10 seasons available

The Real Housewives of New York City

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2008

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

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10 seasons available (196 episodes)

10 seasons available

(196 episodes)

Episode 1

Gouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Newly divorced Luann sits down with Dorinda and opens up about her relationship with Tom. Bethenny mourns a death in the family. Carole preps to run the New York City Marathon. All the ladies reunite when Dorinda throws an epic Halloween party.
Episode 2

Running Your Mouth

Sonja makes hurtful accusations about Tinsley's finances. Meanwhile, Dorinda attempts to improve her friendship with Sonja. Carole runs the New York City Marathon after months of training, but with a surprising omission in her cheering section.
Episode 3

Til Brunch Do Us Part

The ladies head to the Hamptons for the weekend. At Bethenny's birthday dinner Sonja seems disengaged from the group. Tensions rise between best friends Carole and Bethenny. A blowup at Luann's brunch sets Dorinda and Sonja's friendship back.
Episode 4

War and P.O.S

Tensions boil over between Dorinda and Sonja at Luann's brunch. Meanwhile, Luann finds her foot in her mouth with Bethenny and her boyfriend, and Sonja calls out Ramona in a text for not being a true friend.
Episode 5

Tea for Tat

Tinsley gets a surprise delivery. Carole and Luann talk through the miscommunications that have been plaguing their friendship. At Ramona's shopping party, Luann runs into Tom's old fling. When Sonja confronts Ramona, a shouting match ensues.
Episode 6

Grief and Relief

Carole reveals shocking news about her relationship with Adam. Sonja preps her townhouse for rental. At an important business dinner in Miami with Bethenny’s relief team, Dorinda jeopardizes her chances of going to Puerto Rico.
Episode 7

On An Island

Bethenny and Dorinda hit the ground in Puerto Rico and get to work. Ramona mends fences with Sonja. Carole works on a story with a magazine, while Luann starts to plan a special performance. Carole confronts Bethenny about an accusation she’s made.
Episode 8

A Frittered Friendship

The ladies make their annual visit to the Berkshires and get decked out for a 1920's murder mystery dinner party taking place at Blue Stone Manor, but it's an argument between Carole and Bethenny that has the ladies guessing whodonnit?
Episode 9

Holidazed and Confused

Carole and Bethenny continue to hash out their issues during the murder mystery dinner party. Back in NYC, Ramona confronts Bethenny on an epic sidewalk phone call. In a shocking turn of events, Luann gets arrested over the holiday.
Episode 10

You Broke the Penal Code

Two weeks after Luann's arrest, she is still the talk of the town. Bethenny throws a launch party for her new jeans line, and later meets Carole to try and resolve their dispute. Sonja flees her construction site and spends a night with Tinsley.
Episode 11

Faux Weddings and a Funeral

Tinsley tries on wedding dresses with her mother. While Luann is ending her stint in rehab, the women try a a prison style workout. A few of the ladies attend the funeral for Bobby Zarin, and Bethenny and Jill Zarin share an intimate moment.
Episode 12

Every Mayflower Has Its Thorn

Luann is out of rehab and the ladies whisk her away for a spa weekend in Connecticut. The relaxation doesn't last long as Luann discovers that Ramona tried to get an invite to Tom's New Year's Eve party. Dorinda and Sonja clash over a family crest.
Episode 13

Arrest and Relaxation

As the ladies try to relax into their trip to the spa, Luann finds herself dealing with unwanted press. Bethenny puts Tinsley on the spot, Dorinda's issues with Sonja reaches a fever pitch and Luann confronts Ramona about her disloyalty.
Episode 14

Dating Wishes and Cabaret Dreams

With Luann's cabaret show just weeks away, Dorinda brings her to pick out dresses from one of her designer connections. The women attend a speed-dating event and one man gets them seeing red. The ladies decide to go on a trip to Cartegena, Colombia.
Episode 15

Wigging Out

The ladies arrive in Cartegena, Colombia for their South American vacation! That evening, Luann reveals a shocking new look, and an injured Ramona gets wheeled around the cobblestone streets. Carole sends Bethenny into a tailspin.
Episode 16

Guess Who's Arguing at Dinner?

Bethenny continues to unravel, and the women's patience begins to run out. Carole approaches Sonja for insight on Bethenny, and over dinner, Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja try to not eavesdrop on a heated conversation between the two distant friends.
Episode 17

Ship Happens

Despite the strained relations, the ladies ditch the city for a private island and some fun in the sun. The day ends abruptly with a traumatic boat ride after the ladies are rushed off the island due to high seas.
Episode 18

There's No Place Like Home

Ramona shows off her newly renovated Hamptons home, while Sonja stands firm on the asking price of her townhouse. Bethenny invites Dorinda to her new apartment, where Dorinda reveals she’s still angry about Luann’s comment in Colombia.
Episode 19

Life is a Cabaret

It’s the night of Luann’s cabaret show, #Countess and Friends. During the performance, Luann gets heckled and Sonja shows some skin. At the after party, Ramona has a burning question for Bethenny and Dorinda has some parting words for Luann.
Episode 20

Reunion, Part 1

The ladies gather to discuss the year’s events with one glaring absence. Bethenny defends herself when a few of the others gang up on her. Dorinda gives a lesson on graciousness, and they take a look back at some questionable wardrobe choices.
Episode 21

Reunion, Part 2

Dorinda defends herself against accusations that she might have a drinking problem. Bethenny and Carole dive into what caused the seismic shift in their friendship and call each other out for comments made both on and off the show.
Episode 22

Reunion, Part 3

Bethenny and Carole continue to go shot for shot about the dissolution of their friendship. The women relive their trip to Colombia. Sonja discusses a new chapter in her life. The women end by sharing their biggest regrets of the season.

What RHONY Learned This Season

Why Did Sonja Forgive Aviva?

RHONY On Aviva’s Leg Incident

Sonja’s Morgan’s Inspirational Speech

At Least Aviva Drescher’s Not 50

Aviva Wants Carole to Use Her Words

How Does Sonja's Internship Program Work?

Ramona Thinks Aviva Turns On People

Ramona Tries to Shut It Down

Andy Asks Ramona About Her Marriage

Who Left With Harry?

Andy Visits RHONY Backstage

Aviva and Andy Have Asthma in Common

Did Harper Lee Use a Ghostwriter?

Heather and Ramona Talk Berkshires

Where Does Sonja Morgan’s Money Come from?

Has RHONY Changed Sonja Morgan?

The Final Moments Before the RHONY Reunion

Andy’s Favorite RHONY Shoe

RHONY’s Biggest Fashion Regrets

The RHONY’s Best Impressions

What Are the RHONY Wives Wearing

Who Would Play RHONY in a Movie?

Ramona On That Glass Incident

A Second Opinion On Aviva X-Rays

Aviva Drescher Throws Her Leg

Did LuAnn Sleep With Sonja’s Man?

First Look at the RHONY Season 6 Reunion

Ramona Consults On Carole's Love Life

Aviva Gets a Leg up

Visiting the God of Prosthetics

Avery Is Off to College

Carole’s 50th Birthday Song

Did Sonja Get Ditched?

Harry Gives Sonja a Ring

Heather’s Toast As Written by Carole

Kristen and Josh Work Together

The Ladies Prepare to See Aviva

A Sing Off: Ramona’s Peeved at LuAnn

Mario Singer’s “Effortless” Performance

Melting Layers of Fat With the RHONY

Next Time: LuAnn Won’t Sing

Heather Thomson Sings!

Next On: Therapy, Tarot, and Tears

Sonja Morgan Communes With the Spirits

Can Kristen Relate to Josh's Business?

Extended: Carole’s Bear Prank

Friends Freak Out, and Say Their Sorry

Ramona Doesn’t Think Much of Heather’s Hubs

Is Heather Bossy? What's Wrong With That?

Extended Fight: LuAnn Vs. Sonja

LuAnn’s Etiquette for Peeing in the Woods

The Housewives' First Rodeo

The RHONY Burys the Hatchet

The RHONY Throws the Hatchet

Who’s Bossy: Heather or Kristen?

Did Sonja Throw LuAnn Under the Bus?

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 1

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 2

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.3

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.4

Danger Zone: the Housewives Go Repelling

Sonja Morgan Gets Cabin Fever

Aviva’s Asthma Evidence

LuAnn Doesn’t Want to Get Gossiped About

RHONY in the Wildernesss Continues

RHONY Makes It to Montana

Did Sonja Sleep With Carole’s Ex? Sonja Morgan’s Facialist Reveals All

Is Sonja Morgan Quad-Polar?

Next Time: The ‘Wives Go West

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