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Are the ‘Golden Bachelor’ Couple Still Together? Everything You Need to Know About Their Bombshell Announcement

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It feels like only yesterday that the very first season of The Golden Bachelor had the ultimate fairy tale ending with The Golden Wedding. Just three months after they said “I do” on national television, Gerry and Theresa are making a bombshell announcement exclusively on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline.

Are the Golden Bachelor Couple Still Together?

No, sadly the first Golden Bachelor couple are no longer together. Gerry and Theresa have decided to end their marriage despite being “best friends” and still feeling love for each other.

How to Watch the Full Golden Bachelor Announcement Interview

The very first Golden Bachelor couple announced their divorce on the Friday, April 12 episode of Good Morning America. ABC correspondent Juju Chang aired clips of her shocking interview with Gerry and Theresa as they broke the news of their split.

Watch the full interview on ABC Nightline live on Friday, April 12, or stream it the next day on Hulu.


The Golden Bachelor Episode Recap

A still image from an episode of The Golden Bachelor featuring Gerry Turner celebrating with his contestants.

Now that we know how it ends, take a trip down memory lane with the first-ever Golden Bachelor.

Week 1 Recap

After presenting the first impression rose to Faith, Gerry arrived at his very first rose ceremony with 15 additional roses to hand out. He chose Ellen, Theresa, Joan, Natascha, Leslie, Christina, Edith, Nancy, April, Sandra, Jeanie, Kathy, Marina, Peggy, and Susan to continue on this journey with him, sending home Anna, Maria, Pamela, Patty, Renee, and Sylvia.

Week 2 Recap

Date roses were presented (and happily accepted) by Theresa and Nancy earlier in the second episode, leaving Leslie, Joan, Edith, Ellen, Sandra, Susan, Christina, Faith, April, and Kathy waiting breathlessly to accept their roses from Gerry during the rose ceremony. Unfortunately, this means Peggy, Jeanie, and Natascha left the Bachelor mansion empty-handed this week, with Natascha providing one last critique — “do the rose ceremony in chairs!”

You may be wondering what happened to Marina who mysteriously disappeared after accepting a rose in the first episode. After the episode aired, The Golden Bachelor posted on social media to announce Marina’s sudden departure from the show was due to an urgent family matter.

Week 3 Recap

One week after Marina’s unplanned exit from the show, Gerry loses another contestant, Joan, to a family emergency. This exit is particularly heartbreaking after sharing a perfect one-on-one date the night before, bringing Gerry to happily present Joan with a date rose.

Later in the episode, Kathy is surprised to be offered a rose for speaking up to Gerry about drama going on between the contestants, and Ellen happily accepts a date rose during their romantic one-on-one in a hot air balloon.

The remaining roses are presented to Faith, Sandra, Leslie, Nancy, Susan, April, and Theresa during the episode’s rose ceremony, leaving Christina, Edith, and Joan to pack their bags.

Week 4 Recap

Though the episode started with nine lovely ladies bidding for Gerry’s heart, it ended with just six contestants moving on to next week.

After missing her daughter’s wedding to be on The Golden Bachelor, fan-favorite golden lady, Sandra, was given the group date rose for the sacrifice she endured and her obvious commitment to Gerry. Leslie was the lucky one to join Gerry on a one-on-one date this week and happily accepted the date rose after an adventurous day together.

This week’s rose ceremony ended with Ellen, Faith, Susan, and Theresa being chosen by Gerry to move on another week, while Nancy, Kathy, and April were sent home.

Week 5 Recap

Six women and only three roses remain at the beginning of week 5. And these aren’t just any roses — they’re golden tickets to securing a hometown date.

The week begins with Faith and Gerry’s one-on-one date, where they take to the skies on a helicopter ride to later find themselves in a hot tub on a yacht. The date went so well that Gerry presented Faith with a date rose. Later in the episode, Gerry and the remaining contestants share a group date at the Santa Monica Pier amusement park, where they channel their inner children with carnival games and rides, leading to deep conversations and even deeper emotions.

A heart-wrenching rose ceremony sent Ellen, Susan, and Sandra home, leaving Leslie, Kathy, and Theresa remaining as the final three contestants.

Week 6 Recap

It’s the first-ever “hometowns” week for this Golden Bachelor spinoff series as Gerry jets off to Leslie, Kathy, and Theresa’s hometowns to meet their families. Unlike hometowns of bachelors past, this bachelor has to woo his contestant’s children and grandchildren instead of their parents.

As for this week’s rose ceremony — Gerry decided to … not decide. Well, not yet anyway.

The ‘Women Tell All’ Recap

Tears, closure, and belly laughs were the theme for the first-ever Golden Bachelor ‘Women Tell All’ episode. As for the cliff hanger we were left on during the week 6 rose ceremony — arguably all of Bachelor Nation was shocked to discover Faith was sent home, leaving just Theresa and Leslie fighting for Gerry’s heart.

Tune in next Thursday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC to see what happens during the first Golden Bachelor Fantasy Suites week. All Hulu subscribers can watch new episodes the next day (Fridays) on-demand.

The ‘Fantasy Suites’ Recap

Emotions are high as Gerry moves to Fantasy Suites with his final two women — Leslie and Theresa. With both contestants accepting an overnight, Gerry becomes more torn than ever.

The Finale Recap

In the emotional final episode of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry follows his heart and proposes to Theresa — but not without tears and heart-ache for Leslie. Are you shocked? Hold on tight — the surprises don’t end there. The happy couple also announced they plan to get married ASAP and all of Bachelor Nation is invited.


Who is The Golden Bachelor?

A promotional image of the first Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner.

Gerry Turner is the very first Golden Bachelor. At 72 years young, he’s ready to find love for the second time in his life after losing Toni — his high school sweetheart and wife of 43 years. This father and grandfather (or “grandzaddy” as he’s dubbed on social media) is looking for someone who is down for adventure and likes to cook.

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