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The Real Housewives of New York CityThe Real Housewives of New York City

TV14RealityTV Series2008

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home l...more

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, fr...More

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Episode 1

Back in the NY Groove

The New York Ladies are back and moving forward! Sonja struggles with an empty nest after her daughter has left for college, while Luann celebrates the end of her probation.
Episode 2

Stooping to a Lower Level

In the city, Tinsley defends herself to Sonja and Leah over her continuing feud with Dorinda. To celebrate the end of summer the ladies head out to Ramona's house in the Hamptons for a long weekend.
Episode 3

Don't Mansion It

The girls weekend in the Hamptons continues. Ramona brings the ladies to a local winery where they learn about Leah's past and Dorinda's present.
Episode 4

Ain't No Party Like a Hamptons Party

Hamptons weekend wraps with a tennis grudge match between Luann and Ramona, while Sonja's dog groomers make a house call and Luann gets in on the action.
Episode 5

Not So Model Behavior

It's fashion week in NYC. Sonja is preparing for her "Sonja, by Sonja Morgan" fashion show and the ladies sit front row for Tinsley's big return to the runway.
Episode 6

Just the Sip

Leah continues to have issues with her mother and Tinsley gives updates on her dating life. Meanwhile, Sonja realizes that her fashion line isn't doing as well as she hoped.
Episode 7

How Ya Like Them Apples?

Tinsley vents to Leah's boxing coach about her issues with Dorinda, while across town Dorinda confirms to Sonja that she and John are officially on a break.
Episode 8

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Russian Bath House

Stressed out by the tension between the group, Leah arranges a spa day at a Russian bath house. Dorinda and Tinsley call a truce, while Ramona confronts Dorinda about her anger issues.
Episode 9

Hurricane Leah

The ladies head to Newport, Rhode Island for a much-needed weekend getaway.
Episode 10

Something's Brewing

Tinsley hosts a dinner for the group on their last night in Newport. The night begins to spiral once Ramona is distracted by a man at the bar, and the dinner goes off the rails.
Episode 11

Love Him and Leave Them

The ladies celebrate Halloween in the city with a scream-inducing tour of Blood Manor. Tinsley returns from Chicago with a life-changing decision and major relationship update, but soon realizes some of the ladies aren't interested.
Episode 12

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

Looking for love again, Ramona meets with a matchmaker. Meanwhile, Dorinda and her daughter Hannah discuss Dorinda's recent life struggles.
Episode 13

Not Feelin' Jovani

Dorinda hosts the women at Blue Stone Manor for a relaxing weekend in the Berkshires. Sonja confronts Luann about paying her less than she deserves to perform in her cabaret show, and Dorinda steps in to defend Sonja.
Episode 14

Remember Your Blue Stone Manners

After a rosé fueled night, the ladies wake up to find that Luann has left Blue Stone Manor. The women head to town for some much-needed retail therapy and group healing.
Episode 15

Sheer Madness

Luann and Sonja attend a meeting at the Fortune Society and spend time with women who have been incarcerated. Ramona reunites with Avery and Mario as a family at a favorite restaurant on the Upper East Side.
Episode 16

Not Very Merry-achi

Luann hosts a spa day for the women she met through the Fortune Society. Ramona gives Sonja a talking-to over her birthday night antics and gives Leah the cold shoulder.
Episode 17

Back on the Hump

The chaos in Cancun continues. Luann confronts Dorinda about her anger, while Ramona tries to forgive Leah for her behavior at her birthday party.
Episode 18

Hitting All the Wrong Cenotes

On day three in Mexico, the ladies tread carefully at breakfast when Dorinda snaps at Sonja and Leah. Luann and Leah pick up two single men while on a stroll down the beach and bring them back to the villa
Episode 19

21st Century Sonja

On the ladies' last night in Cancun, Ramona addresses Dorinda's anger issues in a group text. Back in New York City, Leah works to improve her relationship with her mother and Ramona goes to see a therapist.
Episode 20

No Party Like a Mob Party

Leah hosts a party for the 15th anniversary of her brand, Married to the Mob. Luann meets with a ghostwriter for her new memoir and Dorinda celebrates her birthday out on the town with the ladies and John.
Episode 21

Viva La Dysfunction

In the season finale, the women look to the future but can't escape the past. Luann records a new song that she hopes to feature in her upcoming cabaret. Leah continues to rebuild her relationship with her mother.
Episode 22

Reunion, Part 1

The cast relive some of the most outrageous moments from the season, but first they express their frustrations with one of the ladies' behavior during quarantine.
Episode 23

Reunion, Part 2

The ladies rehash their trips to the Hamptons, Newport, Mexico and all the drama in between. Ramona addresses Leah's behavior and tempers flare when she claims Leah ruined her birthday party with her risqué dance moves.
Episode 24

Reunion, Part 3

The drama continues when Dorinda calls out Ramona for not supporting her, but Ramona brings receipts front and center to defend herself. Dorinda becomes emotional as she defends herself against accusations that she has an issue with controlling her anger.
Episode 25

Secrets Revealed

The Housewives' vault of lost footage has been unlocked.

Sonja’s Morgan’s Inspirational Speech

At Least Aviva Drescher’s Not 50

Aviva Wants Carole to Use Her Words

How Does Sonja's Internship Program Work?

Aviva and Andy Have Asthma in Common

Did Harper Lee Use a Ghostwriter?

Where Does Sonja Morgan’s Money Come from?

The Final Moments Before the RHONY Reunion

Andy’s Favorite RHONY Shoe

The RHONY’s Best Impressions

RHONY’s Biggest Fashion Regrets

What Are the RHONY Wives Wearing

Who Would Play RHONY in a Movie?

Ramona On That Glass Incident

Did LuAnn Sleep With Sonja’s Man?

First Look at the RHONY Season 6 Reunion

A Second Opinion On Aviva X-Rays

Avery Is Off to College

Carole’s 50th Birthday Song

Heather’s Toast As Written by Carole

Mario Singer’s “Effortless” Performance

Melting Layers of Fat With the RHONY

Next Time: LuAnn Won’t Sing

Heather Thomson Sings!

Next On: Therapy, Tarot, and Tears

Sonja Morgan Communes With the Spirits

Extended: Carole’s Bear Prank

Friends Freak Out, and Say Their Sorry

The Housewives' First Rodeo

LuAnn’s Etiquette for Peeing in the Woods

The RHONY Burys the Hatchet

Who’s Bossy: Heather or Kristen?

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 2

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.4

Danger Zone: the Housewives Go Repelling

Sonja Morgan Gets Cabin Fever

RHONY in the Wildernesss Continues

Did Sonja Sleep With Carole’s Ex? Sonja Morgan’s Facialist Reveals All

Next Time: The ‘Wives Go West

George Thinks Ramona Is a Racist

LuAnn Has a Problem With Aviva

Next Time: LuAnn Calls Aviva a Liar

Win, Place or Sonja Sneak Peek, Part 1

Win, Place or Sonja Sneak Peek, Part 2

Win, Place or Sonja Sneak Peek, Part 3

Win, Place or Sonja Sneak Peek, Part 4

George Proposes to His Young GF

Next On: Ramona vs. George

The Ramona Trap Sneak Peek, Pt.1

The Ramona Trap Sneak Peek, Pt.2

The Ramona Trap Sneak Peek, Pt.3

Things Get Tense With Josh and Kristen

George Has to Talk About His Balls at Dinner

Next Time: We All Have Issues, Even George

Ramona Is Uncomfortable

The Real Housewives Try Yoga, Hungover

Extended Fight: Ramona vs. Kristen

Next Time: Getting Even With Ramona

Next Time: Ramona Escapes the Berkshires

Ramona “Sort of, I Guess” Apologizes to Kristen

Ramona and Kristen’s Canoe Face-Off

Aviva and Heather Go Mattress Shopping

Kristen Catches Ramona Gossiping in the Canoe

The Last Splash Sneak Peek, Part 2

The Last Splash Sneak Peek, Part 4

Counting With Countess LuAnn De Lesseps

Aerial Yoga With RHONY

Heather Plans an RHONY Ladies’ Trip

Is Carole Radziwill Engaged?

Is Sonja in Over Her Head?

About this Show

The Real Housewives of New York City

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

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