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Nina's World

TVYAdventureFantasyAnimation • KidsActionScience FictionTV Series2015

Nina's World tells the story of imaginative 6-year-old Nina and best friend, Star, ha...more

Nina's World tells the story of imaginative 6-year-old Nina and b...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Chelsea's Space Adventure/The Thanksgiving Sharing Box

When Chelsea learns that there's no room for her at space camp this year, Nina and the Star Amigos build a model Mars Rover to convince the camp to accept Chelsea; Nina thinks she's too little to get big donations for the Thanksgiving food drive, until s
Episode 2

Nina's Baker Boogie/Letter to Santa

Nina really wants to win a community dance contest with her Papi, but her need to win gives Papi two left feet; In this special holiday episode, Nina races to deliver a letter from her little brother, Santi, to Santa Claus before Christmas Eve.
Episode 3

Santi's Cranky Time / Max Gets Stinky

The Star Amigos learn that when things get at their worst, don’t give up, try again – especially with the help of friends!
Episode 4

The Mysterious Food Truck / The Lost Alpaca

Nina and her friends learn the importance of following rules.
Episode 5

The Bear Trackers / Number One Soccer Fan

When Nina learns that Papi forgot to buy Mami's soccer game tickets, she sets out to find a pair in time for the big game.
Episode 6

The Hand Me Down / The Sneaky Spider

When Santi decides that Lucy the flashlight is his new favorite toy, Nina has a hard time giving up Lucy to her little brother.
Episode 7

Sky High Mystery/Nina and Santi Celebrate Rakhi

When Chelsea takes a picture of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), she thinks she's discovered an alien spaceship. But has she? The Star Amigos are on the case! Santi is getting on Nina's nerves, so when Mr. Kapur teaches her about an Indian sibling ap
Episode 8

Star Goes Missing / Carlos Finds His Voice

When Carlos loses his voice right before the big recital, he fears he’ll be unable to sing with the Star Amigos.
Episode 9

Nina's Superhero Day / The Best Thank You Gift Ever

It's comic book day at the library and Nina needs Papi’s help to win the superhero costume contest.
Episode 10

Nina's New Amigo/The Viva Lucha Libre Show

On a trip to the nursing home to visit Abuelita's friend Don Pablo, the Star Amigos discover that with an open mind and heart, you can make new friends in unexpected places. After the Star Amigos meet professional luchadores, Carlos decides to create his
Episode 11

Nina and the Dentist/Nina's Nutty Adventure

Nina is nervous for her dentist appointment, but she wants to be brave for Santi, so she enlists the Star Amigos to help her conquer her fears. It's the bakery's fifth anniversary party, and Nina wants all her friends to attend, including Aiden. But whe
Episode 12

Nina's Marionette Show/The New Nina

Nina plans a marionette show to make Abuelita smile, but when the puppet show gets all tied up in knots, Nina has to find a new way to make a special memory with her grandmother. When the Star Amigos take a liking to Nina's favorite cousin Natalia, who's
Episode 13

Nina Misses Mami and Papi/Chelsea's Slam Dunk

When Mami and Papi go on a weekend trip, Nina and Santi have to find a way to cope with missing their parents. Good thing they have Abuelita to keep them busy and having fun. The Star Amigos' star player, Chelsea, sprains her ankle right before the big b
Episode 14

Chelsea's Family Day/Nina and Abuelita's Special Day

When Chelsea's dad comes to visit, Chelsea struggles to find an activity that she and her parents can do together, like a "real" family. She doesn't realize that they are a family like any other, even if her parents live apart. It's 'Nina-lita Day!' Nina
Episode 15

Nina Finds a Kitten / Nina's Big Race

Nina’s plan to create a colorful courtyard mural with Chelsea and Carlos goes awry when her friends have an argument and decide not to take part.
Episode 16

The Great Pita Fajita / Happy Anniversary Mami and Papi

Carlos learns that accidents happen and that having fun can be good medicine. / Nina, Carlos and Chelsea learn that it’s not their clubhouse that makes them the Star Amigos, it’s how they help people that matters most.
Episode 17

Max Wants to Play / The New Clubhouse

Nina learns that sometimes rivals need to put aside their differences and work together for the common good.
Episode 18

Nina's Seaside Rescue

The Star Amigos really want to win the Seashore Scavenger Hunt but must set aside their rivalry with another team to save some baby sea turtles.
Episode 19

Nina Live / Nina in Charge

Nina learns that spending time with someone is the best way to show you love them. / Nina learns your friends like you for yourself.
Episode 20

Carlos' Winning Shirt / The Best Ending Ever!

Carlos learns to believe in himself. / The Star Amigos learn there's more than one way to achieve the desired result.
Episode 21

Nina the Nature Guide / Nina's Bad Hair Day

Nina learns that sometimes you need to be resourceful and improvise in order to solve a problem; you don’t always have to go by the book! / Nina learns that it’s what inside that makes her special.
Episode 22

Chelsea's History Mystery / Nina And Her Shadow

Chelsea learns that even though she hasn't lived in the neighborhood long, her actions make her a vital part of the community. / Nina learns that when a younger sibling copies you, sometimes it’s to get your attention.
Episode 23

Carlos Rocks Ballet / Nina in the Middle

Carlos learns there’s no such thing as “girl” or “boy”-specific activities. / Nina reminds Carlos and Chelsea that the best way to resolve a conflict is to communicate your feelings.
Episode 24

Nina's Top Secret Party / Don Pablo Goes to the Game

Nina and Chelsea learn that you should get all the facts before jumping to conclusions. / Nina learns that people with disabilities face accessibility challenges.
Episode 25

The Star Amigos' Art Show / Wish You Were Here

Nina learns that when you make a mistake - even if it’s embarrassing - it’s best to own up to it. / Nina learns that just because you think others are having more fun than you, doesn't make it true.
Episode 26

Do Everything Day! / The Dragon Boat Race

Nina learns that it's better to do one thing well than do many things poorly. / : The Star Amigos learn not to make assumptions based on someone’s cultural background.

About this Show

Nina's World

Nina's World tells the story of imaginative 6-year-old Nina and best friend, Star, having everyday fun within her vibrant and colorful neighborhood. Every day transforms into a new excursion around the neighborhood - celebrating family, community, diversity and wonder.

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