Huluween 2: Return of the Killer Binge

You Can Stream, But You Can't Hide...
Huluween is back with more chilling classics, spine-tingling shows, and horrifying Originals to binge. Streaming now, with plans starting at $5.99/month.
Non-Stop Huluween Programming

Non-Stop Programming

With the launch of two Hulu horror originals and a catalog of 200+ titles, Huluween will keep you rocking out in your Halloween costume all month long.
Huluween tailored to your taste

Tailored to Your Taste

From Spooky-Not-Scary to Scary-as-Hell, Hulu has just the shows and movies to match your flavor of horror.
Huluween Film Fest 2019

Huluween Film Fest

Enjoy custom horror shorts all month long from the hottest up-and-coming filmmakers in the genre.

Start Your Killer Binge Here

From exclusive, scary hits that send chills down your spine to haunted episodes of your favorite shows, Hulu is the home of Halloween all month long and beyond.

Hulu Originals


TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2020)

Pooka Lives!

TVMA • Horror • Movie (2020)


TVMA • Horror, Holiday • Movie (2020)

My Valentine

TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2020)

Midnight Kiss

TVMA • LGBTQ+, Thriller • Movie (2019)

A Nasty Piece of Work

Thriller, Horror • Movie (2019)


TVMA • Horror, Holiday • Movie (2019)

Castle Rock

TVMA • Drama, Horror • TV Series (2018)


R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2019)

Little Monsters

R • Comedy, Horror • Movie (2019)

Uncanny Annie

TVMA • Horror, Holiday • Movie (2019)

Light as a Feather

TV14 • Drama, Teen • TV Series (2018)


TVMA • Horror • Movie (2019)

School Spirit

TVMA • Horror • Movie (2019)

Culture Shock

TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2019)

They Come Knocking

TVMA • Fantasy, Science Fiction • Movie (2019)

All That We Destroy

TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2019)

I'm Just F*cking With You

TVMA • Thriller, Horror • Movie (2019)


TVMA • Horror • Movie (2019)


TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2019)

New Year, New You

TVMA • Horror, Holiday • Movie (2018)


TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2018)

Flesh & Blood

TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2018)

The Body

TVMA • Thriller, Horror • Movie (2018)

Dimension 404

TV14 • Teen, Science Fiction • TV Series (2017)


TVMA • Drama, Science Fiction • TV Series (2016)


TV14 • Drama, Science Fiction • TV Series (2016)


TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • TV Series (2013)

Huluween Film Fest

The Dunes

Horror • Movie (2019)


Horror • Movie (2019)

Hidden Mother

Horror • Movie (2019)


Horror • Movie (2019)

The Ripper

Horror • Movie (2019)

Swiped to Death

Horror • Movie (2019)


Horror • Movie (2019)

Huluween Essentials

A Quiet Place

PG-13 • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2018)


R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2004)

The Babadook

TVMA • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2014)


TVMA • Comedy, Horror • Movie (1985)


PG-13 • Action, Adventure • Movie (2008)

Shaun of the Dead

R • Comedy, Horror • Movie (2004)

Night of the Living Dead

TV14 • Classics, Thriller • Movie (1968)


R • Thriller, Horror • Movie (2018)

Halloween II

R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (1981)

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

R • Horror, Holiday • Movie (1982)

The Ring

PG-13 • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2002)

The Hitcher

R • Thriller, Horror • Movie (1986)

The Thing

R • Science Fiction, Thriller • Movie (1982)

They Live

R • Horror, Science Fiction • Movie (1988)


R • Horror • Movie (1978)

Cat People

R • Horror, Drama • Movie (1982)

Army of Darkness

R • Adventure, Comedy • Movie (1992)

78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene

Documentaries, Thriller • Movie (2017)

The House

TV14 • Horror • TV Series (2017)

Q: The Winged Serpent

R • Horror, Science Fiction • Movie (1982)

God Told Me To

R • Drama, Crime • Movie (1976)

The Hills Have Eyes

R • Horror, Adventure • Movie (2006)


PG-13 • Science Fiction, Thriller • Movie (2002)


R • Horror, Supernatural • Movie (1979)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Drama • Movie (1923)

The Beyond

TVMA • Horror • Movie (1981)

Red Dragon

R • Drama, Crime • Movie (2002)


R • Thriller, Horror • Movie (2001)


R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2006)

Hostel: Part II

R • Horror • Movie (2007)

My Bloody Valentine

R • Thriller, Horror • Movie (1981)

Freddy vs. Jason

R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (2003)

The House on Sorority Row

R • Horror, Thriller • Movie (1983)


TVPG • Science Fiction, Thriller • Movie (1971)

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