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13 Bloody Brilliant British TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

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What’s not to love about television from across the pond? There’s the delightfully dry and dark humor (or should we say, “humour”), funky slang, and, of course—those accents

If British telly is your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered. From period dramas to crime mysteries, comedies, action, and even reality, we have the best British TV shows streaming now on Hulu. 

British TV Shows on Hulu

The Office (UK)

Title art for the British show The Office UK

Before there was Michael Scott, there was David Brent—a mid-level manager at Wernham Hogg, a failing paper company in South East England. Much like Michael, David thinks he’s cooler and more liked by his peers than he actually is. 

Despite all the parallels to the American adaptation, there are stark differences that make the UK version of The Office so delightfully British, including dry one-liners, amplified cynicism, and blunt dialogue. 

Comedian Ricky Gervais stars in the OG version of your favorite sitcom streaming now on Hulu.   

Watch: The Office

Killing Eve

Title art for British show Killing Eve

Created in the U.K. by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Killing Eve is a spy thriller series surrounding the cat-and-mouse relationship between a British intelligence investigator and an unhinged assassin. This Golden Globe®-winning series is a female-led, British-American action drama with elements of dark comedy sprinkled throughout. 

Catch up on Killing Eve seasons 1-3 now on Hulu.

Watch: Killing Eve

This Way Up

Title art for British show This Way Up

Set in London, This Way Up follows the relatable life of Áine—a single Irish woman currently putting the pieces of her life back together after an explosive nervous breakdown. This British comedy series tackles the important topic of mental health with grace, humor, and compassion. 

Laugh along with seasons 1 & 2 of This Way Up available now on Hulu. 

Watch: This Way Up


Title art for British crime show Luther starring Idris Elba

We have two words for you: Idris Elba. 

Though there’s really no need to say more than that, we’ll fill you in on everything that makes this British crime drama so great. For starters, this series truly has it all—murder, drama, action, and even intense psychological thrills. 

Elba’s brilliant portrayal of Detective Chief Inspector, John Luther, will leave you wanting more at the end of each episode as his character walks a thin line between good and evil. 

Watch seasons 1-5 of Luther streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Luther


Master art for British TV show Prey

When detective Marcus Farrow is accused of brutally murdering his wife and son, he flees in an attempt to prove his innocence before being tracked down by the people he used to work with. This nail-biting British action drama series will leave you on the edge of your seat as you root for the Serious Crime Unit’s most wanted suspect. 

Seasons 1 & 2 of Prey are available to stream now on Hulu. 

Watch: Prey


Title art for British show Harlots

You say harlot like it’s a bad thing (*hair flip*). This edgy British period drama takes place in 1776 London where opportunities for women’s economic advancement are far and few between. 

Harlots tells the story of Margaret Wells, a fiercely independent mother and brothel owner determined to pave the way to a better future for herself and her family.

Watch all three seasons of the Hulu original series, Harlots, streaming now. 

Watch: Harlots

Coronation Street 

Title art for British show Coronation Street

88 weddings, 120 deaths, 39 births, and 5,000 characters span the 7,500+ episodes (no, you haven’t gone mad—there are really 7,500+ episodes) that make Coronation Street one of the most popular British TV shows of all time. It’s also the longest-running soap opera ever. 

Get a taste of the sordid affairs and domestic disasters that have kept this beloved drama on British airwaves since 1960 by streaming seasons 62 & 63 of Coronation Street on Hulu now. 

Watch: Coronation Street

The Only Way is Essex 

Title art for British reality show The Only Way is Essex

Are British dramas and reality television your cup of tea? Then you’ll fancy The Only Way is Essex—a British reality show based in Essex, England that closely mirrors the American reality series, The Hills. Watch as cameras catch all the drama and juicy gossip between a group of people whose lives intertwine through family ties, romantic relationships, and work partnerships. 

Get your fill of real-life drama in seasons 1-25 of The Only Way is Essex streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: The Only Way is Essex

Doc Martin 

Title art for British show Doc Martin

Doctor Martin Ellingham is a socially awkward surgeon who reels at the sight of blood (a rather poor quality for a surgeon if you ask us). Martin’s unfortunate phobia forces him to leave his elite professional life in the bustling city of London and become a general practitioner in a small Cornwall village instead. 

Follow Martin as he adjusts to his new life and develops relationships with the locals in all 5 seasons of Doc Martin available on Hulu now. 

Watch: Doc Martin


Title art for British show Banished

Banished is a period drama loosely based on true historical events of 1788 Great Britain. During this time, the British government exiled their unwanted citizens to a penal colony on the desolate and dangerous new lands of Australia. 

Despite having all the odds stacked against them, these criminals and their guards find a way to thrive in this heartwrenching and humanizing tale. 

Watch all episodes in this 7-part series now on Hulu. 

Watch: Banished


Title art for British show Gameface

Marcella is a thirty-something aspiring actress and a full-time hot mess. Despite her positivity and spirited attempts to get herself together, Marcella’s life coach, driving instructor, and best friend still can’t seem to help her bounce back from a recent Earth-shattering breakup. 

Watch both witty and heart-warming seasons of the British comedy TV show, GameFace, streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: GameFace

In the Flesh

Title art for British zombie show In The Flesh

In the Flesh takes place in a dystopian world where living humans battle to eradicate the brain-eating zombies that have put an end to life as these characters once knew it. Luckily, the living win the war, but struggle to resume their lives and blend with those healing from “partially deceased syndrome.”

Watch both seasons of In the Flesh now on Hulu.  

Watch: In the Flesh


Still from the British TV show Wasted

Morpheus and his quirky group of mates set out to waste away their twenties as instructed by their “spirit guide” (who may or may not be real). Follow these four friends and the chaos that surprisingly ensues as they purposely do nothing with their lives.

The first season of this hilarious slacker comedy is streaming now on Hulu. 

Watch: Wasted

Do you think that’s all we’ve got for you? Rubbish! There’s plenty more British content where that comes from. The content streaming now on the Hulu British TV hub will leave you chuffed to bits!

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