8 seasons available

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2009

Five wealthy women from the Garden State interact socially in The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Five wealthy women from the Garden State interact socially in The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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8 seasons available (148 episodes)

8 seasons available

(148 episodes)

Episode 1

Shaddy Beach

Teresa struggles with the loss of her mom and the reality of being a single parent. Dolore ex-husband moves back in and Siggy's career aspirations cause friction in her marriage. Siggy introduces Margaret to the group and Danielle Staub returns.
Episode 2

Let Them Eat Cake

Siggy and Dolores take sides against Teresa and Melissa; the rift between Margaret and Siggy turns ugly; Dolores deals with the challenges of having her ex-husband and their son, Frankie, under the same roof.
Episode 3

The Apology

Margaret throws a launch party for her purse line, but Siggy and Dolores refuse to attend, causing Margaret to question how things got so bad. Teresa begins to work on a book and Joe makes an important business decision without consulting Melissa.
Episode 4

The Public Shaming of Melissa

Tension mounts between Melissa and Teresa as they work together professionally. Siggy throws a party, but her anger over the cake haunts Melissa. Danielle reveals a secret to Teresa that could potentially destroy Teresa's friendship with Dolores.
Episode 5

Not Over It

Siggy comes up with a plan for dealing with her empty nest syndrome. Margaret starts developing a shoe line while Teresa, Melissa, and Joe prepare for the Gorga's tasting party. Melissa and Teresa get into a huge fight.
Episode 6

Growing up Jersey

Teresa takes her daughters and her dad on vacation to Puerto Rico.Margaret and Dolores face off to confront their issues and Siggy tries to get control of her emotions with hormone therapy. Later, Melissa and Joe argue over how to parent Antonia.
Episode 7

A Retreat to Remember

As Teresa and Dolores try to repair their fragile friendship, Dolores drops a bomb on Teresa regarding Danielle. Later, Siggy hosts a Women's Empowerment Retreat that turns quickly into a Dolores vs. Danielle battleground.
Episode 8

Walking on Broken Glass

While at Siggy's retreat, the girls delve deep into their personal issues. Melissa and Margaret plan a fun surprise for all the ladies but tensions flare when Siggy and Dolores confront Teresa with a rumor they heard from Kim D.
Episode 9

When Chairs Fly

Tensions are running at an ultimate high as Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle square off with Dolores, Siggy, and Kim D. at the annual Posche Fashion Show. When Teresa confronts Kim D. it leaves the group more divided than ever.
Episode 10

Meltdown in Milan

Trying to fix their fractured friendship the girls take a trip to Milan, Italy, but the tensions lead to a blow up fight that may divide the girls forever. Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Joe has a guy's night.
Episode 11


Still in Milan, Margaret tries to mend her friendship with Siggy with a shocking result. Teresa tries to talk some sense into her and Dolores and Melissa have a heart to heart. Later, back in Jersey, Joe checks in with the Guidice kids.
Episode 12

Ain't No Misbehaving

Teresa models in a photo shoot and Dolores takes her son on a college tour. The kitchen isn't the only thing heating up as the Gorgas prepare for their restaurant opening. Danielle receives some closure she has been wanting.
Episode 13

Prisons, Proposals, and Parties

Teresa visits her husband in prison with a plan to demand an apology. Dolores receives advice from her ex-husband about her boyfriend. Margaret celebrates her birthday and Siggy has a mishap that makes some of the women question her honesty.
Episode 14

Reunion, Part 1

The ladies of Jersey come back together to hash out their differences, relive their funniest moments and reflect on the loss of Teresa's mom; Kim D's arrival on the set forces the ladies to take sides and pushes Teresa to her limit.
Episode 15

Reunion, Part 2

Teresa accuses Kim D of being a Madame, Danielle and Dolores' face off, and the whole cast revisits their epic trip to Italy where one comment about Hitler changed the nature of their friendships forever.
Episode 16

Reunion Secrets Revealed

Check out surprising never-before-seen moments: a Gorga/Giudice Easter celebration gets out of control, Margaret and Siggy show BFF potential, Danielle crosses the line in a restaurant bathroom, Gia reveals her feelings about her dad returning home.

Milania Sneaks Out of the House!

Everyone Talking Over Andy: The Megamix

Saying Goodbye to Teresa Giudice

Spoofing Amber's Commercial

Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Her Fans

Why Jim's Aggressive On Twitter

Jim: "Most People On the Show Are Sexist"

RHONJ Ep 16 Recap Part 2: Judge Cohen Presiding

Dina Breaks Down Over Her Brother

Is Jim Abusive?

Teresa Giudice Walks Off the Reunion

The Men Join the Reunion

#RHONJ Reunion

The Marcheses Call Out Bobby

Did Caroline and Jacqueline Snub Dina?

Dina Calls Out Melissa

Amber Marchese Talks Role Playing

Kathy and Teresa's Battle of the Blurb

RHONJ Ep 15 Recap Part 1: Even More Secrets

RHONJ Ep 15 Recap Part 2: Role Playing

RHONJ Ep 15 Recap Part 3: Blurbageddon

Amber Hates Crying...

A First Look at the Reunion

An Emotional Reaction to Teresa's Sentencing

Andy Picks His Favorite Reunion Shoe

RHONJ Ep 14 Recap, Part 1

RHONJ Ep 14 Recap, Part 2

RHONJ Ep 14 Recap, Part 3

The Twins Make Peace With Teresa

Your First Look at the Reunion

A #RHONJ Burlesque

A Second #RHONJ Guide to Pronunciation

Another Jersey Book Battle

Casting a #RHONJ Movie

Get the 411 On the Reunion Fashions

The Weirdest #RHONJ Tweets

Which Wife Would They Want to Return?

Your First Look at the Reunion

Everyone Reacts to the Giudice Sentencing

The Twins Confront Teresa

A Sneak Peek at the Season Finale

Jim Marchese Breaks Down

Milania the Spy?

RHONJ Ep 13 Recap Part 1: Strange Sexual Tension

RHONJ Ep 13 Recap Part 2: Vagina Gotti

RHONJ Ep 13 Recap Part 3: Don't Talk About Spa Club

How to Be a Jersey Housewife

Teresa: What Am I Apologizing for?

Dina Sends Amber and Jim Packing

RHONJ Ep 12 Recap Part 1: Livin La Vida Boca

RHONJ Recap Part 2: Amber Blows Off Steam

RHONJ Recap Part 2: Amber Blows Off Steam

RHONJ Recap Part 4: Dina’s Italian Boot

Teresa and Amber Get Snubbed

The Rumor Reaches Jacqueline

Amber Stress Smokes and Cries

Garden State Bromance

Jim Blows up at Teresa

The Twins Turn On Dina

'Real' Sexy Behavior

Kevin Jonas Is Kathy's Contractor?

Everyone's Mad at Jim Marchese

Milania Makes Breakfast

Next: Jim Drops a Bomb

Amber Blows up at Jim

Jacqueline Breaks Down Over Nick

Milania Gets an Eye Exam

Next: The Marcheses Come to Florida

The 'Wives Talk Golden Showers, Pearl Necklaces

The Marcheses Arrive...

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