1 season available

Chicago Med

TV14Medical • DramaRomanceTV Series • 2015

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling “Chicago” franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day ch...more

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1 season available (20 episodes)

1 season available

(20 episodes)

Episode 1

Never Going Back to Normal

Will and Natalie battle for their lives after a car accident; an investigation is launched following the suspicious death of Cornelius Rhodes; Maggie receives life-changing news; Dr. Charles cuts his honeymoon short to tend to a patient.
Episode 2

We're Lost in the Dark

A power outage at Med puts multiple patients at risk and tests the skills of the staff and their enthusiastic med students; Natalie returns following her traumatic brain injury; Ethan and April wonder if a family is in their future.
Episode 3

In the Valley of the Shadows

Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles have difficult decisions to make as a dying man tries to preserve his life with a controversial scientific method. Dr. Marcel and April clash over how to handle a mysterious patient, and Will questions Natalie's capabilities.
Episode 4

Infection, Part II

An entire apartment complex is forced into quarantine when cases of a deadly virus turn into an epidemic. P.D. chases a lead that could point to a case of bioterrorism, and Will gets dangerously close to the suspect.
Episode 5

Got a Friend in Me

Dr. Choi and Dr. Marcel don't see eye to eye over the treatment of a patient's chronic pain. Rumors start to circulate about Maggie. Dr. Manning works to help a young boy, but she is challenged by his parents, who believe in only using holistic remedies.
Episode 6

It's All in the Family

Dr. Manning's actions with a recent patient lead to serious repercussions. April and Noah disagree over a patient who is injured after a beating. Dr. Charles is visited by a childhood friend with a surprising revelation.
Episode 7

Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings

Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead sink their teeth into a bloodthirsty case. Dr. Marcel and Maggie throw a traditional crawfish boil for the staff. A new relationship blossoms while another is left on rocky ground.
Episode 8

Too Close to the Sun

Maggie gets unsettling news about a new friend and breaks protocol to support him. One of the doctors from the Med family is rushed into emergency surgery after a violent assault. A social media influencer lets his users vote on medical advice.
Episode 9

I Can't Imagine the Future

April receives unfortunate news that makes her question her future with Ethan. Dr. Charles and Maggie see tough times on the horizon. Natalie’s memory from the accident starts to return.
Episode 10

Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Dr. Halstead's world is thrown into turmoil when a former patient resurfaces. April has a secret she considers confessing to Ethan. Dr. Charles tries to maintain his focus during a difficult time.
Episode 11

The Ground Shifts Beneath Us

After a major accident at O'Hare, the E.D. is concerned one of their own is in mortal danger. Will's proposal for a safe injection site goes to the board for consideration. Natalie and Goodwin become concerned for Gwen.
Episode 12

Leave the Choice to Solomon

The team deals with the aftermath of a school bus crash. Dr. Charles worries Dr. Halstead is putting his medical license in jeopardy. Maggie helps a friend in need.
Episode 13

Pain Is for the Living

Two brothers in critical condition are rushed into the hospital by their parents, leaving Dr. Choi, April and Dr. Charles to piece together what actually transpired. Dr. Manning becomes suspicious of a new mother entering the E.D.
Episode 14

It May Not Be Forever

Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel disagree over an abusive husband. Dr. Halstead struggles with ethics and his decision to work at the safe injection site. Dr. Charles and Elsa reveal a misdiagnosis that may change a family’s life.
Episode 15

I Will Do No Harm

Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning treat a patient who is fully invested in pretending to be someone other than himself. Noah doubts his abilities as a doctor. Dr. Marcel and Dr. Choi face a tough ethical decision. Dr. Halstead puts his faith in an addict.
Episode 16

Who Should Be the Judge

A convicted murderer's escape hits close to home when several team members find themselves in danger. Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead clash over patient treatment plans. Dr. Choi and April discover the truth about a patient's scam. Maggie receives good news.
Episode 17

The Ghosts of the Past

Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles assist in a complicated case helping a child who is no stranger to the ED. Dr. Marcel and Dr. Choi tend to a police officer with a mysterious gunshot wound. Relationships are put to the test as secrets are revealed.
Episode 18

In the Name of Love

Dr. Charles and Goodwin fear Dr. Halstead is repeating his past mistakes when a patient with early onset Alzheimer's is brought into the E.D. Maggie and Ben are concerned when one of Ben's students is admitted. Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel disagree.
Episode 19

Just a River in Egypt

Dr. Charles evaluates a 15-year-old who is brought into the E.D. after an apparent fall off an overpass. Will sides with Dr. Asher on a risky treatment plan. Tensions run high between Dr. Choi and Dr. Marcel.
Episode 20

A Needle in the Heart

Dr. Crockett is visited by two New Orleans detectives who have questions about his past. Dr. Choi puts his life in danger to save a child. Dr. Charles gives fatherly advice to his young daughter.

Manning Has Evidence That Can Keep Marcel from Getting Arrested for Murder - Chicago Med

Choi Puts Himself into a Hostage Situation to Try to Save a Child - Chicago Med

Choi Reaches a Breaking Point with April - Chicago Med

Maggie and Ben Make a Big Decision About Auggie - Chicago Med

April Cannot Understand Why Choi Isn't Angry over Her Kiss with Marcel - Chicago Med

Maggie and Ben Get Married

April Finally Tells Choi About Her Kiss with Crockett - Chicago Med

Happy 100th Episode! - Chicago Med

Maggie Gets Her Blood Tests Results - Chicago Med

Choi and Marcel Have Differing Opinions on What It Means to Do No Harm

An Unexpected Father-Daughter Relationship

An Abused Wife Worries About Her Husband's Reaction After Surgery - Chicago Med

Charles and Curry Remove a Patient's Ventilator - Chicago Med

Halstead Is Concerned About a Doctor at Med Who Is a Known Addict - Chicago Med

Charles Convinces a Patient's Parents to Surrender Their Son to the Hospital - Chicago Med

Halstead Thinks He Is Not Cut Out to Work at the Safe Injection Site - Chicago Med

Marcel Takes a Big Risk in an Attempt to Save Two Children - Chicago Med

April Wants to Try IVF - Chicago Med

Choi Comes Home Early and Proposes to April

Maggie Is About to Go In For Radiation When Ben Gets Life Changing News

Sweet Tweets with One Chicago

Manning Tells Halstead That She Remembers the Night of the Accident

CeCe Asks Charles to Remarry

The Virus Is Attacking Ben’s Organs

Should I Jump Off This Roof?

My Lips Are Burning

Coming Back with a Court Order

Get Out of My Life!

Manning's Arrest

That's One Angry Belly!

Open This Door!

Let Me Out!

What Happened Here?

Dr. Choi's Patient Goes to Extremes

Will and Natalie Butt Heads Over Who Is in Charge of a Case

Get Them Out!

Do You Love Him?

Dr. Connor Rhodes' Journey

Dr. Connor Rhodes Says Goodbye

Will and Phillip Get Into a Confrontation Over Natalie

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