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‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Golden Girls,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ and More of the Best Sitcoms of All Time Streaming on Hulu

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There’s a reason why so many of our go-to comfort TV shows are sitcoms. 

The familiar characters, consistent set locations, and comic relief are what keep us coming back for more.

Not to brag, but no one does TV like Hulu, and we’ve got some of the best sitcoms of all time in our streaming library waiting for you to press play. Check out the list below to discover your new favorite TV comedy. 

What Is a Sitcom?

“Sitcom” is short for “situational comedy” — a genre of television that has most of the following characteristics:

  • Comedic tone: Though there may be some undertones of other genres, such as drama or sci-fi, sitcoms generally have an obvious comedic overtone. 
  • Recurring characters: Typically, sitcoms surround a constant, core group of characters whose relationships are the foundation of the show.
  • Episodic structure: Sitcoms are generally episodic rather than serial. This means you can tune in at any point in the season and understand what’s happening — even without seeing episodes prior. This is what makes sitcoms great for syndication. 
  • Consistent settings: Whether it’s the Dunphy family living room from Modern Family, the kitchen where The Golden Girls are known to share a cheesecake, or a workplace setting like Abbott Elementary School — sitcoms are known to take place in familiar settings that essentially become characters themselves. 
  • Episode length: Sitcoms are typically no more than a half hour per episode, including commercials. This short format is beneficial for comedic timing, viewer attention, production efficiency, and airing episodes in syndication.

40 Best Sitcoms on Hulu

Modern Family

Title art for the ABC comedy series, Modern Family.

Though the series ended in 2020, we still can’t get enough of Modern Family for its diverse cast and distinctive blend of humor and heart. 

Laugh along with the Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Tuckers in all 11 seasons of Modern Family, streaming now on Hulu. Check out our Modern Family show guide to discover more shows and movies from the award-winning cast. 

Watch: Modern Family

The Golden Girls

Title art for the sitcom about four best friends, The Golden Girls.

From its cultural impact to its progressive storylines, the late-1980s sitcom, The Golden Girls, has proven to be ahead of its time. 

You don’t have to be in your golden years to laugh along with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia — new generations are continuing to discover and fall in love with The Golden Girls. All seven seasons are streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: The Golden Girls


Title art for the iconic comfort show, Friends.

When it comes to iconic and influential television, few shows can hold a candle to the beloved sitcom series, Friends. Whether for nostalgia or the laughs, you can stream some of the series’ best episodes now with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. 

Watch: Friends*

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The Office (U.K.) 

Title art for workplace comedy, The Office (U.K.).

Before Dunder Mifflin, there was Wernham Hogg — the struggling British paper company that sets the scene for the U.K. television show, The Office. 

Considered to be the first “mockumentary”-style sitcom, this workplace comedy stars Ricky Gervais as David Brent, a mid-level manager who thinks he’s cooler, funnier, and more popular than he is. 

All episodes of The Office (U.K.) are available to stream on-demand on Hulu. 

Watch: The Office (U.K.)

How I Met Your Mother

Title art for the comfort show, How I Met Your Mother.

Most sitcoms follow a linear narrative structure, but that’s where How I Met Your Mother breaks the mold — using flashbacks and flashforwards to tell the story of how Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) first met the mother of his children. 

Stream all nine seasons of HIMYM now on Hulu before checking out the Hulu Original spinoff sitcom, How I Met Your Father

Watch: How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory

Title art for the comfort show, Big Bang Theory.

The key to a good sitcom is creating a uniquely distinguishable set of main characters, which is exactly what you’ll find in this group of seriously smart best friends (and Penny). You don’t have to be a physicist, Trekkie, or Dungeons and Dragons master to fall in love with The Big Bang Theory — select episodes are streaming now with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. 

Watch: The Big Bang Theory*

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Full House

Title art for the family comedy series, Full House.

Wholesome and family-oriented, Full House broke the mold by becoming a truly family-friendly sitcom with storylines that still appeal across generations by blending classic sitcom humor with relatable lessons for any stage of life. 

All eight seasons of Full House are streaming now on Hulu to pull at your heartstrings while tickling your funny bone. 

Watch: Full House

New Girl

Title art for the sitcom New Girl on Hulu.

Kind of like the Los Angeles version of Friends, but a little more modern and a whole lot quirkier — New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel, surrounds an unlikely group of roommates-turned-friends who intertwine themselves into each other’s lives, whether it’s welcomed or not. 

Check out our New Girl show guide to learn more about the show, and stream all seven seasons now on Hulu.

Watch: New Girl

Schitt’s Creek

A still image from the sitcom, Schitt’s Creek.

The once-wealthy Rose family are fish out of water in the quaint yet peculiar small town of Schitt’s Creek. Created and written by real-life father/son duo, Eugine and Dan Levy, this critically acclaimed series is “a little bit Alexis” and a whole lot of heart and humor. 

Check out our Schitt’s Creek show guide for more from the cast, and stream all six seasons now on Hulu. 

Watch: Schitt’s Creek

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Title art for the sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you like sitcoms with a touch of dark comedy and satire, then you’ll love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — a non-traditional sitcom series about four amoral and self-centered friends who run a failing Irish bar in South Philly. 

Watch all 15 seasons on Hulu as Charlie, Mac, Dee, Dennis, and Frank continue to make big plans that will inevitably blow up in their faces, and be sure to check out our Always Sunny show guide for more. 

Watch: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Title art for the HBO® sitcom series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Scripted satire and observational humor meets improvisation in Larry David’s long-running sitcom series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, where the comedian plays an over-the-top version of himself with a knack for getting in the middle of awkward social situations. 

Get the Max® add-on to stream Curb Your Enthusiasm on Hulu. 

Watch: Curb Your Enthusiasm*

*Curb Your Enthusiasm is available on Hulu with a Max® add-on subscription.


Title art for the iconic sitcom series, Seinfeld.

Even if you’ve never watched an episode of Seinfeld before, there’s still a good chance you’re familiar with the sitcom and the cultural legacy it created after its premiere in 1989. 

The series sets itself apart from other sitcoms by straying far away from sentimentality and moral lessons — and instead narrows in on irreverent and authentic observational humor in the way only Jerry Seinfeld can. 

Start streaming the iconic sitcom, Seinfeld, on Hulu with a Live TV subscription. 

Watch: Seinfeld*

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Title art for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

More than an iconic theme song, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air became one of the most popular sitcoms of all time through Will Smith’s charismatic character, creating the perfect blend of humor and heart (and now, nostalgia). 

The entire series is streaming now on Hulu — check out our Fresh Prince guide for everything you need to know about the show.

Watch: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Title art for the classic feel-good sitcom, Frasier.

Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) has a taste for the finer things in life, which creates the perfect comedic juxtaposition with his new roommate — Frasier’s practical, blue-collar father, Martin Crane (John Mahoney).

Watch all 11 seasons of the Cheers spinoff series, Frasier, streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Frasier

30 Rock

Title art for the sitcom, 30 Rock.

With a cast made up of comedy legends — including Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Krakowski — 30 Rock takes viewers behind the scenes at the iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza building in New York City and shows us what it’s like to run a sketch comedy show.

Watch: 30 Rock


Title art for the feel-good TV sitcom, Community.

Greendale Community College sets the scene for Community — an offbeat comedy series known for breaking the “rules” of traditional sitcoms by incorporating concept episodes, meta-humor, and self-awareness, often breaking the fourth wall to parody common television tropes. 

Watch actors Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, and Kim Jeong star in Community, available to stream on Hulu. 

Watch: Community

Will & Grace

Title art for the feel-good 90s sitcom, Will & Grace.

Will & Grace was more than just an iconic sitcom series in the late 90s and early 2000s — the show broke ground by setting the precedent for LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream television through the show’s openly gay main character, Will Truman (Eric McCormack). 

Watch all eight seasons of Will & Grace, including the 2017 Will & Grace reboot, now on Hulu.

Watch: Will & Grace

Discover more LGBTQ+ shows & movies streaming now. 

Home Improvement

Title art for the family sitcom, Home Improvement.

Tim Allen stars as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, a typical suburban family man and the host of Tool Time, the fictional TV show within the TV show. This 90s sitcom was popular among families for Tim Allen’s witty one-liners and the show’s relatable storylines that often incorporated lessons surrounding parenting, coming-of-age, and general family values. 

Queue the nostalgia because all eight seasons of Home Improvement are available to stream on Hulu. 

Watch: Home Improvement

Married… With Children

Title art for the sitcom, Married… With Children.

Before Ed O’Neill starred in the iconic sitcom Modern Family, he played the patriarch of another dysfunctional and chaotic family, the Bundys, in Married… With Children

Stream all 11 seasons now on Hulu. 

Watch: Married… With Children

Broad City

Title art for the Comedy Central sitcom series, Broad City.

This is not your average sitcom. Comedy Central’s Broad City was co-created and co-written by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who also happens to star in this bold, unfiltered, and unapologetic female-driven situational comedy. 

Stream the entire series now on Hulu.

Watch: Broad City

The Conners

Title art for the sitcom, The Conners.

The popular 80s and 90s sitcom, Rosanne, continues with the spinoff series, The Conners. Everyone might be a bit older now, but two things remain — the Conner family’s witty one-liners and the love they have for each other (even if they don’t always get along). 

Select episodes of The Connors are available to stream now on Hulu. 

Watch: The Conners

Just Shoot Me

Title art for the sitcom, Just Shoot Me.

What do you get when you combine a business-minded fashion magazine owner, his ambitious yet estranged daughter, an overconfident assistant, a libido-driven ex-model, and an unbothered professional photographer in one office? You get the late ’90s/early 2000s sitcom, Just Shoot Me

All seven seasons are streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Just Shoot Me

My Wife and Kids

Title art for the sitcom, My Wife and Kids.

Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans) takes a unique approach to raising his three kids that usually involves unconventional wisdom and humor as a teaching tool. But don’t be fooled, his lighthearted approach to parenting doesn’t mean he can’t be overprotective at times. 

Watch the complete series of My Wife and Kids now on Hulu. 

Watch: My Wife and Kids

Everybody Hates Chris

A promotional image for the sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris.

You may know Chris Rock as the comedian behind some of your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, stand-up comedy specials, and movies like Dogma (1999) and Grown Ups (2010) — but he wasn’t always the beloved comedian we know today. 

Everybody Hates Chris is a sitcom created by Chris himself that chronicles true events from his own coming-of-age story, and you can stream all four seasons now on Hulu. 

Watch: Everybody Hates Chris

Family Matters

Title art for the sitcom, Family Matters.

Chances are, you know who Steve Urkel is without ever having seen a single episode of Family Matters — thanks to the sitcom’s popularity and cultural impact, creating longevity and success through diversity, representation, and cross-cultural appeal. 

You could say it’s “Urkel time” on Hulu because all nine seasons of the classic sitcom, Family Matters, are streaming now. 

Watch: Family Matters

My Name Is Earl

Title art for the sitcom, My Name Is Earl.

Do you ever reflect on the mistakes you’ve made in your life and think about how you would right those wrongs if given the chance? A near-death experience motivates Earl Hickey to take redemption into his own hands, but not all of his good deeds are met with open arms. 

The complete four-season run of My Name Is Earl is available to stream now on Hulu. 

Watch: My Name Is Earl

The Bernie Mac Show

Title art for the sitcom, The Bernie Mac Show.

Bernie Mac’s authenticity, big heart, and no-nonsense approach to life are what leave his beloved TV series a long-lasting legacy as a standout sitcom. 

Laugh along to all five seasons of The Bernie Mac Show on Hulu.

Watch: The Bernie Mac Show

Malcolm in the Middle

While the concept of family-oriented sitcoms was nothing new by the time Malcolm in the Middle premiered in the year 2000, the show charted new territory by telling the stories of the Wilkerson family completely through the middle child, Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), and his point of view. 

Watch young Frankie Muniz star alongside Bryan Cranston in all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle, streaming now on-demand. 

Watch: Malcolm in the Middle

Sister, Sister

Title art for the sitcom, Sister, Sister.

Coming-of-age stories make for sitcom gold, as proven by the beloved series, Sister, Sister, starring twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. Add the perspective of parents, like Lisa Landry (Jackée Harry) and Ray Campbell (Tim Reid), and you’ve got a recipe for a sitcom the entire family can enjoy together. 

All six seasons of Sister, Sister are streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Sister, Sister


Title art for the TV show, Black-ish, created by Kenya Barris.

Andre Johnson is determined to establish a sense of cultural identity for his family. Using satire, wit, and fourth-wall-breaking, Black-ish was not only celebrated for its clever writing but also for its cultural representation and educational value.

The entire eight-season series is streaming now on Hulu, along with the spinoffs Grown-ish and Mixed-ish

Watch: Black-ish

That’s So Raven

Title art for the sitcom, That’s So Raven.

We love a coming-of-age sitcom that’s as captivating for young audiences as it is for their parents. That’s why the Disney Channel original series, That’s So Raven, is available to stream in its entirety on Hulu over 20 years after it first premiered. Do you think Raven saw that one coming? 

Watch: That’s So Raven


Title art for the sitcom, Dave.

Dave is a slightly neurotic 20-something who’s convinced he’s destined to become one of the most iconic rappers of all time. All he has to do is convince everyone else. The FX sitcom, Dave, is loosely based on the life of co-creator and star of the show, Dave Burd (aka rapper “Lil Dicky”). 

Watch all three seasons of Dave streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Dave


Title art for the Hulu Original show, Letterkenny.

As it turns out, rural Canada is a lot like the rural areas of the U.S. — only there’s much more hockey involved. Canadian sitcom Letterkenny has a little bit of everything, including fast-paced and witty banter, country folk dealing with small-town problems, and did we mention hockey?

All 12 seasons of the Hulu Original series, Letterkenny, are streaming now.

Watch: Letterkenny

Bob’s Burgers

A still image from the adult animated show Bob's Burgers.

The sitcom genre isn’t just for live-action shows — adult animation series like Bob’s Burgers also feature comedic elements, character-driven storytelling, and episodic plots typical of sitcoms. 

Follow the misadventures of the Belcher family as they work together to keep their beloved family burger joint afloat by streaming all 14 seasons of Bob’s Burgers now on Hulu. 

Watch: Bob’s Burgers

Discover more of the best adult animated shows on Hulu. 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Title art for the sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Though The Mary Tyler Moore Show wasn’t the first TV series to feature a career-driven, unmarried woman as the lead character when it premiered in 1970, the series did pioneer the template for workplace sitcoms and impacted the broadcasting industry forever by running with a female-led production team. 

Step into the 1970s, and discover The Mary Tyler Moore Show — all seven seasons are streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Family Guy

Title art for the animated sitcom, Family Guy.

Throughout television history, animated sitcoms have made as much of a cultural impact as other genres and subgenres, with the ability to generate strong communities and fandoms — Family Guy is no exception. 

With an extraordinary 22 seasons and counting, every episode of Family Guy is available to stream now on Hulu.

Watch: Family Guy

Experience the Animayhem on Hulu

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Title art for the sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Talking cats, magic spells, witty banter, high school drama, and nostalgic 90s fashion — need we say more?

All seven seasons of Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch are streaming now from Hulu’s on-demand library. 

Watch: Sabrina the Teenage Witch


A still image from the feel-good medical sitcom, Scrubs.

Not all medical dramas have to be serious. Take it from J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison) — college roommates who are now starting their first jobs together at Sacred Heart Hospital. 

Humor and tragedy collide in all nine seasons of Scrubs, streaming now on Hulu.

Watch: Scrubs 


Title art for the workplace sitcom, Superstore.

If you’ve ever worked a retail job, you know how frustrating and demanding it can be. Superstore brilliantly takes those classic retail moments and turns them into laugh-out-loud storylines that make working retail seem not so bad. 

Laugh along with the employees of Cloud 9 department store by streaming all six seasons on Hulu.

Watch: Superstore


Title art for the workplace sitcom, Workaholics.

Blake, Adam, and Anders are adults with big-boy jobs at a local telemarketing agency, but their “adultness” ends there. As former college roommates, the three never really left dorm life behind. 

All seven seasons of Workaholics are streaming now on Hulu.

Watch: Workaholics

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