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How to Watch All the Predator Movies in Order on Hulu

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The very first Predator movie hit theaters in 1987. 35 years, seven movies, and a spin-off later—the Predator franchise is one of the most beloved amongst action, sci-fi, and horror film fans alike. 

What makes this series a classic after all these years? Predator was the first movie of its kind—an alien movie that turns the tables and shows what it’s like for the human race to be the prey rather than the hunters. But, perhaps what fans love most of all is how seamlessly the Predator movies mix action, sci-fi, and horror elements in each film. 

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll be happy to know that all of the Predator movies are available to stream with Hulu.* If you’ve never seen the films before and are wondering what all the hype is about (especially with the recent release of new Predator movie, Prey), then you’ve come to the right place.  

Here’s everything you need to know about watching all of the Predator movies in order, from the first film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger to the most recent release featuring Amber Midthunder. 

*Live TV plan required. Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply. 

How Many Predator Movies are There?

Technically, there are seven Predator movies in total—though this might be considered a trick question depending on who you ask. Some fans don’t consider the Alien vs. Predator crossover films as true Predator canon, though some may argue the opposite. Without counting the two Alien films, there are five stand-alone Predator movies

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll include the Alien vs. Predator films and you can decide whether or not you want to include them in your Predator movie marathon. 

Predator (1987)

Still from the sci-fi movie Predator

In this original Predator film, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Dutch—a military leader hired by the United States government to conduct a secret mission to rescue hostages in Guatemala. 

When Dutch and his team arrive in Central America, they quickly discover that they are being targeted by the Yautja—a mysterious and high-tech extraterrestrial race that hunts other species for sport. 

What started as a rescue mission turns into a fight for survival. Will they make it out alive? 

Watch: Predator

Predator 2 (1990)

Title art for the sci-fi movie Predator 2

In Predator 2, a stretch of excessive heat and crime puts pressure on LAPD officer Michael Harrigan to solve a series of mysterious murders in Los Angeles. Harrigan’s world is flipped upside down when he discovers the crimes are not tied to gangs or the cartel like he originally thought, but to an army of extraterrestrial creatures on the hunt for humans. 

Watch: Predator 2

Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Title art for the Predator movie Alien vs. Predator

When a mysterious heat source is discovered in the remote tundra of Antarctica, a team of scientists find themselves in the middle of a deadly battle between two extraterrestrial species—the Xenomorphs and the Yautja. Only one species can survive—who will it be?

Watch: Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

Title art for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

The deadly conflict between the Yautja and Xenomorphs continues—this time in Colorado, USA. When an injured Predator crew crashes in a rural wooded area of Colorado, Alien/Predator hybrid creatures escape the ship and plant Predalien embryos in everyone they encounter. 

Can Sheriff Eddie Morales and local residents stop the extinction of humankind? 

Watch: Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

Predators (2010)

Title art for the sci-fi movie Predators

20 years after the release of the last stand-alone Predator film, a mercenary named Royce (Adrien Brody) is abducted and placed on another planet with a group of other humans. The one thing they have in common? They’re all skilled killers. 

It doesn’t take long for the group to realize they’re on a game preserve where Predators hunt humans and other species for fun. Now, they must fight back to stay alive until they can find a way back to Earth. 

Watch: Predators

The Predator (2018)

Title art for the Predator movie The Predator

The infamous species of deadly hunters are stronger and more lethal than ever. In The Predator, a young boy accidentally lures the killers back to Earth, leaving it up to a motley crew of former soldiers and a looney scientist to save the planet. 

Watch: The Predator*

*Live TV plan required. Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply. 

Prey (2022)

Title art for Hulu sci-fi movie Prey

Hunt or be hunted. This new Predator movie takes place 300 years before the original Predator film. Prey follows the members of the Comanche Nation and tells the origin story of the first human encounter with the Predator species. 

Watch: Prey

How to Watch the Predator Movies in Order

In Order By Release Date

  1. Predator (1987)
  2. Predator 2 (1990)
  3. Alien vs. Predator (2004)
  4. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)
  5. Predators (2010)
  6. The Predator (2018)
  7. Prey (2022)

Chronologically By Canon Timeline 

  1. Prey
  2. Predator
  3. Predator 2
  4. Alien vs. Predator
  5. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
  6. Predators
  7. The Predator

Predator Franchise FAQs

Can you watch the Predator movies out of order?

If you’ve never seen any of the Predator films before, we recommend watching the films in chronological order according to canon or by release date for the best experience. 

How can I watch the Predator movies?

Stream the Predator movies now with Hulu and Hulu + Live TV. 

Is Prey a Predator movie?

Yes, Prey is the most recent installment of the Predator franchise, but the film takes place as the prequel to the original 1987 Predator movie. 

Released in 2022 exclusively on Hulu, the new Predator movie takes viewers back to the very first Predator encounter on Earth. Set in 1719 within the Comanche Nation in the American Great Plains, Amber Midthunder stars as Naru, a highly skilled warrior and the main character of Prey. 

Additional cast includes Dane DiLiegro as the predator, Dakota Beavers as Taabe, Stormee Kip as Wasape, Michelle Thrush as Aruka, and Julian Black Antelope as Chief Kehetu. Prey was directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison.

What kind of Predator is in the Prey movie?

The Predator in Prey is the Feral Predator—the first of the Yautja to encounter Earth. 

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