2 seasons available

Who Do You Think You Are?

TVPG • Lifestyle & Culture, Health & Wellness, Documentaries, Reality, History • TV Series • 2010

Celebrities embark on the journeys of their lives--the quest to discover the genealogical roots of who they are.

Celebrities embark on the journeys of their lives--the quest to discover the genealogical roots of who they are.

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2 seasons available (21 episodes)

2 seasons available

(21 episodes)

Episode 1

Cynthia Nixon

Actress Cynthia Nixon searches for answers in her paternal line, and truth becomes stranger than fiction when a mystery of deceit and murder slowly unfolds in relation her 3x great-grandmother.
Episode 2

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Award winning actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson thought he came from a "nice, boring family" until he digs into his ancestry and follows the life of his great-grandfather; a gilded age hustler that trouble seemed to follow at every turn.
Episode 3

Rachel McAdams

Rachel and Kayleen McAdams discover an English ancestor surrounded by a privileged world, but forced to separate from those he loved; they connect with relatives uprooted by war, and uncover the harrowing circumstances behind their Canadian roots.
Episode 4

Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli goes on the hunt to unlock her family's mysteries. She tracks down courageous ancestors who suffered through hardship and tragedy, and discovers a royal lineage dating back centuries that she never dreamed possible.
Episode 5

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer takes a trip into the past to explore his beloved grandmother's family. He uncovers the story of a woman haunted by demons, and finds a connection to family who risked everything in one of the greatest migrations in American history.
Episode 6

Julie Chen

Julie Chen never knew her maternal grandfather; he died long before Julie was born. All she had heard was that he was a wealthy playboy with a rags-to-riches story. Julie sets out for rural China to learn more about his life and uncovers a dramatic tale.
Episode 7

Josh Groban

Josh Groban traces his ancestors' roots to Germany. He discovers a relative who was not only a deacon, but also a music teacher & well-known astronomer. But Josh's ancestor's predictions of cataclysmic doom put him in the crosshairs of the church.
Episode 8

Angie Harmon

Actress Angie Harmon discovers a daring ancestor who gave up his freedom to come to America, fought for his new country's independence, and risked everything at a pivotal point in America's history.
Episode 9

Sean Hayes

Actor/Producer Sean Hayes searches for the cause of his estranged father's troubled past and uncovers a shocking trail of tragedy and crime that reaches back generations.
Episode 10

Tony Goldwyn

Beyond a family of Hollywood legends, actor/director Tony Goldwyn explores his maternal lineage. He is introduced to a heritage of political activism; a couple ahead of their time proudly fighting for abolition, women's rights and westward expansion.
Episode 11

America Ferrera

America Ferrera searches for a connection to a father she barely knew, and discovers a great grandfather who led multiple revolts against the government and left an enduring mark on Honduran history.
Episode 12

Bill Paxton

Actor/Director Bill Paxton researches his paternal lineage, uncovering the captivating life of an ancestor who was a war hero in an historic battle and who shaped politics and society during a turbulent era.
Episode 13

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge digs into her French roots and finds a family shaken by a scandalous lawsuit; a turbulent relationship entangled with tragedy; and an adventuresome ancestor who prospered in colonial America.

Melissa Etheridge's Up-and-Down Ancestry

The Nation's First Civil War

Pictures With America's Dad

Traveling Through the Panama Isthmus

Deliberately Designed to Be Bleak

Big Deal to Be Corporal

Josh Groban in His Ancestor's Footsteps

Jim Parsons Moved by Grandfathers Obituary

Rags to Riches in the 1800s

Cindy Crawford's Pilgrim Heritage Revealed

Chris O'Donnell - Amazed by His Past

Inspiring the Fight Against Slavery

WWII Vet Shows Chelsea Footage of Her Grandfather

Deadly Disease Struck Christina's Grandmother

A Legacy of Civil War Heroics

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