1 season available

Chicago Med

TV14 • Medical, Drama, Romance • TV Series • 2015

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

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1 season available (20 episodes)

1 season available

(20 episodes)

Episode 1

Speak Your Truth

An emotional case in the ED drives Halstead to consider his true feelings for Manning; Charles and Reese disagree about the fate of Charles' shooter; Rhodes worries about Robin's health; Choi and April's secret relationship causes tension in the ED.
Episode 2

Nothing to Fear

Manning and Halstead clash with a pregnant patient who distrusts the medical establishment; Rhodes must balance caring for Robin and competing with Bekker; Choi puts April on the spot.
Episode 3

Trust Your Gut

Manning and Choi race to diagnose a student as her mysterious condition worsens; Charles and Reese treat a disturbed man with an unusual wound; Rhodes and Bekker bicker over a patient's care.
Episode 4

Naughty or Nice

Reese is concerned when Charles puts himself in danger while helping a delusional patient; Halstead and Manning help a pregnant patient at risk for a deadly disease; Rhodes and Bekker cooperate.
Episode 5

Mountains and Molehills

A young girl's mysterious condition infects Halstead; an attack in the ED shakes Reese, who hasn't been feeling safe on the job; an ill patient refuses to take an HIV test; Noah must deliver difficult news to a patient's family.
Episode 6

Ties That Bind

The side effects of Robin's encephalitis strain her relationship with Rhodes; Reese's fears escalate when she treats an agitated patient; an appendicitis patient mystifies Manning.
Episode 7

Over Troubled Water

When a drug-addicted woman delivers a baby in the ED, the team pulls out all the stops to save the child's life; Rhodes and Bekker go to a collapsed building to save a trapped man; Sharon's ex-husband returns to the ED with his ill girlfriend.
Episode 8

Lemons and Lemonade

Choi is distraught over his anorexic patient who is resistant to treatment; Rhodes and Halstead treat a comedian without health insurance; Manning and April help a vacationing couple.
Episode 9

On Shaky Ground

Manning goes against expert opinion when caring for a premature baby; meanwhile, Choi and April disagree about how to help a homeless teen who needs surgery. Malcolm McDowell guest stars.
Episode 10

Down by Law

Manning and Barry are caught up in a drive-by shooting outside Med; Rhodes' personal life is on display in the ED when he brings in his one-night stand for chest pains; Reese takes matters into her own hands when treating a psych patient.
Episode 11

Folie à Deux

When Choi's neighbor is viciously attacked, Choi and April jump in to help; Reese's estranged father makes an appearance in the ED; Noah makes a big mistake with a patient; a baby's life is in jeopardy because she was exposed to an unvaccinated child.
Episode 12

Born This Way

Manning and Choi help a homeless teen give birth at a homeless encampment; Halstead is torn when his patient refuses treatment and wants to die; tension is thick between Rhodes and Bekker after they spend the night together.
Episode 13

Best Laid Plans

Rhodes and Bekker are at odds when both of their patients are in dire need of a heart transplant; Manning and Halstead disagree about a mother who wishes to end her son's suffering; Choi must diagnose a woman found unconscious in the waiting room.
Episode 14

Lock It Down

When an infant is kidnapped on his way to the PICU, Chicago Med goes on lockdown and the staff must improvise with limited resources; tension mounts between Manning and Halstead; Reese worries she's like her father.
Episode 15

Devil in Disguise

The lives of conjoined twins hang in the balance when one twin suffers heart failure, so Rhodes takes matters into his own hands; when an exorcism goes wrong, a possessed woman ends up in the ED in the care of Charles and Reese.
Episode 16

An Inconvenient Truth

Sharon's teenage godson comes to the ED with burns from a house fire; Rhodes and Bekker lose a piece of surgical equipment inside their patient's chest; Manning and Charles must tell a mother that her daughter is genetically male.
Episode 17

The Parent Trap

Reese's father has days to live, and she is conflicted about saying goodbye to him; Bekker delights in Rhodes' jealousy when she receives flowers from another man; Halstead and Manning's personal issues complicate their treatment of a patient.
Episode 18

This Is Now

Chaos rips through Med when a mass shooting at a local park floods the ED with victims, and the staff must go into overdrive to control the mayhem, comfort the heartbroken and save as many lives as possible.
Episode 19

Crisis of Confidence

Rhodes makes a risky decision to try to save a pregnant woman and her unborn child; despite the tension between them, Manning and Halstead team up to treat a flu victim; Charles follows a disturbing lead about Reese's father.
Episode 20

The Tipping Point

Rhodes and Bekker put it all on the line to safely separate conjoined twins; Goodwin's ex-husband is in the ED with his life on the line; Choi and Manning treat a disease outbreak at a homeless encampment; Charles confronts Reese's father.

4 Beats from Season 3

A Manstead Story: Will and Natalie from the Beginning

Give It Up

Share the Moment: Proposals

All Your Fault

Share the Moment: Confidence

The Most Gratifying Day

Share the Moment: Suspicious


They Will Fire You


Share the Moment: It'll Break You

Playing the Odds

Share the Moment: Exorcism

I Need a Break

Share the Moment: Trust Me


Share the Moment: Let Him Go

A Good Life

Share the Moment: My Reward

Haywood's Game

Share the Moment: Idiots Like You

Conquering Fear

Share the Moment: Her Choice

Open Mouth Surgery

Share the Moment: Feel the Love


Share the Moment: It Did Today

You Won't Feel a Thing

Share the Moment: Phantom Limbs

Why Won't You Help Me?

Share the Moment: Robin's Flight

Share the Moment: Feelings

You Killed Him

It's Not Your Fault, Dr. Reese

Share the Moment: Happy Holidays

Maybe I Do

Share the Moment: Comfort

Three Romances

Share the Moment: People Like You

Share the Moment: It's You

Stop Torturing Yourself

Out With a Bang

Rhodes Loses Control

Charles Has Robin Committed

A Proud Father

Is Robin OK?

More Than Friends?

We're Lucky to Have You

A Difficult Choice


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