3 seasons available

Little Women: LA

TV14 • Drama, Reality • TV Series • 2014

At first blush, Little Women is just another docusoap about a group of smart, dynamic friends living in Los Angeles. With money in their pockets and t...more

At first blush, Little Women is just another docusoap about a group of smart, dynamic friends living in Los Angeles. With money in their pockets and t...more

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3 seasons available (74 episodes)

3 seasons available

(74 episodes)


Wedding Special

Terra, Elena, Christy and Briana and their husbands all take a look back at their journeys towards wedded bliss.
Episode 1

Ballroom Blitz

The girls feel that Terra has changed since she began competing on Dancing with the Stars, and fears she is sacrificing her family
Episode 2

Tough Crowd

Terra has made it to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, but with two hernias, a bevy of other health issues, and waning support from friends, the pressure seems to be closing in from all directions.
Episode 3

Things Fall Apart

Briana worries she might be suffering from Postpartum Depression. After life threatening complications during her ground breaking surgery, Christy's recovery is even harder than anticipated, and she's frustrated with Todd's lack of help.
Episode 4

On Thin Ice

After months of dealing with a tough pregnancy, Jasmine's delivery isn't as easy as she would have hoped for. Briana is rushed to the hospital with severe pain, and worries she could need surgery.
Episode 5

The Girl Who Cried Divorce

With limited help from husband Todd, and a lack of concern from her friends, Christy's recovery from neck surgery is lonelier than she ever expected.
Episode 6

Vision Quest

Terra throws a vision board party and confronts Briana about rumors that she tried to steal Terra's manager.
Episode 7

Big Little Lies

JUST AIRED! Elena and Preston have spent months wondering if one or both of their twin boys has dwarfism. Now the genetics results are in, and Elena struggles with what that means for their family.
Episode 8

March Madness

Terra and Tonya rally at the LA Women's March, but Briana bails because she thinks Terra is going for the wrong reasons.
Episode 9

Bringing Sexy Back

Briana and Terra's feud continues to heat up when Terra belittles Briana in front of the girls.
Episode 10

Model Behavior

When Mary holds runway auditions for her London fashion show, Elena puts her on blast for not being authentic. As their argument escalates, Terra regrets inviting both ladies to an upcoming art show.
Episode 11

Shady Business

Terra is thrilled her dream of writing a book is becoming reality and meets with her editor for the first time. Meanwhile, Briana is accused of shady business practices by Christy.
Episode 12

Baptism Blowout

Terra receives terrifying results from her mammogram, and is faced with the possibility of having breast cancer. Christy is overwhelmed by her nagging mom and bratty teenage daughter.
Episode 13

Fractured Friendships

Terra receives her biopsy results, and discovers whether or not she has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Tonya finally has a fashion show for her Little Boss Body Activewear. Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.
Episode 14

Big Trouble, Little Video

JUST AIRED! On the heels of her successful fashion show, Tonya's stress levels are through the roof. Not only has her beloved dog been stolen, but she still faces major issues with her manufacture. Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.
Episode 15

Fierce Fight

Christy is shocked to hear that Terra has been showing off a scandalous video from her past. Meanwhile, Jasmine has major issues with Terra's book title which snowballs into a huge fight.
Episode 16

Warrior Dash

When the girls participate in a Warrior Dash, Briana approaches Tonya about rumors that Tonya has been spreading about her, ultimately causing all the girls to air their dirty laundry.
Episode 17

Alaska Adventure

Briana is shocked to find out about Terra's latest sneaky business move, which could have a major impact on Briana's career.
Episode 18

Interventions and Infidelity

After Terra's meltdown on the mountain, Jasmine and Elena feel that she is out of control and decide it's time for a friendship intervention.
Episode 19

Crazy in Love

After hearing Matt's shocking confession, Briana is yet again, at a crossroad in her marriage. Meanwhile, Tonya and Kerwin shop for engagement rings.
Episode 20

'80s Prom

After Terra and Elena's fight both girls are left questioning their friendship. Briana and Matt seek marriage counseling and Tonya is forced to make the biggest decision of her life.
Episode 21

Season 6 Reunion, Part 1

Host Kevin Frazier brings the ladies of Little Women: LA together to discuss the craziness of Season 6.
Episode 22

Season 6 , Part 2

The reunion continues when Stephania joins the group to reveal the details of her scandalous night in Alaska with Briana's husband Matt. We get a sneak peek at Little Women LA: Couples Retreat.
Episode 23

Couples Retreat: Trouble in Paradise

After getting engaged to Kerwin, Tonya organizes a couples' retreat in Puerto Rico, but she gets more than she bargained for when surprise guests crash the trip.
Episode 24

Couples Retreat: Express Yourself

Christy and Todd open up and share things they've never told each other before. The Tiny Twins make twerking a relationship building exercise.
Episode 25

Couples Retreat: Breakfast Beef

The day kicks off with a bang when a private argument at breakfast quickly turns public and heated. Meanwhile Todd is eager to have new life experiences with Christy, while Jazmin and David's relationship hits a stumbling block.
Episode 26

Couples Retreat: Don't Poke The Bear

When Chris calls out Matt for crossing the line, tension boils and shirts come off. Tonya and Kerwin finally admit that they may have problems they'll never be able to talk about.
Episode 27

Couples Retreat: Busting Up

After a partner swap, Matt tries to make amends with the group and Christy realizes that her mothering ways may have killed the passion in her marriage.
Episode 28

Couples Retreat: Twin Explosions

The couples are challenged to let go of the past, but Andrea can't, and things get heated when she finally confronts Chris. Briana and Christy begin to repair their friendship.
Episode 29

Couples Retreat: Flight or Fight

Jazmin pushes David past his comfort zone and a repetitive fight makes Tonya and Kerwin rethink their future together. Two of the men scheme a plan that may shock their wives.
Episode 30

Couples Retreat: Girls on Top

As the retreat draws to a close, two couples plan to renew their wedding vows, but Jazmin and David hit a snag when it comes to planning the ceremony.
Episode 31

A Little Festive

'Tis the season to be salty! The ladies tear into both the wrapping paper and each other as they exchange holiday gifts and relive the most memorable fights, breakdowns, and experiences they've had together over the years.
Episode 32

Terra's Big House: Big House, Big Problems

Terra and her husband Joe, embark on a huge renovation to make their home Little People friendly.
Episode 33

Terra's Big House: Budget Blues

With the Master Suite renovation underway, Cory breaks bad news that could shatter Terra and Joe's budget. Stephanie and Terra butt heads when it comes to key design elements.
Episode 34

Terra's Big House: Pipe Dreams

As renovation begins on the kids' rooms and guest bathroom, Terra and Joe find that the road to their new home is a costly one. Unexpected expenses continue to pile up as Cory discovers issues throughout the house. To make matters worse, Terra's brother Bourn moves in to an already cramped living situation in the guest house.
Episode 35

Terra's Big House: Recipe for Disaster

Terra and Joe are excited about the prospect of finally having a kitchen custom built for their height. But between Cory discovering a problem that jeopardizes the structure of the house, and the appliances Stephanie orders not being totally LP friendly.
Episode 36

Terra's Big House: Counter Argument

With the kitchen renovation still incomplete and the wrong appliances ordered, Terra and Stephanie must decide if they are willing to continue working together to finish the house, or go their separate ways.
Episode 37

Terra's Big House: Home Sweet Home

Terra's frustrations with the cramped living situation in the guest house prompts Joe to find a solution to Terra's office woes.

The Final Reveal

Terra Breaks Down Over Her Kitchen

Terra De-Stresses with Penny in the Pool

Penny's Health Update

Terra Fixes the Plumbing

A Remodel for the Kids

Master Bath Reveal

The Biggest Little Jasmine Moments

Tonya's Biggest Little Moments

A Two-Day Guest House Test

Stephanie and Cory Propose a Master Plan to Terra and Joe

A Double Vow Renewal

Chris Hits an Emotional Breaking Point

Good Guy Matt

Andrea and Chris Decide to Work It Out

Chris and Andrea Discuss Infidelity

Will Andrea Move Back to Atlanta?

Biggest Little Adventures from Seasons 1-6

Matt Refuses to Apologize

Matt Verbally Abuses Briana

Biggest Little Romances from Seasons 1-6

Lila and Brian Decide to Leave

Lila and Tonya Fight Over Drinking

Biggest Little Awws from Seasons 1-6

Christy's Biggest Little Moments

The Biggest Little Briana Moments

The Biggest Little Terra Moments

Elena's Problem with Mary

Joe and a Miss Juicy Bobblehead Defend Terra

Matt's Makeout Partner Tells Her Side

The Biggest Little Dramas

Biggest Little Sexy Moments from Seasons 1-6

Elena and Briana's Friendship May Be Over

Matt and Briana in Therapy

Biggest Little Laughs from Seasons 1-6

Elena Doesn't Like Terra's Behavior

Terra Screams, Christy Whispers

Matt Did What?

Terra Can't Stand Christy

The Biggest Little Kids

Joe Isn't Supporting Terra Emotionally

The Women Argue in Scenic Alaska

Nothing Like a Post-Workout Fight

Jasmine and Elena's Friendship Is Threatened

Tonya Tries to Convince Christy to Sign the Release

The Biggest Little Shocks

Christy Won't Sign for Nothing

Tonya and Jasmine Make Up

Elena Doesn't Need Terra's Apologies

Tonya Forgot About Jasmine

Terra Storms Out of the Baptism Party

Terra's Mammogram Results

Briana Talks to Terra About Maverick

Elena's Godparenting Dilemma

Elena Is Gunning for Mary

Jasmine and Briana Address Their Friendship

Briana Accuses Jasmine of Being a Bad Friend

Elena and Mary Start Off on the Wrong Foot

Terra and Tonya Attend the Women's March

The Biggest Liar of Them All?

Briana Denies Connecting with Terra's Manager

Lisa Is Concerned About Briana's Marriage

Marriage Fight at the Monster Jam

The Manager Fight Continues

Briana Opens Up to the Girls

Why Didn't Elena Reach Out to Christy?

Jasmine's Second Son is Born

Terra and Elena Address Their Friendship

Does Briana Have Postpartum Depression?

Joe is Ready for Things to Get Better

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