3 seasons available


TVPG • Classics, Legal, Drama, Mystery, Crime • TV Series • 1966

A wheelchair bound former San Francisco chief of detectives advises the police how to solve crimes.

A wheelchair bound former San Francisco chief of detectives advises the police how to solve crimes.

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3 seasons available (82 episodes)

3 seasons available

(82 episodes)

Episode 1

Alias Mr. Braithwaite

After Mark's aunt is bilked by a con man, Ironside and his staff investigate.
Episode 2

Goodbye to Yesterday, Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Against Barbara's wishes, Ironside summons the FBI and Sheriff Metcalf (Pickens). Metcalf's assistant, his brother Dave (Michael Larrain), jealously blocks the efforts of the outside lawmen. Josh Williams (Murray MacLeod) and Freda (Stephanie Shayne) blame themselves for jeopardizing the child's life, since their romantic involvement accounts for her having been alone. Aware that FBI agent Torrence (George Murdock) has joined Ironside's staff and the local sheriff in tracking him, Ames panics. He contacts Barbara, threatening the child's life if she does not secretly deliver the ransom money. Barbara's attempt to do so results in a tragic series of mishaps. For Chief Ironside, a man of honor, his devotion to Barbara and his determination to recover the child without harming her marriage proves an almost insurmountable task, even with the aid of Mark Sanger, Eve Whitfield and Det. Sgt. Ed Brown (series stars Don Mitchell, Barbara Anderson and Don Galloway). Written by Sy Salkowitz, directed by Barry Shear.
Episode 2

Goodbye to Yesterday, Part 1

Ironside tries to recover the kidnapped daughter of the woman he loves. Part 1 of 2.
Episode 3

Warrior's Return

Ironside fights to save an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of ex-convicts after a member is accused of theft. Guest star: DeForest Kelley.
Episode 4

Poole's Paradise

One of Ironside's oldest "friends" -- his lumbering paddy wagon -- meets a fiery death in the "Poole's Paradise," starring Raymond Burr. Steve Forrest, Clu Gulager, William Smith and Louise Latham guest-star in the drama about a convict who escapes from a county prison farm and attempts to make good his flight by forcing Det. Sgt. Ed Brown (series co-star Don Galloway) to drive him to freedom in Ironside's paddy wagon. En route to a business conference with Det. Sgt. Brown, Officer Eve Whitfield (co-star Barbara Anderson) and aide Mark Sanger (co-star Don Mitchell), Ironside's (Burr) trip is interrupted by an attempt to recapture the escaped man. The strange attitude of Sheriff Poole (Forrest), a small-town law officer, leads Ironside to suspect Poole' s efforts to apprehend D.W. Donnelly (Gulager) may well result in Brown's death. Local lunch-counter waitress Wanda (Miss Latham) and Poole's assistant Jack Hoag (Smith) increase Ironside's suspicions of corruption in Sheriff Poole's empire. Ironside' s chief task is to effect Brown's release before Brown and the escaped convict are killed in Poole's trap.
Episode 5

Eye of the Hurricane

During a visit to San Quentin, Ironside and Sanger are taken prisoner.
Episode 6

A Bullet for Mark

Mark Sanger (Don Mitchell) is the victim of an assassination attempt, possibly intended for Ironside, in "A Bullet for Mark, " starring Raymond Burr. Robert Alda guest-stars as San Francisco socialite Walter Thorne, with regular stars Barbara Anderson as Officer Eve Whitfield, Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger and Don Galloway as Detective Sgt. Ed Brown. While Mark hovers between life and death, Ironside (Burr) and his staff attempt to unravel the puzzle of the shooting. Clues begin to indicate Mark was the true target, rather than Ironside. A tie-in with Thorne's hobby of collecting classic cars results in information indicating Mark has been the unsuspecting witness to the transfer of narcotics. The need to forestall a second attempt on Mark's life forces Ironside to devise an elaborate protection plan without hindering the police investigation. Produced by Joel Rogosin and directed by Richard Benedict, "A Bullet for Mark" was written by Richard Bluel.
Episode 7

Love My Enemy

Chief Ironside becomes involved in negotiations to free American prisoners in Communist China in "Love My Enemy," starring Raymond Burr. James Shigeta and Jeffrey Lynn guest-star. With his aide Sanger (Mitchell), Ironside travels to a Scandinavian country to supervise security at a U.S. delegation meeting. U.S. negotiator Halsted (Lynn) is determined to prevent the conference from being used as a propaganda platform for the Communists. After two murders, Ironside tries to persuade the Communist security chief that the interests of both parties would be best served by detection of the killer. "Love My Enemy," was produced by Douglas Benton, directed by Don Weis and written by Irve Tunick.
Episode 8

Seeing is Believing

Detective Sergeant Brown is accused of a killing.
Episode 9

The Machismo Bag

The rebellious son of a Mexican-American Medal of Honor winner is suspected by police of seditious behavior.
Episode 10

Programmed for Danger

Eve is the bait to flush out an attacker of blondes who subscribes to a meet-your-mate computer service.
Episode 11

Five Miles High

A grand jury witness aboard an airliner must be protected from a potential killer.
Episode 12


Chief Ironside is touched by the grief of an elderly rabbi over the theft of an ancient Torah from his modest temple, in "L'Chayim," starring Raymond Burr. David Opatoshu guest-stars as Rabbi Farber. Barbara Anderson, Don Galloway and Don Mitchell are regular co-stars of the series. Two criminals, prompted by newspaper stories about a "priceless Torah," hidden for years from the Nazis, steal the sacred scroll. An innocent gang of black youngsters, the Loyals, are accused of the theft. Their minister and Ironside (Burr) make a bargain that if the youngsters turn up clues to the criminals, after-school gymnasium facilities will be found for them. The rabbi's 13-year-old grandson joins the Loyals in a desperate race to recover the Torah before the frightened criminals destroy it. Written by Mort Thaw and directed by Tony Leader.
Episode 13

Beyond a Shadow

Ironside reopens a case to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt a woman's innocence.
Episode 14

Stolen on Demand

A teen-ager becomes involved in a crime ring.
Episode 15


An ambitious member of a crime syndicate attempts to impress his organization by trying to take over San Francisco's wholesale produce market in, "Dora," starring Raymond Burr. Ann Doran guest-stars with Barbara Anderson, Don Galloway and Don Mitchell, in their regular roles. After a disastrous spring of crop failures, Dora (Doran), is approached by a combine that wants to buy her produce business. Seeking advice from her old friend, Ironside, Dora discovers the combine's front man represents criminal connections. When she refuses to sell, he brings underworld tactics into play against Dora's son and family, unaware he is tangling with one of Ironside's friends. "Dora" was written by Frank Chase, directed by John Florea and produced by Winston Miller.
Episode 16

Beware the Wiles of the Stranger

Mark Sanger picks up a hitchhiking girl and unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a holdup.
Episode 17

Eden is the Place We Leave

Chief Ironside becomes a necessary intermediary when a Samoan clan has difficulty in adapting its life-long traits to the new way of life in America, in "Eden is the Place We Leave," starring Raymond Burr. Loi Tala (guest star Patrick Adiarte), a prominent boxer of Samoan descent, announces his decision to quit the ring and the act brings forth the wrath of his fellow Samoan clan members. Ironside (Burr) and Loi's American girlfriend try to sway the Samoan-oriented thinking of the clan, as the boxer suffers the physical and mental effects of a clan beating. John Marley and Jill Townsend also guest-star with Barbara Anderson as Eve Whitfield, Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger and Don Galloway as Det. Sgt. Ed Brown in their regular roles. "Eden is the Place We Leave" was produced by Douglas Benton and directed by Daniel Petrie from a script by John Kneubuhl.
Episode 18

The Wrong Time, The Wrong Place

Movie starlet Vivian Page (guest star Tiffany Bolling) gets involved in a search for bank robbers when her flight arrives in San Francisco at the same time as a plane carrying the thieves, in "The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place," starring Raymond Burr. Vivian unwittingly becomes involved with one of the robbers and an unwilling participant in Chief Ironside's (Burr) search for the remaining thieves. Ed Brown (Don Galloway), finds Vivian irresistible and falls in love with the actress, who fights an inner battle over her feelings for him and her loathing of the violence in which law officers are sometimes involved. Starring in their regular roles are Barbara Anderson and Don Mitchell as Eve Whitfield and Mark Sanger, respectively. This episode was produced by Albert Aley, directed by John Florea and written by Norman Borisoff and Sy Salkowitz.
Episode 19

Return to Fiji

Ironside's probe of a friend's (Alan Napier) disappearance in Fiji uncovers extortion and espionage; guest Bernard Fox.
Episode 20


Eve and a friend are kidnap victims with a huge ransom demanded from the friend's banker-husband. Guest star: John Saxon.
Episode 21

One Hour to Kill

Chief Ironside, alone in his quarters, is the target of a psychopath's vengeance plan, in "One Hour To Kill," starring Raymond Burr. Robert Lipton guest-stars in the role of Jimmy Chard and regular co-stars Barbara Anderson, Don Galloway and Don Mitchell appear in their roles of Officer Eve Whitfield, Detective Sgt. Ed Brown and Mark Sanger, respectively. With Eve and Ed at the opera and Mark attending night classes in law school, Ironside (Burr) is unprotected when a phone call from vengeful Jimmy Chard (Lipton) warns him he will be dead before the evening ends. Phone lines and electricity are cut following the warning and Ironside realizes he must devise a defense which he can pursue from his wheelchair. Unanswered phone calls from his staff bring the trio racing back to headquarters, but their rescue efforts are impeded by street accidents and a speeding charge. It's Ironside against the psychopath. "One Hour To Kill" was written by Sandy Stern and directed by Richard Benedict.
Episode 23

Little Jerry Jessup

A convicted burglar's wife is killed, leaving his motherless son in shock. Guest star: William Shatner.
Episode 24

Good Will Tour

A visiting crown prince is the target of hostile forces during a late-night tour of San Francisco.
Episode 25

Little Dog, Gone

Chief Ironside turns "dogcatcher" when a confidence man kidnaps dogs belonging to San Francisco socialites, in "Little Dog, Gone," starring Raymond Burr. Belinda Montgomery, Marsha Hunt and Leo G. Carroll guest-star, with regulars Barbara Anderson, Don Galloway and Don Mitchell appearing in their roles of Officer Eve Whitfield, Det. Sgt. Ed Brown and aide Mark Sanger, respectively. The Police Commissioner is pressured into assigning Ironside (Burr) and his group to track down a "dognapper" by socialite Cissie Cardwell (Hunt), a benefactor of the Police Benevolent League. Her dog, as well as the seeing-eye dog of Trevor Winthrop (Carroll) and the pets of other affluent friends have been held for ransom by ne'er-do-well Brenner (Martin West), with the help of Miss Cardwell's niece, Marla (Montgomery). Eve's society connections aid Ironside in solving the crime. "Little Dog, Gone" was written by Frank Telford and directed by Don Weis.
Episode 26

Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us

Bill Bixby guest-stars as a psychopathic killer whose parole from prison triggers Detective Sgt. Ed Brown's (Don Galloway) resentment, in "Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us" - starring Raymond Burr. Barbara Anderson co-stars as Officer Eve Whitfield, Don Mitchell as Ironside's aide, Mark Sanger, and Linda Galloway, in real life the wife of co-star Don Galloway, appears in the role of Nurse Anne Carson. Detective Sgt. Brown's fiancee, Anne Carson, attempting to aid the superintendent of nurses during an attack by a ward attendant, Tom Dayton (Bixby), is an accidental victim of the man's hatred for older women. Years later, news of Dayton's parole leads Brown to express his strong opposition by close surveillance of the man, angering parole authorities. Hired as a library assistant, Dayton's latent hostilities flare when a substitute librarian appears. "Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us," written by Francine Carroll, was directed by Don McDougall.

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