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Where to Watch ‘Twilight’ Movies in Order: Stream the Entire Saga on Hulu

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It’s been 15 years since “the lion fell in love with the lamb,” and we fell in love with the first Twilight (2008) movie when it premiered — becoming an instant box office hit. 

Wondering where to watch Twilight? Whether you’re a self-proclaimed “Twihard” or you’re looking to watch the saga for the very first time (“where have you been, loca?!”), Hulu has all five films available to stream now. 

Where to Watch Twilight

The entire Twilight Saga is streaming now on Hulu. 

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Twilight Movies in Order

Watch the Twilight movies in chronological order on Hulu, from the original Twilight film to Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012).

1. Twilight (2008)

Title art for the original Twilight movie.

Welcome to Forks, Washington — a small town under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain with a population of 3,120 people, including the Cullen family and Bella Swan. 

While the Cullens have been in Forks for a while, Bella is new(ish) to town after moving back in with her father for the first time since she was little. Once their paths cross, there’s no looking back. 

Watch: Twilight

2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

Title art for the second Twilight Saga movie, New Moon.

After another dangerous encounter between Bella and the vampires, Edward makes the heartbreaking decision to leave Bella and Forks in an effort to keep the person he loves safe from the dangers of his world. Emotionally broken beyond repair, Bella finds solace in her friendship with Jacob Black — but can she really leave behind her one true love?

Watch: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

Title art for the third Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse.

There’s only one thing Jacob and Edward have in common — their love for Bella. In this third Twilight installment, the two enemies have no choice but to work together if they want to keep her safe from a vengeful vampire out for Bella’s blood. 

Watch: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (2011)

It’s finally time for the wedding of the decade — or the wedding of the century if you’re a Cullen. However, Edward and Bella’s romantic island honeymoon is cut short by a shocking surprise no one saw coming (not even Alice).

Watch: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (2012)

Title art for the fourth Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

The world looks different for Bella the vampire, but there’s no time to adjust to her new life. The Cullens must act fast in gathering allies to protect their new family member, Renesme, from the Volturi. 

Watch: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Twilight Cast

Learn more about the main cast of the Twilight Saga, and stream more from the actors on Hulu.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

A still image of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.

Twilight is the coming-of-age tale of Bella Swan — only this isn’t your typical young adult development story. Thanks to a handsome and sparkly vampire, Bella would give up her mortal life to stay 18 forever.

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Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

A still image of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen is a vampire, but he’s not the typical human-hunting, bloodthirsty kind. He and his family pride themselves on self-control and satisfying their thirst as vegetarians (that’s vampire lingo for only feasting on animals). 

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* Highlife is available on Hulu with a Max® add-on subscription.
** The Rover requires CINEMAX® on Hulu add-on subscription.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

A still image of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.

Jacob is part of the Quileute Tribe werewolves and the only person, other than Edward, who could steal Bella Swan’s heart. 

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Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

A still image of Billy Burke as Charlie Swan.

Charlie Swan is the police chief of Forks and father to Bella. One of the best things about Charlie? “He doesn’t hover.” 

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Nikki Reed as Rosalie Cullen

A still image of Nikki Reed as Rosalie Cullen.

Rosalie Cullen is Edward’s protective and resentful sister. But behind her cold and regal demeanor is a gentle, kind, and caring heart. 

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Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen

A still image of Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen.

The leader of the Cullen family and a valued medical doctor in Forks, Carlisle Cullen is wise and diplomatic, even in the face of danger. 

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Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen

A still image of Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen.

Matriarch of the Cullen clan, Esme is kind, caring, and warm despite her cold vampire skin.

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Dakota Fanning as Jane

A still image of Dakota Fanning as Jane.

Don’t let Jane’s short stature and youthful appearance fool you — she’s one vampire you don’t want to mess with. 

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