1 season available

Watch Over Me

TV14 • Drama • TV Series • 2006

Jack works as a bodyguard for a wealthy industrialist, Michael. While protecting Michael's fiancee Julia, Jack falls in love with her. Jack discovers ...more

Jack works as a bodyguard for a wealthy industrialist, Michael. While protecting Michael's fiancee Julia, Jack falls in love with her. Jack discovers ...more

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1 season available (64 episodes)

1 season available

(64 episodes)

Episode 1

Pulling Strings, Part 1

After saving a woman, Jack is offered a job as a bodyguard.
Episode 2

Pulling Strings, Part 2

Jack weighs his new job proposition, while Julia suspects Michael is keeping a secret.
Episode 3

Hard Sell

Alfred accepts Michael’s offer to work for him. Jack runs into Julia during a property inspection.
Episode 4

The Engagement

Jack agrees to work for Michael. Michael is visited by the eccentric Sasha Hansu.
Episode 5


Caroline has a nightmare about an accident. Sasha has a secret meeting.
Episode 6

The Trip

Steve raises a question about some mysteries in Michael’s financial records.
Episode 7


Michael sends Jack and Julia to approach LeCavalier at his hotel.
Episode 8

Hidden Agendas

Jack makes contact with LeCavalier and arranges a meeting.
Episode 9


Jack uses a clever ruse to quell Michael’s suspicions.
Episode 10

The Stand Off

Michael has a painful affliction that he’s keeping secret.
Episode 11

Love Sick

Julia tells Jack she’s leaving Michael to be with him.
Episode 12

The Houseguest

Michael discreetly asks Jack to seduce Sasha and spy on her.
Episode 13

Taken Away

Jack and Julia spend the evening together, thinking they’re alone in the house….
Episode 14

Chemical Reactions

Jack tries to tell Julia what he saw in the lab, but she won’t believe him.
Episode 15


Alfred has a breakthrough with Perseus. Eric receives a suspicious email.
Episode 16

The Handoff

Michael has Julia followed, to see if there's another man.
Episode 17

The Trap of Truth

Jack and Julia give in to their attraction. Michael finds a new use for Jack.
Episode 18

Spiders and Files

Jack resists Michael’s demand that he join the operation.
Episode 19


Jack pays a visit to Sasha. Steve comes up with a plan to blackmail Michael.
Episode 20

The Blue Flower

Jack tries to decipher Sasha’s communiques. Alfred has a chat with Michael.
Episode 21

The Lure of the Past

Following a dark confession from Jack, Julia makes a hasty decision.
Episode 22

Truth or Consequence

Jack tries to convince Julia that Michael is evil.
Episode 23


Michael reveals to Jack that he’s about to propose to Julia.
Episode 24

Just a Few Questions

Julia asks Michael to re-assign or fire Jack. Andre receives a useful tip.
Episode 25

Game Time

Alfred is held captive by Sasha, who demands to know what Dr. Baden is working on in the secret lab.
Episode 26


Sasha sends an elaborate and expensive gift to Jack.
Episode 27


Eric finds Natalie's diary. Michael receives a dinner invitation.
Episode 28

Making Moves

Jack discovers how Sasha is secretly communicating with her employees.
Episode 29

Secrets and Teddy Bears

Julia witnesses Andre giving a payoff. Leandra helps Jack decipher a message.
Episode 30

Connect the Dots

Jack and Julia have a swimming race to decide their future.
Episode 31

To the Graves

Jack and Michael cover up a medical ailment. Natalie drops in on Julia.
Episode 32


Sasha sends an elaborate and expensive gift to Jack.
Episode 33

Rules of Engagement

Alfred reveals a secret message, and Jack tries to convince Julia not to marry Michael.
Episode 34

Forever Hold Your Peace

On their wedding day, Jack tries one last time to talk Julia out of marrying Michael.
Episode 35

Corpse Bride

Alfred must create an antidote in the lab. Michael and Julia receive an unwelcome guest on their wedding day.
Episode 36


Julia has new revalations about her relationship with Michael.
Episode 37

Looking for Trouble

Julia recovers from her ordeal, while Michael plans a second wedding.
Episode 38

The One You Love

Jack convinces Isaac that they both want the same thing – the downfall of Michael.
Episode 39


Jack tells Julia the truth about Michael. Michael tests Jack's loyalty.
Episode 40

Hide and Seek

Julia tells Alfred that she knows everything. Michael has visitors at the lab.
Episode 41


Natalie reveals her terrible secret about Michael.
Episode 43

Playing With Fire

Natalie suspects someone may have tampered with the brakes that caused a fatal accident.
Episode 44

Three Lovers, One Gun

Eric tells Natalie that she needs to save Jack and Julia.
Episode 45

Someone's Listening

Jack and Julia discover a microphone hidden in Julia’s bedroom.
Episode 46

Death Rattle

Michael seeks Julia out in person to apologize. Alfred is frustrated with his work on Perseus.
Episode 47

In Business

Alfred explains the horrifying effects of the Medusa virus.
Episode 48

Attack of the Clowns

Jack plots to disrupt the dinner with LeCavalier and Norton.
Episode 49


Norton tells Michael he wants nothing to do with the operation.
Episode 50

Good Soldier

Jack offers to help Michael. Dr. Baden seeks Alfred's forgiveness.
Episode 51

The Lying Rose

Jack shows Michael a spy-cam video of the attack. Andre confronts Ryan.
Episode 52

Punch and Julia

Michael grills Dr. Baden about what she saw when she was at Julia’s house.
Episode 53

For Pete's Sake

Jack realizes what happened to Pete. Michael has a plan to get Jack out of his way.
Episode 55

Sleep in Safety

Caroline has a flashback about the accident. Michael prepares to demonstrate Medusa.
Episode 56

Save the Date

Michael has Jack accompany Caroline on her first date.
Episode 57

Bad Eggs

Michael goes to Jack's house to talk about Julia. Jack and Caitlin have a plan.
Episode 58

Love Trap

Michael gets aggressive with Caitlin, while Alfred perfects Perseus.
Episode 59

In Dreams

Michael arranges a delivery of Medusa canisters to LeCavalier.
Episode 60

The Best Laid Plans

Jack and Julia prepare to steal the canisters back from LeCavalier.
Episode 61

Cards On the Table

Michael orders that Jack and Julia be found and killed.
Episode 62


Alfred breaks into Dr. Baden's lab to steal Medusa.
Episode 63

Wilted Soul

Jack demands Julia’s return in exchange for the virus cure.
Episode 64


Michael creates a plan on how to unleash Medusa. Julia has some bad news for Ryan.
Episode 65

The Dark Recesses

Natalie and Caroline learn the truth about what happened in the accident.
Episode 66

The Gorgon's Head

Jack and the others take a heroic last stand against Michael. Ryan comes to terms with his father's death.

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