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Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s Mike Tyson Series

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You know the name, but do you know the story?

Step into the ring and watch “Iron Mike” navigate poverty, addiction, and controversy to become the world heavyweight champion and boxing hall-of-famer we know today. 

Mike Trailer

What is Mike about? 

Mike is an eight-part limited Hulu Original series about the true life story of heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson. Tyson’s story is a turbulent one with extreme highs and lows, shedding light on the issues of race, class, fame, misogyny, and the media in America. 

Mike: Release Date

Mike premieres Thursday, August 25 on Hulu. 

How to Watch Mike

Hulu subscribers will have access to the eight-episode limited series when the first two episodes drop Thursday, August 25. Two new episodes will drop every Thursday throughout the series, concluding with the finale on Thursday, September 15. 

Watch: Mike

More Boxing Movies on Hulu 

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Title art for boxing movie Creed

Creed takes place years after Apollo Creed’s tragic death in the boxing ring when his son, Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), starts to follow in his father’s footsteps. But, if he wants to achieve greatness, he can’t do it alone. That’s when Adonis finds a mentor in none other than retired boxing champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). 

With Rocky’s help, Adonis shows potential for greatness—but does he really have what it takes? Find out in this Golden Globe® award winning Rocky sequel—the seventh installment in the Rocky franchise. 

Watch: Creed* 

*Live TV plan required to watch live content on Hulu. Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Creed 2

Title art for boxing movie Creed II

After much critical acclaim for the first Creed film, the highly anticipated Creed II continues the story of Adonis after he becomes a heavyweight boxing champion. 

As Adonis settles into life after fulfilling his father’s legacy, an unexpected opportunity arises that has the potential to change everything when the son of Apollo Creed’s killer challenges Adonis to a match. 

Will Adonis face the same fate as his father? Find out in Creed II. 

Watch: Creed 2*

*Live TV plan required to watch live content on Hulu. Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Born a Champion

Title art for boxing movie Born a Champion

Former Marine, Mickey Kelly, is one of the very first American black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Years after a bloody and failed match in Dubai against a world-renowned fighter, Kelly discovers that his opponent cheated his way to the winner’s circle and demands a rematch. 

Can this aged underdog get back into fighting shape and reclaim his MMA title and glory? Find out in this action-packed drama starring Sean Patrick Flannery and Dennis Quaid. 

Watch: Born a Champion

Bare Knuckle

Title art for boxing movie Bare Knuckle

Gloved boxers get all the glory, but Bare Knuckle puts the spotlight on the underground circuit of boxers who fight gloves-off. This movie tells the life story of Britain’s most notorious fighter, Lenny McLean (AKA The Guv’nor), and the sudden mainstream interest in bare-knuckle boxing. 

Watch: Bare Knuckle

Grudge Match

Title art for Grudge Match featuring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone

Robert Di Nero and Sylvester Stallone star in this 2013 boxing movie (unrelated to the Rocky movies) about two boxing rivals whose careers are cut short before they can break their tie for wins against each other. 

30 years later, an ambitious boxing promoter makes the opponents an offer they can’t refuse—return to the ring and settle the score once and for all. 

Watch: Grudge Match

The Hurricane

Title art for the boxing move The Hurricane

This is the story of Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter—a boxer who fought to break free from his troubled youth only to be wrongly imprisoned with a life sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. The Hurricane follows Carter and his fight for freedom against an establishment designed to keep him down. 

Watch: The Hurricane*

*The Hurricane requires STARZ® on Hulu add-on subscription. The Hurricane © STARZ and related channels and service marks are the property of STARZ Entertainment, LLC. All other titles and related trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

The Survivor

Harry Haft is a boxer who used his skills to survive the concentration camp he was imprisoned in. Follow along as Harry later pursues high-profile fights in hope of reconnecting with his first love in this touching true story.

Watch: The Survivor*

*HBO Max is available on Hulu with HBO Max® add-on subscription.

Real Steal

Title art for boxing movie Real Steel

Real Steel is a sci-fi movie that takes place in a not-so-distant future where robot boxing has taken popularity over human-contact sports. Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Keaton, a robot boxing operator who uses the sport to reconnect with his son. 

Watch: Real Steel

*HBO Max is available on Hulu with HBO Max® add-on subscription.

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