Weekends with Alex Witt

News, Political • TV Series • 2011

Live news coverage hosted by MSNBC anchor Alex Witt.

Live news coverage hosted by MSNBC anchor Alex Witt.

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How Russia is responding to Democrats taking control of the House

Will some newly-elected dems support Nancy Pelosi for speaker?

Big Florida county orders vote recount

Broward County to undergo machine recount in Florida midterm races

Dem-elect talks about flipping solid house seat, defeating Trump Republican

Democrats expected to pursue Russia investigation

Michelle Obama calls out President Trump for birther claims

Protests erupt in Broward County after officials trigger recount

Actor on President Trump: "He's a one-punch fighter."

Georgia Democrats respond to Kemp's claim of attempted voter hack

Katyal: "Even the most conservative jurist like Justice Scalia would laugh this argument out of court."

"Reversing Roe" filmmakers: 'We really did want to understand both sides'

Austin-Hillery: 'We are doing a horrible job in terms of creating free and fair and accessible elections for all Americans'

McLaughlin on Saudis: I don't think we need them in the same way that we once did

Millennials 'believe the system is failing them'

Rep. Speier: 'What we have seen is a president who I believe had concocted a script with the Saudis early on because the words they use are the same.'

Avenatti on Trump: 'I think that his misogyny is wearing thin'

Burleigh: Trump 'learned that he really liked the pliant' woman who could be molded into his 'archaic ideal of what a perfect woman is'

Why some millennials say voting is 'too inconvenient'

Dem Rep: President's tax returns 'going to be shocking'

McFaul: “We should not just sell out to any country” buying our weapons

Sharpton: Kanye West Oval Office meeting was insulting to the public

TV critic talks about architect of new Trump media blitz

Trump promises 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia killed Jamal Khashoggi

Are new talks with North Korea producing anything positive?

Brett Kavanaugh in 1998: If President interferes with special counsel, he should expect impeachment

Congressman on Kavanaugh: ‘He doesn’t have the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court’

How Judge Kavanaugh differs from historic Supreme Court nominations

What did Brett Kavanaugh say in 1998 about whether a President could face indictment?

Breaking down the latest polls: can Democrats take control of the Senate?

Dems' next move on Kavanaugh: ranking house Intel committee member weighs in

Protesters gather outside Supreme Court ahead of Kavanaugh vote

The FBI's Kavanaugh report: How long did GOP Senator Ron Johnson get to read it?

Will confirming Judge Kavanaugh change Roe v. Wade?

Kennedy’s campaign to dismantle the bail system

Rep. Lieu: Kavanaugh 'believes in conspiracy theories'

Rep. Quigley: Trump’s declaration of “love” for Kim not just bizarre, but dangerous

Sen. Cardin: Kavanaugh 'crossed the line'

How Flake, Coons collaborated to relaunch FBI background investigation

Where does the FBI begin to reinvestigate Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh accuser’s counsel: ‘We committed to moving forward with an open hearing’

Rep Schiff: It’s appalling to suggest Dr. Ford is being used

The personal struggle behind Dr. Ford’s alleged assault

GOP adviser on Kavanaugh nomination resigns over past sexual misconduct

Omarosa: #TFA used among WH staffers for 25th Amendment talk

Trump will not sue Stormy Daniels for breaking NDA

Trump’s role in the demise of the USFL

Williams’ controversial dispute with U.S. Open umpire

Avenatti: Trump knows 'the noose is tightening' on liklihood of a deposition

Fmr. NYT Exec. Editor: 'I’ve never been prouder'

Report: Trump admin. discussed plans for a Venezuela coup

Should Kavanaugh be investigated for perjury?

Fmr. McCain Advisor: 'He was the perfect statesman'

Fmr. McCain Advisor: 'He was the perfect statesman'

Funeral arrangements for McCain announced

Schmidt on McCain: We lost someone profoundly special

Sen. John McCain to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol

Fmr. Campaign Advisor: Trump should 'come clean'

Rep. Cicilline: We haven’t crossed the threshold for impeachment

Rep. Heck: It’s the beginning of the end

The narrow path Mueller could take to indict Trump

The case for the impeachment of Trump

Why hasn’t Omarosa spoken out … until now?

Could Mueller be next to lose his security clearance?

Rep. Espaillat: Trump may be writing his own articles of impeachment

Rep. Titus: Cost of military parade all 'Trump’s fault'

Why taking away clearances could be a natl. security threat

Why “Everything Trump Touches Dies”

Activists rally on Charlottesville anniversary

Fmr. UN Amb.: Obama is the only one who could beat Trump today

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