6 seasons available

American PickersAmerican Pickers

TVPGDocumentariesRealityFamilyTV Series • 2010

American Pickers follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the country searching for American treasures. While hitting the back roads from co...more

American Pickers follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the country searching for American treasures. While hitting the back roads from co...more

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6 seasons available (91 episodes)

6 seasons available

(91 episodes)

Episode 1

Mike's Big Buy

Mike and Frank are picking and dreaming in California. Then dreams become reality when Mike falls for the sweetest classic Ford pick-up he's ever seen.
Episode 3

Real Knuckleheads

Frank falls hard for a rare Harley Davidson Knucklehead at a collectors hidden California compound.
Episode 5

40-Acre Pick

Plowing through a 40-acre salvage yard, Mike and Frank harvest a few lost treasures, including a never-before-seen farmer's mini-bike.
Episode 7

Pedal Pushers

Just outside the nation's capital Mike and Frank find a stash of untouched inventory from one of the country's oldest bicycle and sporting goods store.
Episode 9

Frank's Big Day

Frank jumps for joy as he and Mike pick a recently closed toy museum ready to sell their collection of treasures.
Episode 11

Hyder's Hideaway

While freestyling in Virginia's Appalachian Mountains the guys come across a hidden hideaway filled with history and even some mementos from a bluegrass legend.
Episode 12

The Mother Load

Mike and Frank accept a special invite from Indiana's Model-A Ford lady and fall hard for her ultra-rare barn-fresh Model-A tow truck.
Episode 13

Slam Dunk Junk

Mike and Frank find a massive warehouse in Chicago filled with castoff treasures, including some superstar sports memorabilia that are a total slam dunk.
Episode 20

Rat Rod Rolls

With a jam-packed farmhouse, killer barn, and rare rat rod Rolls Royce, a massive Ohio collection has mega-pick potential.
Episode 23

Double Bubble Trouble

The guys visit a hot rod mechanic with an awesome collection of bubbletop cars and automobilia.
Episode 26

Ripe for the Picking

Mike and Frank are in Napa Valley but rather than pick grapes they pick one of the largest wine-related collections in the world before the owner shouts "Last Call."
Episode 27

Junkyard Wizard

A junkyard wizard has an Oktoberfest gem with Frank Fritz's name written all over it.
Episode 30

Adrenaline Junkie

The guys uncover toy cars worth as much as the real thing, and a stash of custom motorbikes with an incredible backstory.
Episode 32

Cowzilla in Colorado

While Frank is on the mend Mike and his brother Robbie crisscross Colorado and find a giant cow shaped RV.
Episode 34

One of Everything

Mike and Robbie uncover a hidden stash of awesome motorcycle relics at a Colorado property littered with massive man-mobiles.
Episode 36

Ready to Roar

Mike and Frank meet Larry who has the ultimate big boy toys including a rare Porsche and a pair of unusual pick-ups that really get the guys going.
Episode 38

Ready to Race

The guys are stoked to visit a former racer and adrenaline junkie in his vintage Ohio garage.
Episode 40

Space Ranger

The guys head to Minnesota on a rescue mission to help save the remains of a carnival business from Mother Nature.
Episode 42

Snow Job

In the middle of a Minnesota blizzard Mike and Frank face the frost to uncover a rare pair of trucks on farmer Jim's spread.
Episode 45

Frank's Folly

Mike and Danielle join an architectural salvage crew on a special mission while Robbie and Frank hunt for treasure in an old theater turned prop warehouse.
Episode 46

Million-Dollar Cars

Mike and Frank find an important part for a million-dollar car.
Episode 48

Big Money Racer

On a 100-acre property in Arkansas, Mike falls hard for a midget race car with a Knucklehead motor and prize-winning pedigree.
Episode 50

Texas Treasures

In the heart of oil country, a family's vintage service station is just like a petroliana museum where the awesome inventory is all off limits.
Episode 51

Texas Pick'em

Mike and Frank are deep in the heart of Texas where they play a couple of hands of Texas Pick'em with some savvy collectors.
Episode 52

Roll Like a Rock Star

When the guys get a lead on what could be Aerosmith's original tour van, they head out on a cross-country trek in search of the holy grail of rock'n'roll relics.
Episode 53

Big Tennessee Welcome

In Nashville, Danielle introduces the guys to a former Chevy dealership that could provide an awesome new home base.
Episode 55

Bubba Gump Picks

Mike and Frank are in Pickin' heaven when they come across a mammoth collection of militaria that includes Civil War revolvers and even Forrest Gump's original footlocker.
Episode 57

Eyes on the Prize

While cruising through Florida, the guys go hog wild in a former juke joint-turned-picker's paradise.
Episode 59

The Doctor is Waiting

Mike and Frank are scolded when they arrive late for an appointment with Dr. Fred. But once they get past his grumpy assistant, they find themselves in a strange world filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful things.
Episode 67

Pickin' for the Fences

In Oklahoma, the guys uncover a baseball signed by one of the greatest players of all time.
Episode 69

Mighty Micro-Madness

Mike has an epiphany in New Hampshire when he finds a mighty collection of microcars including one of the rarest in the world.
Episode 71

One Wheel Deal

In Missouri, the guys visit an historic homestead where they join the search for grandpa's lost Civil War uniform.
Episode 73

High Flying Pick

Lost for half a century, the guys heroically return a naval artifact to its rightful home in Washington, D.C.
Episode 76

Hard Bargain Picks

While driving Route 66 in Kansas, the guys visit an old hangar packed with jaw-dropping collection of vintage cars.
Episode 77

Pickers Like It Hot

In Massachusetts, the guys try to broker a deal on an original Bowie Knife and discover a Hollywood collection with never seen photos of Marilyn Monroe that Frank goes gaga over.

Tough Negotiations at a Kansas Car Museum

The Pick and the Showgirl

Mike and Frank Check Out the Original Aerosmith Van

Mike and Frank Purchase a Piece of Rock History

Ray Tabano Authenticates the Original Aerosmith Van

Midget Race Car with a Harley Knucklehead Motor

Mike Delivers a Part for a Million Dollar Speedster Build

Bonus: Stockpile on Main St.

Bonus: What Better Place To Be

The Jersey Jaguar

Bonus: A Soldier's Good Luck Charm

Bonus: Clint's Closing Shop

Bonus: Light of Her Life

Bonus: Collectors' Kinship

Bonus: Leader of the Pack

Fair Trade

You Old Enough To Do That?

Bonus: This Pick Needs a Hero

The Artist's Way

Bonus: A Family That Picks Together

Bonus: Blood Is Thicker Than Motor Oil

Bonus: How the West Was Picked

Everything Must Go!

An Eye for Picking

G.I. Thrill

Heart of Gas & Oil

The Local Historian

Playboy of Junk

Small Town, Big Picking

Tardy for the Party

Bonus: All in the Family

Bonus: Picking the 'Burbs

Bonus: Buying the Bayou

A Lesson in Coin-Op Player Pianos (and Banjos)

The Most Dangerous Toy Ever Made

This Wooden Model T Belongs in a Museum!

An Anonymous Buyer for a 1919 Series 9

The Last Supper Banner

A Dream House Built for a Picker

One-Stop Funeral Shop

The Jell-O

Letting Go of a 1939 Ford Truck

The Pierce-Arrow

A 1923 Lincoln Leland/Mercury

A Cossacks Patch Finds Its Way Home

The Thrill of Being in the Seattle Cossacks

A Bathroom Fit for a Collector

Winding Up the Price on Wind-Ups

Hot Rod Hieroglyphics

The Priciest Pick

The Value of Very Old Jeans

Bonus: A Magician Never Reveals His Picks

Bonus: A+ Pick

Bonus: An Item A Day

Bonus: Auction Addict

Bonus: Bike Bonanza

Bonus: Biker Bros

Bonus: Blood's Thicker Than Motor Oil

Bonus: Cop Some Loot

Bonus: Deep Roots, Deeper Pockets

Bonus: Diamond in the Rough

Bonus: East or West, Home's Best!

Bonus: Ernie Rides Again

Bonus: Feeling the Bern

Bonus: Great Eye for the Picking Guy

Bonus: He's So Unusual

Bonus: Lost City

Bonus: No Train, No Gain

Bonus: Quite a Stache

Bonus: Road to Rich's

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