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How to Watch ‘Impractical Jokers’: Full Seasons, Best Episodes, Similar Shows, and More on Hulu

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The best unscripted comedy shows start with a disclaimer warning, and the long-running series Impractical Jokers is no exception. 

In this popular hidden camera comedy, four lifelong best friends (Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe) compete in horribly humiliating challenges and public stupidity with one goal: finding out how badly they can embarrass one another.

Season 11 is currently airing on both TruTV* and TBS,* and you’re not going to want to miss what The Tenderloins are up to next. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Impractical Jokers, streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Impractical Jokers

Where to Watch Impractical Jokers

Watch select seasons of Impractical Jokers on-demand with any Hulu subscription. Get more seasons, including episodes from Season 11, with Hulu + Live TV. 

How to Watch Impractical Jokers

How to Watch Impractical Jokers On-Demand With Hulu

Watch Seasons 1 – 7 of Impractical Jokers on-demand with a basic Hulu subscription. 

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Watch New Episodes of Impractical Jokers With Hulu + Live TV

With Hulu + Live TV, subscribers get on-demand streaming access to Impractical Jokers* Seasons 1 – 7 and 9 – 11. Fans of the show can also stream new episodes live as they air on TBS and TruTV every Thursday at 10 p.m. throughout the season. 

The laughs don’t stop there — Hulu + Live TV subscribers get even more hilarious Impractical Jokers content with Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes,* Impractical Jokers: After Party,* and Impractical Jokers: Shark Week Spectacular.*

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Impractical Jokers Cast

Brian “Q” Quinn

A promotional image of Brian “Q” Quinn, starring in Impractical Jokers.

With deadpan delivery, witty remarks, and a wonderfully dry sense of humor — Impractical Jokers fans love Q for his laid-back and easy-going nature. 

Fan-favorite Q quote: “Hey, mustache.”

James “Murr” Murray

A promotional image of James “Murr” Murray, starring in Impractical Jokers.

Known for his cleverness and creativity, fans of the show love Murr for exuding confidence in even the most embarrassing situations. 

Fan-favorite Murr quote: “I want my mommy.”

Sal Vulcano

A promotional image for Sal Vulcano, starring in Impractical Jokers.

Sal’s animated reactions and facial expressions are a highlight of the show. Coupled with his relatable everyman persona, Sal’s challenges are always entertaining.

Fans also love Sal for how often he loses challenges. Well, at the very least he’s tied with Murr. But who’s actually counting?

Fan-favorite Sal quote: “Prepare for something amazing!”

Joe Gatto

A promotional image for Joe Gatto, starring in Impractical Jokers.

Seemingly fearless and highly energetic, Joe’s enthusiastic approach to even the most absurd situations makes for some laugh-out-loud moments. Plus, his unwavering commitment to the bit makes him a frequent winner of Impractical Jokers challenges. 

Fan-favorite Joe quote: “We caught the alligator who ate the Deluca boy.”

Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

Take a look into some fan-favorite episodes of Impractical Jokers

S2, E18: “Sweat the Small Things”

Watch: Sweat the Small Things

S2, E22: “Everything’s Just Rosie”

Watch: Everything’s Just Rosie

S3, E26: “The Permanent Punishment”

Watch: The Permanent Punishment

S3, E30: “B-I-N-G-NO”

Watch: B-I-N-G-NO

S3, E31: “Brother-in-Loss”

Watch: Brother-in-Loss

S6, E18: “Rubbed the Wrong Way”

Watch: Rubbed the Wrong Way

S9, E11: “Breaking Wind Beneath My Wings”

Watch: Breaking Wind Beneath My Wings”*

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*Live TV plan required to watch live content on Hulu. Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Shows Like Impractical Jokers on Hulu

The Eric Andre Show

Title art for The Eric Andrew Show on Adult Swim.

If you love the chaos, unpredictability, and boundary pushing of Impractical Jokers, then you’ll love the Adult Swim series, The Eric Andre Show

Watch: The Eric Andre Show


Title art for the unscripted prank show, Punk’D.

MTV’s Punk’D walked, so Impractical Jokers could run. Transport back to the early 2000s, when Ashton Kutcher single-handedly turned the word “punked” into a verb with his ground-breaking hidden camera series that pulled pranks on some of our favorite celebrities, including Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Hilary Duff, and Justin Timberlake.

Watch: Punk’D

The Prank Panel

A promotional image for the pranking competition show, The Prank Panel.

What better way to prank your friends and family than with the help of prank veterans Johnny Knoxville and Eric André, along with actress Gabourey Sidibe?

Watch: The Prank Panel

Billy on the Street

A still image from the unscripted comedy series, Billy on the Street.

From TruTV (the same network that brings you Impractical Jokers) comes Billy on the Street — an unscripted comedy series, starring Billy Eichner, that takes place on the streets of New York City. His chaotic and impromptu questions leave unsuspecting strangers-turned-contestants wondering if they’re actually being pranked. 

Watch: Billy on the Street*

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