11 seasons available

The Real Housewives of New York City

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2008

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

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11 seasons available (216 episodes)

11 seasons available

(216 episodes)

Episode 1

Divided, They Summer

It's been one crazy summer for the New York City housewives! Bethenny struggles with the sudden passing of her boyfriend Dennis, while Luann is coming to terms with the fact that she relapsed and had to go back to rehab.
Episode 2

Things Are Going Southampton

A fractured group arrives at the Hamptons with Sonja straddling the line between the blondes and the brunettes. Luann, Bethenny, and friends head to dinner to discuss the night that forced Luann back into rehab.
Episode 3

It's a Clam Shame

Barbara's clambake continues as uninvited Ramona is confronted by Luann for spreading rumors, forcing her to leave with a doggie bag and without her pride. Back in the city, Dorinda and Barbara try to clear things up over lunch.
Episode 4

Making Up Is Hard to Do

Bethenny throws a lunch sit-down with Dorinda and Luann so the two can hash out their issues. Later, Luann begins her court-ordered community service and discusses her first meeting with her parole officer.
Episode 5

Shark Bait

Tinsley struts her way back into the charity world by hosting a doggy fashion show, followed by the ladies having brunch on board a yacht. It's all smooth sailing, except for Tinsley, who is interrogated about her future with Scott.
Episode 6

Sleeping with the Fishes

On the second day up in the Berkshires, Dorinda organizes a trip to an old Morgan family mansion, which triggers Sonja. Dorinda and Barbara's issues resurface when Barbara finds out she's in the fish room.
Episode 7

It's Kind of a Phone-y Story

The Berkshires weekend winds down with one last wild night. Bethenny tells Dorinda about receiving a sign from Dennis. When Bethenny hosts a dinner party in the city, a light-hearted game of truth or dare takes a dark turn for Tinsley.
Episode 8

Birds, Broads and Breakups

Tinsley and Luann attend an Al-Anon meeting and Tinsley reveals news about Scott. Bethenny and Sonja head to an art gallery that is truly for the birds.
Episode 9

Tears of a Clown

Fresh off of her breakup with Scott, Tinsley and her mom, Dale, prepare for Tinsley's appearance as the guest ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus. Bethenny has a court appearance to confront the latest challenge in her custody battle with her ex.
Episode 10


After learning that Bethenny missed her Halloween performance, Luann takes another dig at Queen B.
Episode 11

Upstate Girls

Newly single Tinsley faces serious questions about having a baby.
Episode 12

Luann Land

Bethenny continues to hammer into Luann about how narcissistic she's been. Ramona arrives, after her birthday celebrations, and the ladies dine out at the same place Ramona mourned her mother's passing.
Episode 13

It's Not You, It's Miami

After Sonja crashes Lu's rehearsal, Luann asks the women if they think Lady Morgan might be taking something to make her act this way.
Episode 14

Caught Between an Ex and a Hard Place

The ladies' first night in Miami ends with a bang - the sound heard 'round the house when Sonja hits the floor after one too many welcome drinks.
Episode 15

Life Is Not a Cabaret

On day three of the Miami trip, Tinsley shows the ladies a recent picture online of Ramona locking lips with Harry Dubin. Barbara opens up about not feeling part of the group and the ladies confront her about making an effort.
Episode 16

More Than a Feelin'

The ladies head back to NY where Luann records her new single. Tinsley suffers a death in the family, and the women attend Dorinda's 80's aerobics workout for charity.
Episode 17

Jesus, The Countess and Joseph

The show must go on for Luann, who performs in her Christmas Cabaret despite being snubbed by the ladies for Ramona's surprise party for Dorinda and Sonja.
Episode 18

Reunion, Part 1

The ladies gather for Part One of the Season 11 Reunion where they discuss how Bethenny dealt with the death of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis.
Episode 19

Reunion, Part 2

In Part Two of the Season 11 Reunion, the women confront Ramona for her lies and insults.
Episode 20

Reunion, Part 3

In the Season 11 Reunion Finale, the women finish raking Luann over the coals about her sobriety then look back on some of the highlights from their trips out of the city.

What RHONY Learned This Season

Why Did Sonja Forgive Aviva?

RHONY On Aviva’s Leg Incident

Sonja’s Morgan’s Inspirational Speech

At Least Aviva Drescher’s Not 50

Aviva Wants Carole to Use Her Words

How Does Sonja's Internship Program Work?

Ramona Thinks Aviva Turns On People

Ramona Tries to Shut It Down

Andy Asks Ramona About Her Marriage

Who Left With Harry?

Andy Visits RHONY Backstage

Aviva and Andy Have Asthma in Common

Did Harper Lee Use a Ghostwriter?

Heather and Ramona Talk Berkshires

Where Does Sonja Morgan’s Money Come from?

Has RHONY Changed Sonja Morgan?

The Final Moments Before the RHONY Reunion

Andy’s Favorite RHONY Shoe

RHONY’s Biggest Fashion Regrets

The RHONY’s Best Impressions

What Are the RHONY Wives Wearing

Who Would Play RHONY in a Movie?

Ramona On That Glass Incident

A Second Opinion On Aviva X-Rays

Aviva Drescher Throws Her Leg

Did LuAnn Sleep With Sonja’s Man?

First Look at the RHONY Season 6 Reunion

Ramona Consults On Carole's Love Life

Aviva Gets a Leg up

Visiting the God of Prosthetics

Avery Is Off to College

Carole’s 50th Birthday Song

Did Sonja Get Ditched?

Harry Gives Sonja a Ring

Heather’s Toast As Written by Carole

Kristen and Josh Work Together

The Ladies Prepare to See Aviva

A Sing Off: Ramona’s Peeved at LuAnn

Mario Singer’s “Effortless” Performance

Melting Layers of Fat With the RHONY

Next Time: LuAnn Won’t Sing

Heather Thomson Sings!

Next On: Therapy, Tarot, and Tears

Sonja Morgan Communes With the Spirits

Can Kristen Relate to Josh's Business?

Extended: Carole’s Bear Prank

Friends Freak Out, and Say Their Sorry

Ramona Doesn’t Think Much of Heather’s Hubs

Is Heather Bossy? What's Wrong With That?

Extended Fight: LuAnn Vs. Sonja

LuAnn’s Etiquette for Peeing in the Woods

The Housewives' First Rodeo

The RHONY Burys the Hatchet

The RHONY Throws the Hatchet

Who’s Bossy: Heather or Kristen?

Did Sonja Throw LuAnn Under the Bus?

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 1

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 2

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.3

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.4

Danger Zone: the Housewives Go Repelling

Sonja Morgan Gets Cabin Fever

Aviva’s Asthma Evidence

LuAnn Doesn’t Want to Get Gossiped About

RHONY in the Wildernesss Continues

RHONY Makes It to Montana

Did Sonja Sleep With Carole’s Ex? Sonja Morgan’s Facialist Reveals All

Is Sonja Morgan Quad-Polar?

Next Time: The ‘Wives Go West

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