6 seasons available

Good Times

TVPGComedySitcomBlack StoriesTV Series • 1974

As a lower-middle-class Black family living on the south side of Chicago, the Evans f...more

As a lower-middle-class Black family living on the south side of ...More

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6 seasons available (131 episodes)

6 seasons available

(131 episodes)

Episode 1

Florida's Homecoming, Part 1

The Evans children and Willona are pleasantly shocked to learn that Thelma has been dating the nationally renowned football player Keith Anderson, a Heisman Trophy candidate.
Episode 2

Florida's Homecoming-Part 2

Florida arrives home after hearing the news of Thelma's engagement. But Thelma's pre-wedding jitters may get the best of her.
Episode 3

Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding

After losing his job, J.J. takes out a $1000 loan from Sweet Daddy Williams to pay for Thelma's wedding.
Episode 4

Florida's Homecoming: United We Stand

On the day after the wedding, J.J. does his best to make newlyweds Keith and Thelma comfortable. But Keith is on edge and snaps at him.
Episode 5

Florida Gets a Job

Alderman Davis will recommend Florida for a job if J.J. will help with his campaign.
Episode 6

Stomach Mumps

Willona tries to shield Penny from the facts of life when a 13-year-old gets pregnant.
Episode 7

J.J. the Teacher

The father of J.J.'s art student is opposed to his son's painting lessons.
Episode 8

Michael's Decision

Michael decides to share an apartment with a young, white girl.
Episode 9

J.J. And The Plumber's Helper

Jobless J.J. has difficulties facing an old flame who has expensive tastes.
Episode 10

The Witness

J.J. is the sole witness to an auto accident, and ends up on a collision course with the involved parties.
Episode 11

The Snow Storm

A blizzard forces Florida and her bus load of children to take shelter in an abandoned housing project.
Episode 12

The Traveling Christmas

Because Keith must work during the family Christmas party, Florida brings the party to the garage where he works.
Episode 13

House Hunting

Florida announces that the family is moving to their own house.
Episode 14

Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1

Part 1 of 2. Florida discovers that a child on her school bus suffers from impaired hearing; and J.J. prepares for an important job interview.
Episode 15

Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Larry's mother agrees to let Florida take him for a hearing test.
Episode 16

Blood Will Tell

An ailing ghetto racketeer offers J.J. a grand for a pint of his rare blood.
Episode 17

Where Have All the Doctors Gone?

During a flu epidemic, Florida finally locates the only neighborhood doctor---who is planning to leave the area.
Episode 18

J.J. and T.C.

T.C.'s chances for romance with J.J. seem hopeless when he ignores her hints to ask her to a dance.
Episode 19

The Art Contest

J.J. is teaching art classes and one of his students, Emily, shows great promise. But when one of Emily's paintings mistakenly wins an art contest as one of his own, J.J. must decide whether to take credit for it.
Episode 20

The Physical

Florida may lose her bus-driving job if she flunks her annual physical.
Episode 21

A Matter of Mothers

Penny's birth mother is scheming to reclaim her daughter by proving that Willona is an unfit parent. Penny: Janet Jackson.
Episode 22

The End of the Rainbow

Everyone seems to be planning his or her own surprise for Keith and Thelma's first anniversary.
Episode 23

The Evans' Dilemma

Keith's search for a job leads to strange behavior. Little does anyone know, Keith has developed a serious drinking problem.
Episode 24

Cousin Raymond

When Florida gets a surprise visit from her successful cousin, Raymond, he gives each family member an expensive gift. But Florida is reluctant to accept her gift when she learns just how Raymond makes his money.

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