2 seasons available

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

TVG • Drama, Mystery, Action, Adventure • TV Series • 1964

The submarine Seaview, the world's only privately owned nuclear sub, investigates the mysteries and dangers of the sea.

The submarine Seaview, the world's only privately owned nuclear sub, investigates the mysteries and dangers of the sea.

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2 seasons available (58 episodes)

2 seasons available

(58 episodes)

Episode 1

Jonah And The Whale

While working to salvage an undersea laboratory, Admiral Nelson and a Russian scientist are trapped when their diving bell is swallowed by a gigantic whale.
Episode 2

Time Bomb

While investigating a secret Soviet nuclear reactor, Nelson is injected with a substance turning him into a human time bomb, and it’s up to Crane to save the day.
Episode 3

...And Five Of Us Are Left

The Seaview is off to rescue the crew of a World War II submarine, trapped for 28 years in an underwater cave.
Episode 4

The Cyborg

A cyborg double of Admiral Nelson boards the Seaview as part of a sinister plan to launch missiles at China, Russia, and the U.S.
Episode 5

Escape From Venice

While undercover in Venice, Crane is framed for murder and is hunted by enemy agents and the police.
The Left-Handed Man
Episode 6

The Left-Handed Man

A deadly assassin with something up his sleeve stalks Nelson as he attempts to stop a subversive plot to infiltrate the Defense Department.
The Deadliest Game
Episode 7

The Deadliest Game

After leading the President of the United States on a tour of an undersea bomb shelter, Nelson must locate the source of some mysterious radio signals which threaten to trigger a nuclear disaster.
Episode 8


At the behest of a brilliant scientist, Nelson and the crew investigate a fissure in the Earth’s crust which causes nearby sea creatures—and the scientist—to grow to gargantuan proportions.
Episode 9

The Peacemaker

In order to retrieve and disarm a lethal proton bomb, Crane must team up with a brilliant scientist who long ago defected to an enemy power.
Episode 10

The Silent Saboteurs

When a space probe is mysteriously destroyed, Captain Crane heads into hostile waters to locate the source of its destruction before another probe is shot down.
Episode 11

The X Factor

In order to rescue a kidnapped scientist, Nelson infiltrates a mysterious toy company serving as a front for an enemy spy ring.
Episode 12

The Machines Strike Back

The Seaview races to the rescue when rogue drone submarines begin attacking the Eastern United States.
Episode 13

The Monster From Outer Space

While on a mission to retrieve an unmanned space probe, the Seaview is taken over by a deadly extra-terrestrial organism.
Episode 14

Terror On Dinosaur Island

Commander Crane leads the rescue mission as Admiral Nelson and Chief Sharkey struggle to survive on a mysterious island inhabited by deadly prehistoric beasts.
Episode 15

Killers Of The Deep

With Crane being held hostage, Nelson leads the fight against a sinister foreign power intent on stealing undersea defense missiles.
Episode 16

Deadly Creature Below!

As two escaped convicts plot to hijack the Flying Sub, the Seaview is menaced by a monster from the deep.
Episode 17

The Phantom Strikes

The crew of the Seaview is haunted by a phantom U-Boat and her ghostly captain.
Episode 18

The Sky's On Fire

When the Van Allen radiation belt catches fire, Nelson’s plan to extinguish the blaze is thwarted by a misguided U.N. official.
Episode 19

Graveyard Of Fear

It’s a race against time as the Seaview is imperiled by a scientist desperate to retrieve data pertaining to a miraculous youth serum from his sunken ship.
Episode 20

The Shape Of Doom

The President’s life is endangered by the subject of a bizarre experiment, a gigantic whale that has swallowed an atomic bomb.
Episode 21

Dead Men's Doubloons

Crane is held captive on the Isle of Death as the Flying Sub is attacked by a mysterious underwater pirate ship.
Episode 22

The Death Ship

The body count aboard the Seaview mounts as the damaged ship becomes part of a sinister plot to sabotage a seven-nation peace conference.
Episode 23

The Monster's Web

While on a mission to recover dangerous fuel cylinders from a wrecked submarine, the Seaview is attacked by an enormous sea spider, and with Nelson gravely injured, it’s up to Riley to help save the day.
Episode 24

The Menfish

In the absence of Admiral Nelson, Admiral Park takes his place as a crazed scientist creates a giant, menacing creature that is half-man and half-fish.
Episode 25

The Mechanical Man

Peter Omir, a super-human android, will stop at nothing—not even the annihilation of the planet—in his quest to mine a powerful new element from the Earth’s core.
Episode 26

The Return Of The Phantom

The ghostly Captain Krueger returns, still plotting to have Crane killed so that he may take over Crane’s body, but will Nelson succumb to Krueger’s diabolical demands?

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