1 season available


TVMA • Thriller, Anime, Science Fiction, Animation, International, Action • TV Series • 2006

Masane's fate is altered after uniting with the Witchblade, an ancient weapon of ecstasy and pain that penetrates the body and mind. Forced into the s...more

Masane's fate is altered after uniting with the Witchblade, an ancient weapon of ecstasy and pain that penetrates the body and mind. Forced into the s...more

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1 season available (24 episodes)

1 season available

(24 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) The Beginning

After arriving in Tokyo, Masane becomes unhinged when Rihoko is spirited away by the Child Welfare Ministry. In the chaos, the Witchblade is unleashed!
Episode 2

(Sub) Bewilderment

Masane, reborn a furious force of nature, is conscripted into service by the Doji Group. While the reality of her new life sets in, her daughter wanders Tokyo alone.
Episode 3

(Sub) Defiance

The Doji Group wants Masane to deal with the rogue X-Cons stalking the streets of Tokyo. In exchange for her work, Takayama guarantees Masane a new life with her daughter.
Episode 4

(Sub) Movement

Masane's role as the Doji Group's weapon comes with a new home, but security and comfort fade when she learns another powerful entity - the NSWF - seeks possession of the Witchblade.
Episode 5

(Sub) Search

Masane can finally provide for Rihoko after pressing the Doji Group for a new salary. The peace of mind might not last now that a reporter named Tozawa is following a new lead - the Witchblade.
Episode 6

(Sub) Change

The Doji Group rescues Masane from the ravaging hands of her clone contemporaries. As she is whisked away, a savage assailant gives chase.
Episode 7

(Sub) Past

After Shiori's sanity crumbles, she attacks the ship carrying Masane. When the battle ends, the true destiny of those who bear the blade comes into harsh focus.
Episode 8

(Sub) Reciprocity

A new model of X-Con is killing in ways that none have before, and with Masane along for the ride, Tozawa becomes a willing participant in the hunt for the monsters.
Episode 9

(Sub) Sadness

Tozawa and Masane investigate a strange string of murders. Hopefully, the crimes are unrelated to the lonely man recently befriended by Rihoko.
Episode 10

(Sub) Interaction

Takayama reprimands Masane after she's spotted with a civilian during an encounter with an X-Con. Her punishment: get dolled up and accompany the Director to a fancy dinner party.
Episode 11

(Sub) Danger

Rihoko falls ill and must be tended to by someone besides her mother. Meanwhile, after battling the Cloneblade Nora, Masane finds herself in the hands of the NSWF - and Father is waiting.
Episode 12

(Sub) Prisoner

The NSWF studies the captive Masane, looking for insight into the relationship between bearer and blade. The agency gets a much closer look at the Witchblade's power than they were expecting.
Episode 13

(Sub) Separation

Masane and Rihoko are on the run after the Child Welfare Ministry attempts to use DNA evidence to separate mother and daughter. Dr. Nishida tasks Nora with hunting them down.
Episode 14

(Sub) Family

As Reina and Rihoko's relationship suffers, Masane's mental state suffers too. Elsewhere, Maria has risen to the challenge and embraced the Cloneblades.
Episode 15

(Sub) Bonds

Reina and Masane rush to save Rihoko from Maria's jealous rage. Unfortunately, the action attracts the attention of every X-Con for miles around.
Episode 16

(Sub) Relaxation

As the residents of the Natsuki Building head off for the beach, Takayama warns Masane that Witchblade and Cloneblade alike take severe tolls on the life of the bearer.
Episode 17

(Sub) Confusion

Takayama struggles to maintain the upper hand against his rival, Wado, and Tozawa digs up all the dirt he can on Father. Meanwhile, the Cloneblade project may have goals more sinister than mere profit.
Episode 18

(Sub) Turn

Takayama resigns after claiming responsibility for several high-profile incidents, leaving the Doji Group in Wado's hands. Meanwhile, Maria takes over training the new generation of Cloneblades.
Episode 19

(Sub) Feelings

Masane and Takayama grow closer after she reaches new levels of lust and rage to protect him. Over at the NSWF, Father's joy is short-lived when his latest Cloneblade stages a coup.
Episode 20

(Sub) Request

Takayama offers reassurance that he will look out for Rihoko if Masane falls in battle. It's a good thing - Maria has never been more focused on claiming the Witchblade for herself.
Episode 21

(Sub) Vow

Struggling under the emotional and physical strain of the Witchblade, Masane looks for ways to remove the artifact. But nothing short of death will remove the curse.
Episode 22

(Sub) Inform

A tender moment between Masane and Rihoko is interrupted by attacking X-Cons. Meanwhile, Maria's chosen the next Sister to take on the Witchblade, and theres even more trouble approaching from offshore.
Episode 23

(Sub) Chaos

Masane and her allies prepare for battle. As three twisted Cloneblades move to take the Witchblade by force, thousands of I-Weapons approach to violently complicate matters.
Episode 24

(Sub) Light

The final battle between the Witchblade and the Cloneblades erupts! Consumed with madness, Maria leads her Sisters into a clash with Masane. High atop Tokyo Tower, all will face their destiny.

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