2 seasons available

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

TVYAnimation • FantasyInternationalAnimeTV Series • 2008

In the futuristic society of Neo Domino City, five "Signers" will unveil the secret o...more

In the futuristic society of Neo Domino City, five "Signers" will...More

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2 seasons available (258 episodes)

2 seasons available

(258 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 65

(Dub) A New Threat: Part 1

Yusei to take to the streets and track down a rogue Turbo Duelist known as The Ghost.
Episode 65

(Sub) A New Threat

Six months after the battle between the Dark Signers and the Signers, a large stone tablet falls from space and lands on Earth, just outside of New Domino City.
Episode 66

(Dub) A New Threat: Part 2

Yusei must figure out a way to take down Ghost's Machine Emperor Wisel before Wisel's special ability throws his game and his runner into a tailspin.
Episode 66

(Sub) Proof of Evolution Synchro Monster

Yusei summons out his Stardust Dragon and deals some damage to Ghost.
Episode 67

(Dub) Lessons Learned

Yusei attempts to teach the teacher a valuable lesson by challenging the Vice Chancellor to a duel to keep his friends in school.
Episode 67

(Sub) Duel Academy's Tradition! Ancient Gear Golem

Yusei duels Rudolf Heitman.
Episode 68

(Dub) Trash Talk

Crow decides to tackle the task by challenging the old man to a trash talking junk yard duel.
Episode 68

(Sub) Old Man's Memories; Scrap Iron Family Deck

After visiting an old area of Satellite after a long time, Yusei, Jack and Crow meet up with Martha and Blister.
Episode 69

(Dub) A Duel With Interest

Jack decides to reel in this money-grubbing menace for good by putting his most prized possessions on the line in a duel.
Episode 69

(Sub) Threat! Loan Token Hell

Yusei and Crow have worked hard to prepare their Duel Runners for the World Racing Grand Prix.
Episode 70

(Dub) The Wicked Spirit

Leo and Luna decide to go exploring a nearby forest rumored to be haunted by wicked spirits they soon discover that the rumors are all too real when a mysterious boy traps Luna in his house and challenges Leo to a duel
Episode 70

(Sub) Forest of Mysterious Disappearances; Sleepy Beauty

In order to find Luna, Leo and Dexter request Yusei's help.
Episode 71

(Dub) French Twist: Part 1

Yusei wakes up to find himself trapped in the back of a big rig with a bump on his head and no way out.
Episode 71

(Sub) Yusei Kidnapped

Yusei's kidnapping and recruitment by the Boss's evil scheme is put to an end by Akiza.
Episode 72

(Dub) French Twist: Part 2

As the battle between Yusei and Sherry races on, Sherry reveals some shocking secrets about the upcoming World Racing Grand Prix.
Episode 72

(Sub) What Lies Inside the Wind

The Duel between Yusei Fudo and Sherry LeBlanc continues.
Episode 73

(Dub) Synchro Straits

Yusei challenges Jack to a Turbo Duel in the hopes of finding a new dueling strategy that doesn't involve the use of Synchro Monsters.
Episode 73

(Sub) After Sealing Synchro Summoning...

Yusei recalls his fight with Ghost before and challenges Jack to a Duel.
Episode 74

(Dub) The Synchro Solution

A mysterious duelist named Vizor offers to show Yusei a new dueling strategy.
Episode 74

(Sub) Further Evolution! Accel Synchro

Yusei follows Vizor and both engage in a Turbo Duel
Episode 75

(Dub) Acceleration

Akiza goes to get her Turbo Dueling license.
Episode 75

(Sub) Aki Izayoi; Acceleration!

Akiza decides to apply for her own license.
Episode 76

(Dub) Syd Is Vicious

Jack Atlas decides to take justice into his own hands and ventures out in search of those responsible.
Episode 76

(Sub) Proud Chaos King Archfiend

After a wave of Duel Runner thefts sweep the city, Jack decides to take things into his own hands.
Episode 77

(Dub) Dawn of the Duel Board: Part 1

Leo steps up and tries to pull a 180 on their friendship.
Episode 77

(Sub) Super Elite Transfer Student Arrives!

Lester transfers into the Duel Academy posing as a prestigious student.
Episode 78

(Dub) Dawn of the Duel Board: Part 2

Luna and the mystery duelist continues, Leo soon realizes that their mysterious opponent is actually an all too familiar friend.
Episode 78

(Sub) Resurrection of a Nightmare! Meklord Emperor Skiel

The person Leo and Luna have been Dueling turns out to be Lester.
Episode 79

(Dub) Putting It All Together

Jack and Crow set out to find a restless Yusei.
Episode 79

(Sub) To the Unseen World

Jack and Crow began to rethink whether Yusei really needs them..
Episode 80

(Dub) The Super Genius

A mysterious amnesiac helps Yusei build a new engine program for his runner.
Episode 80

(Sub) The Mysterious Super Mechanic

Mina and Trudge ask Yusei, Jack, and Crow to take care of an amnesiac youth.
Episode 81

(Dub) Get With the Program: Part 1

Yusei and the gang trail Lazar to the local mall hoping to reacquire the engine design program.
Episode 81

(Sub) Plan to Capture Yeager!

Lazar steals the engine program that Bruno and Yusei created.
Episode 82

(Dub) Get With the Program: Part 2

Yusei and Lazar are trapped in a warehouse.
Episode 82

(Sub) Yusei Fudo Probability of Losing 100 Percent!

Primo uploads Yusei's new riding program into a legion of Duelbots.
Episode 83

(Dub) Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up?: Part 1

Jack Atlas scrambles to uncover the truth before his friends and fans turn their back on him for good
Episode 83

(Sub) Suspect!? Jack Atlas

Jack is arrested by Sector Security in relation to a series of incidents.
Episode 84

(Dub) Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up?: Part 2

Yusei and Crow set out in search of their pal, hoping to clear his good name before bad turns to worse.
Episode 84

(Sub) Another Jack

Jack has a rematch against his imposter.
Episode 85

(Dub) Mother Knows Best

Crow picks a duel with him to help him realize that the ongoing quarrel he has with his mother is much ado about nothing.
Episode 85

(Sub) Poppo Time's Old Clock

Yusei arrives in a desert town called Crash Town.
Episode 86

(Dub) Duelist for Hire

Yusei finds himself in the middle of two feuding families - with his old friend Kalin is right there with him!
Episode 86

(Sub) Crash Town

Kyosuke still has memories of when he was a Dark Signer.
Episode 87

(Dub) Showdown at Sundown: Part 1

Yusei hopes to save his old acquaintance from a terrible fate. However, the dueling gets dicey when it becomes clear that Kalin doesn't necessarily want to be saved!
Episode 87

(Sub) Rescue Kiryu! the Town of Wandering Duelists

Kyosuke andd Yusei conclude their duel.
Episode 88

(Dub) Showdown at Sundown: Part 2

Yusei finds himself double crossed by his supposed allies and in desperate need of some saving of his own!
Episode 88

(Sub) The Trap After Victory

Yusei and Kalin continue their Duel.
Episode 89

(Dub) The Race to Escape, Part 1

After being double crossed and sent to the mines by his supposed allies, Yusei hatches a plan to escape.
Episode 89

(Sub) Fearsome Gatling Ogre

Yusei grabs Kalin and escapes from the mine.
Episode 90

(Dub) The Race to Escape, Part 2

When Lawton and his goons gain up on the fleeing family, things take a heartbreaking turn, forcing Kalin to step up in ways he never expected.
Episode 90

(Sub) Deadly Riding Duel

When Yusei's Life Points drop down to a slim 400, Yusei stakes everything on his next draw.
Episode 91

(Dub) Clash at Crash Town, Part 1

The sinister Lawton has captured West and Nico and gained control of Crash Town.
Episode 91

(Sub) Tag Duel: Kiryu/Yusei vs Lotten

Crashtown has come under control of Lawton and now that there is no one to oppose him.
Episode 92

(Dub) Clash at Crash Town, Part 2

Yusei and Kalin must figure out a way to defeat Lawton before his deck destroys their dreams of freeing everyone in the mines.
Episode 92

(Sub) Satisfaction

To bring freedom to Crash Town once and for all, Yusei and Kalin challenge the man who now controls it.
Episode 93

(Dub) The Question of the Card

Sherry breaks into a city building in search of answers about a very special duel card.
Episode 93

(Sub) Tremble! Master and Servant's Resolve!!

Sherry decides to break into Sector Security's Head Quarters.
Episode 94

(Dub) Keeping a Promise, Part 1

Crow ends up finding and old friend who turns out not to be what he seems.
Episode 94

(Sub) Reminiscence Friend's Entrusted Legacy

The search for the criminal starts, leading him to an old freind of Crow who had worked with Pearson.
Episode 95

(Dub) Keeping a Promise, Part 2

Crow takes on an old friend in a duel.
Episode 95

(Sub) Take Flight! Black-Winged Dragon!!

The duel between Crow Hogan and Bolton continues.
Episode 96

(Dub) Natural Instincts: Part I

Crow smashes into one of Team Unicorn's duelists on the tournament practice lanes. Only this was no accident and Team Unicorn's intentions are anything but friendly.
Episode 96

(Sub) Formed! Team 5D's

As the World Racing Grand Prix approaches, Yusei and his friends aim to the top of the Preliminary Rounds.
Episode 97

(Dub) Natural Instincts, Part 2

Sherry arrives to inform Yusei that she suspects the sinister forces of Iliaster have infiltrated the tournament.
Episode 97

(Sub) Battle! Green Baboon Attacks Junk Archer!

The Turbo Duel between Yusei against Andre continues.
Episode 98

(Dub) Power Plays

Can Jack and his power packed deck bring down his opponent or will Andre's secret plan place Jack and Team 5D's on the brink of elimination?
Episode 98

(Sub) WRGP Begins, Team 5D's vs Team Unicorn

The WRGP's preliminary rounds finally start.
Episode 99

(Dub) Trouble for Team 5D's

All eyes turn to Akiza as she takes to the track hoping to take down Andre and even up the score.
Episode 99

(Sub) Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis

After Jack's loss, TEAM 5D's turns to Akiza.
Episode 100

(Dub) The Edge of Elimination, Part 1

With Jack and Akiza already defeated, Yusei finds himself having to defeat all three members of Team Unicorn on his own.
Episode 100

(Sub) Cornered: Last Wheeler Yusei

There will be no victory if Yusei doesn't defeat 3 opponents in a row, now that Akiza was defeated as well.
Episode 101

(Dub) The Edge of Elimination: Part II

Yusei must figure out a way to defeat all three members of Team Unicorn.
Episode 101

(Sub) For the Team

Yusei's next opponent is Breo, whose strategy is Deck destruction..
Episode 102

(Dub) The Edge of Elimination: Part III

Yusei must figure out a way to defeat Team Unicorn's captain before all the cards in his deck disappear.
Episode 102

(Sub) Solely for Victory

Yusei has defeated Breo and is finally facing the team leader.
Episode 103

(Dub) Party Crashers

Team 5D's celebrates their win and prepares for their next opponent – Team Catastrophe.
Episode 103

(Sub) Spoils After Battle

Yusei wins a white-hot Duel with Jean, allowing Team 5D's to advance past the first round of the WRGP preliminaries.
Episode 104

(Dub) Knight Takes Pawn

Crow of Team 5D's gets set to take on Team Catastrophe's Herman. Can Crow swoop in and swipe all of Herman's life points, or will Herman's Hook the Hidden Knight clip Crow's wings and send him and Team 5D's into a tailspin?
Episode 104

(Sub) Envoys of Destruction; Team Catastrophe

Team 5D's next opponent is Team Catastrophe, who has made every one of their opponents crash.
Episode 105

(Dub) Rook Takes Knight

Crow of Team 5D's looks to give Herman's Hook the Hidden Knight the heave-ho before it ruins his runner and catapults Team Catastrophe into the next round.
Episode 105

(Sub) Shadow Card; Hook the Hidden Knight

Team 5D's faces Team Catastrophe in the second preliminary round of the WRGP.
Episode 106

(Dub) Primo's Plan: Part 1

Primo and his Duel Bot Army crash the World Racing Grand Prix.
Episode 106

(Sub) Ghost Flood! Terrifying Battle Royal Mode

rimo unleashes the Diablo in New Domino City, causing havoc by challenging Turbo Duelists and making them crash.
Episode 107

(Dub) Primo's Plan: Part 2

Primo decides to take matters into his own hands by challenging Yusei Fudo to a duel.
Episode 107

(Sub) Awakening! Unwavering Place, Clear Mind

Yusei finds himself in a tough spot battling against an army of Ghost's.
Episode 108

(Dub) Primo's Plan: Part 3

Yusei takes on Primo and his Meklord Emperors' debilitating ability to absorb Synchro Monsters.
Episode 108

(Sub) With Real Courage, I'll Never Lose

Yusei and Primo duke it out.
Episode 109

(Dub) Primo's Plan: Part 4

Yusei must figure out a way to get his go-to card back before his life points hit zero.
Episode 109

(Sub) Accel Synchro! Arise! Shooting Star Dragon!

Yusei and Primo's battle continues.
Episode 110

(Dub) Primo's Plan: Part 5

Can Yusei defeat this menace and save his City or will Primo prevail and send New Domino spiraling into chaos?
Episode 110

(Sub) Iliaster's Three Emperors

Yusei begins his counter offensive against "Meklord Emperor".
Episode 111

(Sub) To the Ancient Land of Nazca

Jack and Yusei travel to the ancient Nazca lines to meet an old friend -- Bommer!
Episode 112

(Sub) Crimson Devil

The Crimson Devil gives Jack an offer that he can't refuse: If Jack defeats the Crimson Devil' familiar in a duel, the Crimson Devil will grant him overwhelming power!
Episode 113

(Sub) Burning Soul! Red Nova Dragon

Not only is Jack's power strategy failing, but he's about to face the return of the ultimate Earthbound Immortal!
Episode 114

(Sub) Project Capture Yeager II!

Yeager is the best lead to uncovering Iliaster's secrets, but he's nowhere to be found!
Episode 115

(Sub) Uncover The Mystery! Riding Duel Endgame!!

It's time to test your dueling trivia in the most puzzling duel yet!
Episode 116

(Sub) Moment Express Development Organization

Yusei attempts to stall the company's head in a never-before-seen duel where all the cards are facedown! Yusei better learn the new rules quick because if he loses the duel, he also loses his deck!
Episode 117

(Sub) The Distorted Past

Yusei, Crow and Sherry are trapped inside a wormhole and hurtling towards oblivion!
Episode 118

(Sub) New Rivals

Upstart dueling squad Team Taiyo barely has a D-Wheel that works, but Rua is determined to help them get into the finals!
Episode 119

(Sub) Steel Wall Scrum! Destroy The Impenetrable Defense!

It's time for the WRGP Finals! Since Team 5D's first opponent is the amateurish Team Taiyo, victory is guaranteed before the match even begins... or is it?
Episode 120

(Sub) Pass On The Feelings! Hand-Holding Genie

Team Taiyo doesn't have any Rares to rival Team 5D's, so it's time to change the game and show that it's not just about the cards - it's about the player!
Episode 121

(Sub) The Miraculous Trump Card; Zushin The Sleeping Giant!

Team Taiyo is planning to awaken Zushin the Sleeping Giant, a monster whose power rivals the Egyptian God Cards and has never been summoned in the history of Duel Monsters!
Episode 122

(Sub) Trusted Power! Zushin The Sleeping Giant Vs Shooting Star Dragon

Not only has Team Taiyo already defeated Crow and Jack, but they also have Zushin the Sleeping Giant - one of the most powerful monsters in all of Duel Monsters!
Episode 123

(Dub) Eyes On The Prize

Yusei and Team 5D's get set to take on Team Ragnarok and their powerful Nordic Gods!
Episode 123

(Sub) Duelists With the Rune Eyes

Team 5D's next opponent is Team Ragnarok, who wields the "Rune Eye".
Episode 124

(Dub) Duel For Redemption

Can Jack kick things into overdrive and prove to himself that his abilities are legit or will Dragan and his Nordic God, Thor, hammer home the fact that Jack's skills are nothing more than a mirage conjured up by Goodwin's greed?
Episode 124

(Sub) Damaged Pride

The Duel between Team 5D's and Team Ragnarok begins.
Episode 125

(Dub) Soul Solutions

Jack summons a mighty new monster to the field that has enough fire power to send all of Dragan's life points up in smoke!
Episode 125

(Sub) Battle of Souls! Thor, Lord of the Aesir vs Red Nova Dragon

Jack and Dragan fight each other, betting their pride on the line.
Episode 126

(Dub) When Nordic Gods Attack

Jack gets set to take on his next opponent - Team Ragnarok's Broder!
Episode 126

(Sub) Descend! the Second God Loki, Lord of the Aesir

The clash of the tricksters, Crow VS Broder, becomes a breathtaking battle!
Episode 127

(Dub) Tricking the Trickster

Crow finds himself battling two Nordic Gods - Thor and Loki!
Episode 127

(Sub) Clash! Destiny Depends On Black Wings!

It's Crow VS Broder.
Episode 128

(Dub) Yusei's Last Stand

Yusei must find a way to defeat Halldor before the three Nordic Gods knock his life points down to nothing!
Episode 128

(Sub) The Immortal Three Aesir! Roar, Majestic Star Dragon!

Yusei faces off against Halldor.
Episode 129

(Dub) Fight to the Finish Line

Can Yusei Fudo muster a miracle comeback against Team Ragnarok's Halldor or will Halldor and his Nordic Gods finish off Yusie for good and move on to the Grand Prix finals?
Episode 129

(Sub) Gjallarhorn! Countdown to Death

Yusei VS Halldor duel continues.
Episode 130

(Sub) Bond Between Friends Leads to the Future

Team 5D's has finally beaten Team Ragnarok after an exhausting battle. With this result, the finals will be Team 5D's vs Team New World.
Episode 131

(Dub) The Beginning of the End

The grand finale of the World Racing Grand Prix is set to start and our two finalists -Team 5D's and Team New World are ready to take center stage.
Episode 131

(Sub) The Battle for the Future! Meklord Emperor Skiel vs Red Nova Dragon

The World Racing Grand Prix final between Team 5D's and Team New World begins. Yusei and company realize that New Domino City will vanish off the face of the earth if they don't win, so they need to fight.
Episode 132

(Dub) Dawn of the Machines

It's one down and two to go for Team 5D's.
Episode 132

(Sub) Assault!! Meklord Emperor Wisel

Jack who has won against Lester, fights against Team New World's second wheeler, Primo.
Episode 133

(Dub) Against All Odds

Does Crow have what it takes to take down Team New World's best duelist or will Crow suffer the same cruel fate that sent his teammate crashing into defeat?
Episode 133

(Sub) Giant Emperor Obstructs! Meklord Emperor Granel

The World Racing Grand Prix final continue with Crow vs. Jakob!
Episode 134

(Dub) For Synchro's Sake

Yusei Fudo from Team 5D's looks to rev it up against Team New World's Jakob in the final round of the World Racing Grand Prix!
Episode 134

(Sub) Road to Destruction! Future Due to Synchro Summon

The World Racing Grand Prix final continue. Yusei vs. Jakob!
Episode 135

(Dub) Fight for the Future

Primo and Lester fuse together to form the all-powerful Aporia, Yusei must now figure out a way to defeat this formidable foe before he destroys New Domino City!
Episode 135

(Sub) Demon of Despair! Meklord Astro Mekanikle

Jakob, Primo, and Lester have combined to transform into Aporia. Aporia sends the cores of the "Meklord Emperors" to the Graveyard to Summon the ultimate Meklord, "Meklord Astro Mekanikle".
Episode 136

(Dub) Victory or Doom

Yusei Fudo, facing his toughest opponent ever, must rev it up one last time if he hopes to defeat Aporia and save New Domino City from being destroyed!

(Dub) Season 2 Intro

(Dub) Season 1 Intro

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