7 seasons available

Vanderpump Rules

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2013

In the new Bravo series Vanderpump Rules, you get to see Lisa as a boss trying to herd gorgeous, oversexed kittens in the form of her staff. In Beverl...more

In the new Bravo series Vanderpump Rules, you get to see Lisa as a boss trying to herd gorgeous, oversexed kittens in the form of her staff. In Beverl...more

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7 seasons available (145 episodes)

7 seasons available

(145 episodes)

Episode 1

A Decent Proposal

In the season seven premiere, Lisa Vanderpump finds herself behind schedule on TomTom. Scheana settles into single life, and Stassi revels in the “honeymoon phase” of her new romance. Jax makes a grand gesture when he proposes marriage to Brittany.
Episode 2

Hope and Pride

Stassi plans an epic surprise party to celebrate Jax and Brittany’s engagement, but Sandoval and Ariana question Jax’s ability to commit to one woman for the rest of his life. Lisa must decide whether Jax deserves another chance to work at SUR.
Episode 3

Either Him or Me

James spirals out of control after being ambushed by Kristen at Pride. Scheana feels threatened by Stassi and Ariana’s newfound friendship. When Katie is the victim of body-shaming comments, she gives Lisa Vanderpump an ultimatum.
Episode 4

Lisa’s Dilemma

Katie’s ultimatum forces Lisa Vanderpump to reconsider employing James at SUR. Tom and Tom differ in their methods of interviewing potential TomTom staff and Jax and Brittany host a dinner party to debut their beer cheese.
Episode 5

Ice Queens

Stassi and Ariana throw an epic winter-themed birthday party, but Stassi’s new boyfriend Beau gets his first taste of Stassi’s famously bad birthday behavior. Jax confronts Tom Sandoval for questioning his engagement to Brittany.
Episode 6

Love Thy Mother

Stassi struggles to make amends with Beau after her birthday meltdown. Jax causes trouble at a SUR staff meeting, and the Toms present their cocktails to Lisa in hopes of getting them on the TomTom menu.
Episode 7

Girls' Night In

Katie convinces Lisa to let her host a “Girls’ Night In” party on James’s former night, but Billie Lee lashes out at Katie for not including her in the planning. Stassi creates her own personal holiday: National Outfit of the Day Day.
Episode 8

A Housewarming Divided

The group journeys to Marina del Rey for Scheana's housewarming. Ariana erupts on Tom for gossiping to the guys about her past romantic encounters with women, and Lisa Vanderpump finally reveals the fully finished TomTom to a giddy Sandoval and Schwartz.
Episode 9

Tom and Tommer

Lisa Vanderpump entrusts Sandoval and Schwartz with major responsibility as they scramble to get TomTom ready for its opening event, but Kristen is devastated when she learns she’s not allowed to come.
Episode 10

So Vain in Solvang

Lala shows her girlfriends a glimpse of the good life when she takes them to Solvang on a private jet. Jax looks forward to an epic boys’ night with Sandoval and Schwartz, but first Brittany brings Jax to therapy to deal with his past infidelities.
Episode 11

Return of Crazy Kristen

Kristen’s bizarre vacation behavior threatens to spoil the girls’ trip to wine country. Back in LA, James is overjoyed when he gets a last-minute invite to the guys’ wild “staycation,” and Jax fears he may revert to his bad boy ways.
Episode 12

PJs on the PJ

Stassi gives Kristen tough love about her relationship, while Sandoval and Schwartz worry that Lisa may not put their cocktails on the TomTom menu. Upon returning home from the girls’ trip, Lala faces a betrayal from her boyfriend.
Episode 13

Reptilian Brain

Stassi desperately wants to make a good impression when she first meets Beau’s mom, but her hopes are dashed when Kristen and Carter cause a huge fight with Stassi and Katie in front of everyone.
Episode 14

Tom vs. Tom

The Toms plan a Puerto Vallarta vacation for their friends. Kristen and Carter share an awkward dinner on their anniversary, Lisa doles out some wisdom that might salvage a friendship and Tom and Tom are forced to confront James.
Episode 15

Trouble in Lala-Land

Still grieving over her father, Lala lashes out at James, Raquel, and Billie Lee at SUR. Lisa, Sandoval and Schwartz throw all their effort into preparing TomTom for the grand opening. James struggles after being disinvited from Mexico
Episode 16

I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice

On the day of TomTom’s opening party, Sandoval surprises Schwartz with his grandest gesture yet. Katie sees the group’s vacation to Mexico as a chance to reconnect with her busy husband, but ends up exploding.
Episode 17

FOMO in Mexico

As the Mexico trip continues, Stassi unleashes her insecurities on Beau, while Ariana attempts to show Lala the error of her mean girl ways. Lisa oversees TomTom’s first dinner service back in West Hollywood.
Episode 18

End of an Era

On their final night in Mexico, Schwartz finds a unique way to rekindle the romance with Katie. Stassi and Beau try to repair their relationship after their epic fight, while Kristen and Ariana take a step forward in their newfound friendship.
Episode 19

The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder

Tom Schwartz finds a spectacular way to make good on his financial obligation to Lisa, while Stassi visits a real-life witch to exorcise the demons threatening her relationship with Beau. Jax reveals some issues during couple’s therapy.
Episode 20

Brittany and the Beast

Scheana goes out with a hot model in an attempt to make Adam jealous, while James accuses Lala of being insincere in her attempt to save their friendship. Ariana vows to confront Lisa when she hears she has been criticizing Tom Sandoval’s work ethic.
Episode 21

Rules of Engagement

Jax and Brittany celebrate their engagement at an elaborate fairy-tale themed party. Ariana confronts Lisa, while Brittany must inform Lala that she’s excluded from her wedding party. Tensions between Scheana and Adam boil over.
Episode 22

Reunion Part 1

In the first hour Andy Cohen sits down with the gang from SUR to discuss Brittany’s surprising engagement, the rap that ended James’ friendship with Jax, and the trials and tribulations of Tom and Tom’s first year in business with Lisa Vanderpump.
Episode 23

Reunion Part 2

Lala and James argue over the demise of their friendship and Katie defends her ultimatum to Lisa. Billie Lee dishes on the “Girls Night In” fiasco. Stassi explains #OOTD Day, and Sandoval takes Andy Cohen for a ride in the TomTom motorcycle sidecar.
Episode 24

Reunion Part 3

Stassi and Katie argue with Kristen over her relationship with Carter. Jax answers for his behavior toward Brittany’s family. Beau Clark makes an appearance. Lisa warns James that his aggression may cause him to lose what little support he has left.

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