1 season available

Young Hercules

TVY7 • Action, Family, Kids, Adventure • TV Series • 1998

Tales of Hercules' adventures as a teenager as he learns warrior skills at a training academy. Together with his friends, he other gods and bandits an...more

Tales of Hercules' adventures as a teenager as he learns warrior skills at a training academy. Together with his friends, he other gods and bandits an...more

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1 season available (50 episodes)

1 season available

(50 episodes)

Episode 1

The Treasure of Zeus

In order to please Zeus, Hercules, with the help of Iolaus and Jason, retrieves a mysterious chalice but ends up getting abducted by a giant bird. "The Treasure of Zeus" is the first part of a trilogy.
Episode 2

Between Friends

Strife incites jealousy and bitterness among Hercules, Iolaus and Jason in a desperate attempt to turn them against one another. "Between Friends" is the second part of a trilogy.
Episode 3

What A Crockery

No longer under the protection of Zeus because of stealing Hera's chalice, Hercules finds his life in serious danger. "What A Crockery" is the third part of a trilogy. The first part is "The Treasure of Zeus", and the second part is "Between Friends".
Episode 4

Herc And Seek

When a gang of thugs tries to rob the academy, a hidden Hercules fouls up their plans.
Episode 5

Girl Trouble

When Hercules, Iolaus and Jason are sent to Athens on an errand, they find themselves on a ship filled with Amazon women.
Episode 6

Teacher's Pests

Hercules, Iolaus and Jason get into trouble and are sentenced to work duty at the academy on their weekend off.
Episode 7

Inn Trouble

When Hercules, Iolaus and Jason offer to run the inn for Kora, they find themselves in trouble with the god Artemis.
Episode 8

Keeping Up With The Jasons

When Jason receives an elaborate new sword and shield for his birthday, Hercules tries to outdo him with some god-made weapons.
Episode 9

Amazon Grace

Hercules must fight an Amazon woman in order to free her and her tribe from slavery.
Episode 10

Cyrano De Hercules

When Hephaestus creates a woman made of metal, Hercules and the guys risk their lives to keep her alive.
Episode 11

Battle Lines, Part 1

Hercules is caught in the middle of a war between his Centaur mentor and his Amazon friend.
Episode 12

Battle Lines, Part 2

Hercules exposes Discord and Strife's plot to start a battle between the Centaurs and Amazons, putting an end to the long-lived feud forever.
Episode 13


When Hercules' friends tells him he's no fun, he allows a magical fire to transform him into the life of the party.
Episode 14

No Way Out

When Hercules tries to distract Lilith from her surprise party preparations, they end up almost dying in a collapsing cave.
Episode 15

Ares on Trial

When Ares allegedly attempts to murder Hercules, Hercules must act as his counsel at the trial.
Episode 16

Down and Out In Academy Hills

When Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods, is kicked out of Olympus, Hercules must fight off a giant in order to help him.
Episode 17

Winner Takes All

Hercules alienates his friends in order to compete with his new-found brothers in the athletic games.
Episode 18

A Serpent's Tooth

Jason receives a gift from a stranger that turns out to be a venom-spitting monster.
Episode 19

The Lure Of The Lyre

Hercules thinks he has found a great new party place but soon discovers he's in danger of becoming part of the Bacchae cult.
Episode 20


Reformed cult member, Orpheus, and his girlfriend, Eurydice, return to play a sold-out concert, but Hercules soon realizes that the music is changing all the listeners into Bacchae.
Episode 21

Lyre, Liar

Hercules and Iolaus are surprised to find Eurydice and Orpheus disguised as farmers in a remote village, but soon learns that Orpheus is still in possession of Bacchus' magical lyre.
Episode 22

A Lady In Hades

Hercules goes to the Other Side to plead Eurydice's case for judgment.
Episode 23

The Mysteries of Life

Hercules, Iolaus and Jason must rescue their monster pet from a circus sideshow.
Episode 24

Dad Always Liked Me Best

While trying to save his half-brother, Pollux, Hercules uncovers a heinous plan orchestrated by Lucius (another mortal son of Zeus) and his crazy mother Iambe to eliminate all of Zeus' children, including Hercules.
Episode 25

Herc's Nemesis

After convincing Nemesis, the Goddess of Justice, that she should not accept Hera's world blindly, she and Hercules find themselves hunted by another goddess whom Hera has sent after them.
Episode 26

Cold Feet

Jason considers the prospect of giving up life as a prince to become a simple peasant.
Episode 27

Mommy Dearest

Lucius, a mortal son of Zeus, is back and determined to make Hercules suffer by tormenting his mother, Alcmene and Jason.
Episode 28

In Your Dreams

Hercules must enter the Dream World and embrace his worst fear in order to save his friends.
Episode 29


Kora's sister, Cleo, comes to town and Kora becomes jealous of her popularity. When she tries a new look, the innkeeper is kidnapped by some smugglers to whom Cleo owes money.
Episode 30

The Golden Bow

An archery competition leads to revelations about one of Hercules' friends and more trouble with Strife.
Episode 31

Home For The Holidays

Hercules becomes jealous when a man, Capaneus, appears to have stolen his mother's heart. Meanwhile, the boys help prepare for the coming feast.
Episode 32


Hercules must help Iolaus pass his final exams or Iolaus will have to go back to jail.
Episode 33

Con Ares

The guys enlist the help of an Ares look-alike to help in Jason's peace talks.
Episode 34

Get Jason

During 'prank days' at the academy, Jason finds himself the target of a real assassin.
Episode 35

My Fair Lilith

When a king attempts to arrange a marriage between Jason and his daughter, Lilith must pretend she is already Jason's queen.
Episode 36

Hind Sight

Hercules is captivated by a beautiful girl who is really a hunted Golden Hind - part woman, part deer and all gold.
Episode 37

The Head That Wears The Crown

Hercules must stop Jason from destroying a giant monster who is really his mother's old friend.
Episode 38

Me, Myself and Eye

Hercules finds a mysterious glass eye that gets Jason turned into a pig and Iolaus attacked by plants.
Episode 39

The Skeptic

When a new cadet does not believe in the gods, Strife goes to work to change his mind.
Episode 40

Iolaus Goes Stag

When Iolaus angers Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, she switches his mind and body with that of a stag's.
Episode 41

Adventures In The Forbidden Zone

When Hercules races his chariot into the Forbidden Zone, the creature beneath the sand almost eats him for dinner.
Episode 42

The Prize

Ares enters a talent contest to win a piece of the Cronos Stone which will make him more powerful.
Episode 43

The Beasts Beneath

Hercules and the gang get trapped in the deadly Dune Sea inhabited by a man-eating sand shark.
Episode 44

Parent's Day

When Iolaus hires fake parents for Parent's Day, he soon discovers they are wanted thieves.
Episode 45

Life For A Life

Ares holds Cheiron hostage hoping that Hercules will sacrifice his life to save his mentor.
Episode 46

Under Siege

Ares uses Cyane, the Amazon, and the god Hephaestus, to try and destroy Hercules and the academy for good.
Episode 47


Ares uses an innocent Amazon girl to try and destroy Hercules.
Episode 48


When Hercules makes Apollo the Sun God angry, the entire academy goes up in flames.
Episode 49

Ill Wind

Cyane risks Hercules' life to save her own by utilizing images from his memory.
Episode 50

Valley Of The Shadow

When Hercules and the guys take a fishing trip in Hera's Valley, they are almost eaten alive by a giant monster.

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