5 seasons available

Weird Science (TV)

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom, Science Fiction • TV Series • 1994

Based on the 1985 John Hughes film, two high school geeks, Wyatt and Gary create a dream woman, Lisa -- a magical genie.

Based on the 1985 John Hughes film, two high school geeks, Wyatt and Gary create a dream woman, Lisa -- a magical genie.

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5 seasons available (76 episodes)

5 seasons available

(76 episodes)

Episode 1

I Dream Of Gene

Gene and Lisa soon begin spending romantic times together, much to the dismay of Chett who tries unsuccessfully to get Lisa back. Chett finds Gene's Texas tycoon master, H. Boyd Butayne and turns Gene over to him which makes Lisa furious at Chett for interfering. Trying to make up to Lisa, Chett sneaks into Butayne's mansion and summons Gene from the lamp. Gene begins to grant Chett wishes but Chett wishes for money and freedom for Gene to that Gene can spend the rest of his life with Lisa. Unfortunately, Gene has all along been in love with Butayne's maid and upon gaining his freedom, he also claims the maid. Chett tries to tell Lisa a story about how Gene could not return with him but Lisa already knows the truth. That night, Lisa and Chett spend a romantic evening together.
Episode 2

Girl Talk

Lisa's friendship with a waitress from the coffeehouse prompts the genie to admit the truth about her secret powers.
Episode 3

Boys On The Hide

Principal Scampi is honored at a Farber High school assembly. Unfortunately, some of the students vandalized his photo beforehand. Principal Scampi doesn't have enough to go on to be able to figure out who committed the crime. Lisa feels sorry for him and says that she will help him find out which students are guilty. Unfortunately, as Lisa and Principal Scampi look for clues, they all lead to Wyatt and Gary, both of whom are innocent.
Episode 4

Gary Had A Little Cram

Finally, Gary is convinced that he should be applying to college. He scrambles to study for the SAT's, fill out applications, find someone who will write him a recommendation and write the essay. Gary accomplishes all of this without any magic from Lisa, but when he realizes that he needs something to put him over the top, he calls on Lisa to make him a track star. She agrees by giving him a special helmet that makes him run faster than Forrest Gump. Several colleges are eager to have him at their school, but Gary decides he would rather turn professional. Much to his credit, he realizes that he may not always possess the power of the helmet and will have to rely on his education. Fortunately, Wyatt mailed in one of his college applications.
Episode 5

Forbidden Janet

Wyatt wants to finally meet the perfect girl for him so Lisa creates a magical hat that will turn Wyatt's dream girl into a real, live girl. However, when both Chett and Gary use the hat to create their dream girls, it turns out that only one girl can exist at a time.
Episode 6

Man's Best Friend

Two of Chett's friends dump him out in the mountains, miles from anywhere. All of a sudden, Chett starts to be followed- by a dog. Chett starts bonding with the dog after saving his life from a truck. When Chett comes home and Lisa sees how nice Chett is with his dog, she turns him into a real, live man.
Episode 7

Show Chett

As a way of dressing down Chett for his lecherous behavior, Lisa turns him into an exotic dancer in Vegas. But he turns the tables and proves he can strip with the best of them.
Episode 8

Bee In There

Wyatt and Gary both think about how their fathers never played with them when they were little. After hearing this, Lisa agrees to let the boys go back in time as their dads, so that they can spend a little time with themselves as children. The wish turns out awry when Gary gets put into his mother's body instead of his father's. When Wyatt and Gary as Wyatt's father and Gary's mom, start doing more things together, Wyatt's mom and Gary's dad think that something is going on between them.
Episode 9

Future Brides

Wyatt keeps going out on dates, but none of the girls are right for him. Lisa zaps up a Bride Detector, that will go off when your future wife is close to you. Wyatt's future wife is sitting right in the Java Man. Chett tries to use the detector to make Lisa think she'll be his future wife. So, he uses an engineering manual, and makes the detector go off when it's near Lisa. Unfortunately for him, Lisa knows all about what he's been up to, and strings him along. Wyatt loses his future wife after being too serious about the whole thing. And after it's all over, it turns out that the Bride Detector never really worked.
Episode 10

Stalag 16

Gary and Wyatt design a great escape plan when Chett and Scampi become trapped inside Lisa's virtual-reality game, set in a World War II prison camp.
Episode 12

The Genie Detective

While Gary and Wyatt are at school, Lisa plays a virtual reality game, the Genie Detective. She ends up in the 1930's. Chett joins her, but isn't prepared to play the game. He also doesn't know one important rule- when you die in the virtual reality world, you die in the real world, too. Now it's up to Lisa to save Chett. Wyatt joins the game to help, too.
Episode 13

Magic Comet Ride

Lisa seeks help from the "genie master" when she becomes discouraged by her faulty powers. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Gary become obsessed with a magic box.
Episode 14

School Spirits

Lisa and the guys help the ghosts of Farber High show their school spirit when they scare Scampi out of tearing down their favorite wing.
Episode 15

Wicked Wish

In a Snow White parody, Mrs. Donnelly doesn't feel pretty anymore. Lisa tries to help her out, but instead makes Mrs. Donnelly want to be the fairest of them all. It's up to Chett and Wyatt to convince their Mom that she is still very beautiful and to stop her evil doings.
Episode 16

Night Of The Swingin' Steves

The alien race of Steve returns to Earth trying to persuade Lisa to reproduce with them. While Lisa politely declines their offer, the Steves do not take the rejection very well and turn their frustration on any man they perceive to be their romantic rival for Lisa.
Episode 17

Genie Junior

Lisa inadvertently gives birth to a junior genie in a misconceived attempt to teach Chett a lesson about responsibility.
Episode 18


When no one at Farber High is getting along, Lisa decides to zap up some aliens to help erase the hate. However, the aliens attack the school instead of helping matters out.

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