1 season available

Chicago Med

TV14 • Medical, Drama, Romance • TV Series • 2015

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

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1 season available (9 episodes)

1 season available

(9 episodes)

Episode 1

Be My Better Half

Bekker takes drastic action to keep Rhodes from leaving Med for good; Halstead questions Manning's feelings about their upcoming wedding; Ethan receives shocking news about his sister, Emily; and Charles mourns a loss.
Episode 2

When to Let Go

Chicago Med, Fire and P.D. cross paths when a high-rise fire floods Med with victims, including Will and Jay Halstead's father; Rhodes must save the life and career of Stella Kidd; Manning treats a burn victim; Charles assesses a distraught Otis.
Episode 3

Heavy Is the Head

Halstead arranges a great deal on a wedding venue; Manning and Elsa treat an ill pregnant woman who's convinced that God will save her; the staff is conflicted about the law-breaking father of a five-year-old patient; and Rhodes opens his hybrid OR early.
Episode 4

Backed Against the Wall

Halstead is backed into a corner after unknowingly making a deal with a gangster; Manning fights for her dying patient, who is not a U.S. citizen; Rhodes and Bekker clash in the OR; and Choi is shocked when he meets Emily's new boyfriend.
Episode 5

What You Don't Know

Halstead's first task as a criminal informant puts a strain on his relationship with Manning; Choi is shocked when the father of Emily's child ends up in the ED; and Rhodes presses Bekker to reveal who anonymously donated funds for his satellite OR.
Episode 6

Lesser of Two Evils

Manning and Halstead must act fast to save the life of a physically abused wife. Choi and April are shocked to learn the truth about their 14-year-old cirrhosis patient. Rhodes and Lanik go head to head in the ED.
Episode 7

The Poison Inside Us

After a deadly chemical spill, the ED goes on lockdown, threatening the lives of several patients and leaving one of Med's own hanging in the balance. Rhodes and Manning must perform life-saving surgeries under the dire circumstances.
Episode 8

Play by My Rules

Choi and Charles use trickery to help a patient with an itch she can't help but scratch. Halstead and Manning argue over a tattooed coma patient. Rhodes angers Goodwin by going against orders to save a patient in the hybrid OR.
Episode 9

Death Do Us Part

Halstead and Manning's wedding day is interrupted when Halstead is forced to make a house call. Charles treats a woman who stabbed her husband. Choi and April deliver a breech baby. Rhodes and Bekker operate on an FBI witness.

Chicago Med Returns January 9

Chicago Moment: Protective Custody

Power Drill Surgery

Charles’ Phantom Itch Experiment

Chicago Moment: Natalie, I Want to Marry You

Chicago Moment: Vicki Glass Returns

Trust Your Instincts

Kidnapped Girl Meets Her Birth Mother

Chicago Moment: Will and Natalie’s Engagement Party

Nick Gehlfuss and Torrey DeVitto Play a Trivia Surgery Game

Emily Meets Bernie’s Family

Will Keeps a Secret from Natalie

Chicago Moment: Bernie Asks Ethan for a Chance

Will Halstead: Doctor and Undercover Cop

Chicago Moment: Jay Tells Will About Ray Burke

Father Shoots Himself to Donate Kidney

Charles Diagnoses Otis

Chicago Moment: Kidd Recovers

Chicago Moment: Charles Visits Robert Haywood

Deleted Scene: Give Ethan a Break

Deleted Scene: Wedding Plans

Eyes and Ears

4 Beats from Season 3

A Manstead Story: Will and Natalie from the Beginning

Give It Up

Share the Moment: Proposals

All Your Fault

Share the Moment: Confidence

The Most Gratifying Day

Share the Moment: Suspicious


They Will Fire You


Share the Moment: It'll Break You

Playing the Odds

Share the Moment: Exorcism

I Need a Break

Share the Moment: Trust Me


Share the Moment: Let Him Go

A Good Life

Share the Moment: My Reward

Haywood's Game

Share the Moment: Idiots Like You

Conquering Fear

Share the Moment: Her Choice

Open Mouth Surgery

Share the Moment: Feel the Love


Share the Moment: It Did Today

You Won't Feel a Thing

Share the Moment: Phantom Limbs

Why Won't You Help Me?

Share the Moment: Robin's Flight

Share the Moment: Feelings

You Killed Him

It's Not Your Fault, Dr. Reese

Share the Moment: Happy Holidays

Maybe I Do

Share the Moment: Comfort

Three Romances

Share the Moment: People Like You

Share the Moment: It's You

Stop Torturing Yourself

The Biggest Moments of Chicago Med Season 2

Out With a Bang

Rhodes Loses Control

Charles Has Robin Committed

A Proud Father

Is Robin OK?

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