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Black Ink CrewBlack Ink Crew

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In the heart of Harlem, Black Ink is the only black-owned and operated tattoo parlor ...more

In the heart of Harlem, Black Ink is the only black-owned and ope...More

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Episode 1


With Dutchess doing her own thing, Ceaser focuses on the shop and all of the drama that comes with it. Puma's world begins to collapse around him when Quani tells Puma that she is unhappy in their marriage.
Episode 2

Extra Baggage

Dutchess meets Quani for dinner and invites her to join her upcoming trip to Paris. But when Sassy stops by to say hi, she invites herself along. Ceaser and the crew celebrate the new shop renovations.
Episode 3

Paris, Bitches!

Ceaser begins having second thoughts about his former flame. Sky tries to teach Ceaser a lesson in love. O'S**t and baby mama #3, Anya, head to the hospital to welcome Baby Khody to the family.
Episode 4

C'est La Vie

Ceaser takes Sky's advice and decides to take a trip to surprise Dutchess. Quani tries to come to terms with her feelings about Puma. Sky confronts her mother about her past and learns information about her biological father.
Episode 5

Ain't No Thing But a Chicken Wing

Ceaser and Dutchess have returned from Paris as a couple. Quani tells Puma that she wants a career. Just when Sky is beginning to take Bobbe seriously, Ted swoops in. Ceaser throws a party to celebrate the shop's grand reopening.
Episode 6

Rikers or Rehab?

Ceasar reveals news about Puma and Ink 124 to the crew. O'S**t fails his drug test and is given two options, Riker's or Rehab. Puma can't handle Tamia's "Terrible Twos" and shows up at Quani's job.
Episode 7

No Leg to Stand On

Ceaser and Dutchess show up at the shop and Donna gives Ceaser a piece of her mind. Walt reunites with his family and searches for answers. O'S**t receives the news that Donna is going to meet up with Anya.
Episode 8

Movin' Funny

With Anya in the hospital, O'S**t makes amends to fix his relationship. Sky has been thrown in jail in Arizona. Ceaser, Dutchess, and Ted head West into the Arizona heat to bring their friend home.
Episode 9

Sky is the New Black

Ted's true feelings about Sky come to light. Donna deals with backlash from her altercation with Anya, while O'S**t fights to stay sober. Puma's business partner tries to bring old friends back together.
Episode 10

Now It's Turned All the Way Up

Ceaser and Big Joe show up at Puma's door wondering why he didn't show at the Black Ink Photoshoot. O'S**t heads to court to find out the outcome of his gun charge. When Quani shows up at Black Ink cursing out Ceaser, a riot ensues.
Episode 11

This is Not a Talk Show

Dutchess' parents arrive for their engagement party. Cease, who never asked for permission before popping the question, finally faces Dutchess' dad. Kathy shows up with DNA Test in hand, and Sky struggles over leaving Tent City.
Episode 12

All You Did Was Mess up My Hair

Ted surprises Sky as she's freed from Tent City. Kathie shows up at the shop with her DNA results for O'S**t. Puma formulates a plan to protect his family but when the plan goes left it results in a full-out brawl on the streets.
Episode 13

Searching for a Friend

In the wake of the fashion show incident, the crew works on rebuilding and proving that they are stronger than ever before. When Sassy shows up, Ceaser makes it clear that anyone associated with Puma is not allowed on his turf.
Episode 14

Water Slides & Shade

When Donna speaks her mind one too many times for Ceaser's liking, he sends her packing. A customer appreciation (aka mixxxy) field trip to a water park ends in fireworks when Sky finds out that Ted has been messing around.
Episode 15

This Ain't No Call Time

In the wake of Puma's devastating loss of Ink 124, Ceaser is called to meet with Med, who gives him the offer of a lifetime. Ceaser finds himself torn between his dreaded move to North Carolina, and the chance to run Harlem.
Episode 16

Your Dream, My Nightmare

Ceaser finds himself back in North Carolina, this time to look for a house. Daddy Rick fires up the grill for some Southern hospitality, and for Ceaser, the pressure is on. Back in Harlem, Sky checks in with Puma and tells him to man up.
Episode 17

We Want Pre-nup

After turning down a dream offer, Ceaser begins to question the person he is becoming. Sky talks to a friend and figures out a way to find closure with a piece of her past. Dutchess is shocked when Ceaser asks for a pre-nup.
Episode 18

Sky Code

In the wake of the pre-nup ask, Dutchess and Ceaser discuss ownership of Black Ink. Quani visits with Tamia, and Puma realizes that the distant is hurting his family.
Episode 19

Let Us Pray

Donna is finally given her shot at tattooing, but struggles with her emotions over devastating news. O'Sh*t's new fling, Blue, comes in with a little stick that holds big news and has O'Sh*t thinking about his future.
Episode 20

Ain't No Party Like a Black Ink Party

The crew throws down for a mixxxy party, and when a shocking video is played, Kathie loses it. Puma reveals some big news to Quani and asks her to come home to New York.
Episode 21

Behind the Ink

In the first ever Black Ink Crew Reunion, host Big Tigger reunites the cast for an exclusive mixxy party to relive three seasons of drama and air each others' dirty laundry.

About this Show

Black Ink Crew

In the heart of Harlem, Black Ink is the only black-owned and operated tattoo parlor as well as one of the most famous in the country. Black Ink owner, and noted hardass, Ceaser employs some close, and very vocal friends that make up the "Crew."

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