends are transported to the Wild West when Rob dreams he is a frontier sheriff.
Episode 32

The Last Chapter

Rob's autobiography conjures up scenes from the past and leads Alan Brady to buy the book for a television series.


About this Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show is an American sitcom about a TV writer doing his best to juggle the responsibilities of life, both at work and at home, which initially aired on CBS from October 3, 1961 to June 1, 1966. The show was created by Carl Reiner and starred Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. Totalling 158 episodes and five seasons, the show was also produced by Reiner, who wrote many episodes and played the part of Alan Brady. Reiner based the main character of Rob Petrie on himself and the Alan Brady character on his former boss Sid Caesar. Many of the show's plots were inspired by Reiner's experiences as a writer for Your Show of Shows (which starred Caesar). Dick Van Dyke won three Emmy's for his portrayal of Rob Petrie and Mary Tyler Moore (who would alter go on to star in her own self-titled Emmy-winning series) won two Emmy's playing Dick's irascible, Capri pants-wearing wife, Laura. The series was a launching pad for a slew of legendary comedians and artists, from director Garry Marshall and actress Rose Marie to comedians Jerry Farr and Don Rickles. Storylines deal with Rob Petrie and his two coworkers, Buddy and Sally, who write material for a television variety show. Mel Cooley, a balding straight man is the show's producer and the brother-in-law of Alan Brady, the show's seldom-seen star. Other stories focus on the home life of Rob and Laura, who live in suburban New Rochelle, New York. Frequently seen is their young son, Ritchie, as well as their neighbors, Jerry and Millie Helper.

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