13 seasons available

The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Real Housewives of Orange County

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2005

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look at the scandalous truths, mending friendships, rocky marriages, si...more

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look at the scandalous truths, mending friendships, rocky marriages, si...more

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13 seasons available (231 episodes)

13 seasons available

(231 episodes)

Episode 1

The Next Chapter

After the surprising reconciliation between Vicki, Tamra and Shannon at last season’s reunion, the ladies are working to rebuild their friendship and regain each other’s trust. Shannon and Kelly have downsized, and Vicki, has marriage on the brain.
Episode 2

One Apology, Another Betrayal

Tamra introduces her new friend Gina to the ladies. Emily and husband Shane celebrate their ninth anniversary. Shannon travels for the first time as a single mom. Kelly is stunned to learn that Vicki and Steve set up her ex-husband Michael.
Episode 3

Tres Amigas

Kelly’s argument with Vicki continues, coming to an angry, tearful end. Tamra and Vicki fly to Mexico for a girls weekend with Shannon. But a night of dancing on the bars, ends with a real injury and the trio opening up about their vulnerabilities.
Episode 4

Judge, Jury and Gina

At a group dinner, Shannon and Vicki meet Emily and Gina for the first time. Vicki gets raked over the coals by the ladies for secretly going on double-dates with Kelly’s ex-husband.
Episode 5

Orange County Hold 'Em

New divorcees Shannon and Kelly bond on a night on the town, making Tamra feel left out. Emily hosts a poker party, where her mother-in-law Pary bonds with an emotional Kelly and Gina’s loud mouth irritates Emily’s husband, Shane.
Episode 6


Shannon gets emotional as she goes to court as part of her divorce. Tamra surprises Shannon with the gift of a matchmaker, while Kelly dates the "milkman." After Emily leaves a happy hour early, the other women start to speculate about her marriage.
Episode 7

She Said/She Said

Hijinks ensue when Vicki decides to celebrate her birthday with a ladies’ golf outing. A rumor about Emily’s marriage sparks an unexpected confrontation between Tamra and Shannon.
Episode 8

Seeing Red

With cracks continuing to appear in Tamra and Shannon’s friendship, they finally sit down.Tamra throws Eddie a 45th birthday party. At the party, Kelly’s plan to confront Steve goes awry and she ends up arguing with Emily’s husband Shane.
Episode 9

A Peace Treaty, A Blind Date, And A Divorce No One Understands

Tamra's birthday party for Eddie ends in shambles after an explosive comment is made. Shannon gets set up by a matchmaker and goes on her first date in over twenty years.
Episode 10

Italian Night Fight

Vicki sets the record straight after Kelly continues to tell stories about Steve to Tamra and Shannon. Gina’s parents visit from Long Island to support her with the divorce. Vicki throws an Italian themed party, complete with a cooking lesson.
Episode 11

8 1/2 Minutes of Success

Shannon flies to Philadelphia with daughter Sophie for her first appearance on QVC. While Tamra flies to Philadelphia to support Shannon, Kelly hosts the rest of the ladies for a screening party for Shannon’s debut.
Episode 12

Nice to Meet You… Again

Vicki wonders if Gina is making the right decision on getting divorced. Gina and Emily bond over their inability to get to know Shannon. Kelly stuns Shannon when she tells her Emily and Gina feel boxed out by her.
Episode 13

Heat Waves and Hot Flashes

When the OC ladies travel to Jamaica on a girls' trip, the overwhelming heat gets to all of them. Emily and Gina confide in Tamra about Shannon's standoffishness. Meanwhile, Shannon laughs it up in a salt scrub with Vicki and Kelly.
Episode 14

Blow Up

During dinner in Jamaica, tensions rise when Gina confronts Shannon about not being a good friend to Tamra during Eddie’s health issues. When Tamra doesn’t defend her best friend, Shannon quickly feels betrayed and drama explodes in every direction.
Episode 15

The Day After

Shannon continues to isolate herself from the rest of the ladies, who continue their trip with a day of adventure. Later, Vicki coaxes Shannon to rejoin the group for dinner, where Shannon makes amends with only a few of the women at the table.
Episode 16

Twin Tweaks

Upon their return from Jamaica, Vicki and Shannon proceed with dueling plastic surgeries. Emily and Shane attend couples therapy and face a painful memory.
Episode 17

Friends and Enemas

Vicki gets confronted by her son Michael for not letting him know about her most recent procedure. Emily throws Gina a 34th birthday party, and instead of attending, Tamra, Shannon and Vicki throw an old lady party.
Episode 18

Femme Finale

Emily plans a Femme Fatale party for the ladies, as her mother, Susan, visits Orange County for the first time in five years. At the party, Shannon and Vicki debut their new looks. Shannon has trouble finding common ground with Emily and Gina.
Episode 19

Reunion, Part 1

Vicki, Tamra and Shannon rehash their whirlwind trip to Mexico; Vicki reflects on her efforts to get Steve to propose; Gina opens up about her divorce; sparks fly when Vicki and Kelly go head to head, culminating in a shocking claim by Vicki.
Episode 20

Reunion, Part 2

In part two of the reunion, Kelly and Vicki continue to hash out their issues. Shannon's emotional year filled with highs and lows is discussed as the women chime in about her divorce.
Episode 21

Reunion, Part 3

Emily, Shannon, Kelly, and Gina talk about Eddie's birthday party; the women relive the tension from their Jamaica trip; they explore what happened to cause Shannon's meltdown in Jamaica; the women share their list of regrets.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
TV14 • Reality • TV Series (2005)

Are Brooks and Vicki Moving in Together?

Did Shannon Replace Tamra On the Fun Bus?

Is Vicki the Lucy? Or Tamra?

What Is Shannon's Porn Name?

Heather Hires a Hot Painter

Brooks Joins the Reunion

Are Jeana and Tamra Speaking?

Heather Thinks Maybe People Just Don't Like Her

Vicki Says Tamra Lies All the Time

What Did Tamra Do to Her Face?

Where Do Vicki and Tamra Go from Here?

Lizzie Thinks Tamra Hits Below the Belt

RHOC Impersonations

The OC 'Wives Fashion Regrets

The OC Wives Big-Screen Dreams

What Heather Dubrow Also Learned in Bali

David Explains Writing That Email

Next: Part 2 of the Reunion Gets Crazy

What Did Brooks Say About Vicki?

Will Vicki Makeout With Shannon's Husband?

Does Tamra Make Stuff up?

RHOC Reunion: Heather Gets Bangs

Vicki and Shannon Go Full Throttle

Episode 18 Recap: Real Husbands Go Head to Head

Episode 18 Recap: Tamra's Darkest Fears Revisited

Episode 18 Recap: The Finale Squeezed

First Look at the RHOC Reunion

Tamra’s Real Opinion On Brooks

Terry Cuts David Down

The O.C. Wives Apologize

Why Terry’s Really Mad at David

Episode 17 Recap: Blood Sucking Monkey

Episode 17 Recap: Booty Shorts and a Little Game

Episode 17 Recap: Loved?

Episode 17 Recap: Rock On, Shannon!

Episode 17 Recap: Run, Tamra, Run!

Next On: The Season 9 Finale

The O.C. ‘Wives Get Eaten by Fish

The Wives Call Tamra Out

Vicki and Tamra Hate Monkeys

What Will Happen at Vicki’s Party?

Which O.C. ‘Wife Is Lying?

Why Was Heather in Tamra’s Wedding?

RHOC Reads Your Tweets

RHOC Ep 16 Recap: Cocktail Overboard!

RHOC Ep 16 Recap: Marry, Shag, and Kill

RHOC Ep 16 Recap: Welcome to Bali!

Confronting Tamra About Lizzie’s Birthday

Next Time: Is Tamra Vicki’s Friend?

Shannon and Vicki Try to Kayak

The Beadors Take Italy

Which RHOC Wife Is Jealous?

All by Herself

Did Tamra Skip Lizzie’s Birthday?

Dirty Sanchez?

Next On: the Ladies Go to Bali

The Freak Factor

Vicki Gunvalson Gets Car Sick

The RHOC Gets Even Sexier

What's the RHOC's Freak Factor?

Briana and Vicki Head to Therapy

Lizzie’s Birthday Party of One

Our Own Psychic

Our Own Psychic

Shannon's Emotional Tightrope

Shannon's Emotional Tightrope

Tamra Suffering from the Wine Flu

Tamra Suffering from the Wine Flu

Truth or Truth?

Truth or Truth?

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