3 seasons available (123 episodes)

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is the futuristic tale of a time when the universal...more

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is the futuristic tale of a tim...More

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Episode 1

Space Explorers Captured

Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge arrive to find Planet Arusin ruins. They are captured by Zarkon's forces and taken to Planet Doom, but manage to escape.
Episode 2

Escape To Another Planet

The explorers return to Arus and discover the legendary Castle of Lions where they meet Princess Allura, and her advisor, Coran. Coran explains the history of Voltron and how the one robot was split into five lions.
Episode 3

A Ghost And Four Keys

After consulting with the magical spirit of Allura's father, King Alfor, they discover the hiding place for the five keys. To their dismay, the key for the Black Lion is missing and Voltron cannot be formed without that key.
Episode 4

The Missing Key

The final key is necessary to activate the Black Lion. The key is returned and Voltron lives again! They battle a robeast and with Voltron's Special Sword, They defeat the Robeast.
Episode 5

The Princess Joins Up

Zarkon sends a powerful warrior to face Voltron, as the Voltron Force tries to rally Allura's people against him, greeting with some resistance. Zarkon attacks the castle, and Allura is determined to join in the fight.
Episode 6

The Right Arm Of Voltron

With the new castle and the decisive looking defeat, some Arusians are finally feeling brave enough to come out from the caves. The Princess has plans to throw a feast in celebration of Arus' apparent liberation.
Episode 7

The Lion Has New Claws

After watching Keith and his team defend her kingdom again and again, Allura is determined to help. However, her Nanny has returned to the Castle of Lions, and is equally determined to keep her out of trouble.
Episode 8

The Stolen Lion

The Princess is undergoing rigorous training in her Lion, fighting with Lance's Lion as if it is a real battle after taking a hard hit from one of his assaults, the Blue Lion plummets toward earth in a tail spin.
Episode 9

A Pretty Spy

Hunk finds a young, injured girl with one of Zarkon's slave tattoos on her arm. Determining that she's alive, he takes her back to the Castle to get medical help.
Episode 10

Secret of the White Lion

Seeing a vision of a white lion, Allura is compelled to follow it. She follows the creature to a waterfall, believing it is her father reincarnated.
Episode 11


A young girl named Tammy gets separated from her mother, and Pidge does his best to comfort her.
Episode 12

Bad Birthday Party

On planet Nemon, Zarkon is set to celebrate his birthday as hosted by his nephew, Tabor.
Episode 13

The Witch Gets a Facelift

Haggar ventures to Arus once more, another diabolical plot brewing under that burlap-looking cowl of hers.
Episode 14

Yurak Gets His Pink Slip

Yurak is leading a fleet to Arus, only to have the Lions waiting to dish out a good pounding. Adding insult to injury, they didn't even form Voltron to send him away in defeat.
Episode 15

Give Me Your Princess

Princess Allura puts the whole team in jeopardy when she tries to pilot the Black Lion without permission. Knowing no way to make it up to her friends, she surrenders herself to Prince Lotor in exchange for the freedom of Planet Arus. Enchanted by her beauty, Lotor accepts. But Keith and Voltron Force have a plan of their own.
Episode 16

Bridge Over the River Chozzerai

There is a farie tale on planet Arus of star crossed lovers who united their kingdoms when they met on a bridge between the two lands. As the Princess of Arus, Allura takes part in a ceremony where the famous meeting must be recreated. A bit of chance lands Hunk in the role of the lucky guy, but the ceremony is crashed by Lotor! Hunk and Allura are trapped on the bridge, leaving the others with no way to form Voltron.
Episode 17

My Brother is a Robeast

Planet Arus has an evil twin planet, Pollux, that has allied with Zarkon. The Voltron Force travel to Pollux in an attempt to make peace. They meet the high strung younger prince, Bandor, and his sister Romelle--who bares an uncanny resemblance to Princess Allura. But the king's first son, Avok, volunteers to become a Robeast to fight Voltron. Because he is willing, the evil Haggar is able to make him the most powerful Robeast yet!
Episode 18

Zarkon is Dying

King Zarkon lies on his death-bed, and Lotor decides to use this opportunity to finish off his father and the Voltron force. Using a magic potion from Planet Doom's top alchemist, he arrives on Arus and turns the plant life against Princess Allura and her handmaidens. Keith and the Voltron Force must rescue the castle women from the monster flowers, and without the help of their Lions!
Episode 19

The Buried Castle

An ancient castle appears from the mists on Planet Arus. Pidge and some of the local kids go exploring, but it turns out to be Haggar's trap! The rest of the Voltron Force arrives, but they are also trapped in the castle. Haggar's Robeast begins to tow the castle off to Planet Doom. The team's last hope is Keith, who manages to escape by hijacking one of Zarkon's ships. But can he defeat the forces of Doom and free the others all by himself?
Episode 20

Pidge's Home Planet

The Voltron Force is ready to jump into action when Pidge's home planet of Balto is under attack. However, the planet is very far, and if the team leaves, Arus would be completely defenseless. Coran, determined to keep Arus safe, attempts to keep Keith, Pidge and the rest of the Voltron Force from leaving. He orders the guards to hold them at gunpoint, and even opens fire on them with the castle's missile defenses. Princess Allura is devastated, having to choose between her planet and her team.
Episode 21

It'll be a Cold Day

After the battle on Planet Pollux, Romelle was taken prisoner by Lotor because of her resemblance to Princess Allura. She survives terrible hardships in the slave dungeons of Planet Doom, but finally escapes, crashing on the ice planet of Neeve. Catching her distress call, Keith, Pidge, Lance, Hunk and Allura set off to rescue her. But Lotor gets there first and sets a deadly trap. Princess Allura is given the choice, surrender herself, or let Romelle and Bandor die.
Episode 22

The Deadly Flowers

King Zarkon attack Arus with a beautiful shower of poisoned rose petals. The only cure lies under the water of Planet Lyra, but Allura is too sick to go. The Blue Lion is the only one that can operate normally underwater, so Lance borrows it and goes after the cure. The local leader, Farla, turns Lance over to the enemy, and Lance ends up in a duel with Prince Lotor! All alone, Lance doesn't have much of a chance, and if he can't win Farla over to his side, he'll never get the cure.
Episode 23

It Takes Real Lions

Haggar's new plan involves taking on the robot lions with a giant robot lion tamer! Keith and the Voltron Force decide to take some time out of their exhausting taming and go swimming. But when Princess Alura joins them in a tiny bikini, Nanny and Coran decide it'd be best to lock her in his room. Without Allura, Keith and the others are soon roped by Haggar's Robeast. Now Princess Allura is on the run, chased by Lotor through her own Castle!
Episode 24

Raid of the Alien Mice

Horrible little evil mice appear in the Castle of Lions, eating through the wires and circuits of the complicated computers that run the control room. Cheeser and the Space Mice fight back, but then Lotor appears with a Robeast. The team can't operate the underground shuttles that they need to reach their lions because of the damage to the main computer. With Lotor wreaking havoc, the team makes a desperate run to reach the Lion's hiding places on foot!
Episode 25

Short Run of the Centipede Express

Far from Planet Arus on the slave world of Moura, Zarkon is building a tremendous Ion Cannon. When complete, it will have enough power to destroy all of Planet Arus in a single shot! Keith and Lance sneak up to the cannon at night and plant explosives around it, in an attempt to sabotage the cannon. But Haran, a Mouran slave, turns on his potential rescuers and helps Lotor disable the explosives. The cannon is completed, and Haran himself is ready to pull the trigger on Planet Arus and Voltron!
Episode 26

The Invisible Robeast

Princes Allura and the Voltron Force are out picking fruit, when they are ambushed by an invisible enemy! Allura is taken away, but Pidge manages to free her with his laser blaster and some quick thinking. Shaken up, the Princess stays behind while the others head out in their lions to find the invisible monster. But it shows up at the Castle of Lions and tries to destroy the Blue Lion as it sleeps in the moat. Now, the Princess is the only one who can fight it!
Episode 27

The Green Medusa

Haggar and Lotor make a new Robeast from the powerful Medusan, Anga. She is filled with fury, and attacks the Voltron Force as they attempt to take care of a troupe of orphaned children. The team is crushed when Anga kidnaps Pidge, but the plucky space explorer learns that there is more to Anga than meets the eye. He tries to help the sadness and pain that is consuming her. Meanwhile, the others are in trouble when Haggar arrives with a second Robeast to finish the job, and Pidge is still missing!
Episode 28

The Treasure of Planet Tyrus

Keith, Lance and the rest of the Voltron Force stumble across a ship of plundered treasures, all gathered for Prince Lotor's birthday! They disguise themselves as crewmen, and successfully infiltrate the evil Prince's celebration. During the party, Keith trips, and Lotor moves to whip him. He gets an unpleasant surprise as the team reveals themselves and attacks, but he manages to capture all of our heroes. Lance has one last big surprise for Lotor, hidden in the gift of gifts, a giant gold statue of the Prince himself!
Episode 29

Magnetic Attraction

Lotor's newest Robeast generates an enormous cloud of fire and heat, vaporizing all the water around the Castle of Lions, including the entire moat. The Voltron Force is interrupted from their martial-arts training, and head off to battle. Princess Allura can't seem to activate the Blue Lion. Her father's ghost reveals the secret of the Lions: They are powered by the elements of Arus. Without any water, the Princess has no way of operating the Blue Lion, and the team can't form Voltron.
Episode 30

The Sleeping Princess

Haggar's Blue Cat sneaks into the castle and stabs Allura with a poisonedblade. Helpless, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk watch as she draws her last breath and dies. At the Royal Funeral, each member of Voltron Force says their farewells, but all is not as it seems. The team has been the victim of a clever plot by Lotor to have Allura to himself. He steals her away, and only Pidge between him and escape. Furious, Pidge takes on the powerful evil Prince all on his own!
Episode 31

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

While Haggar works on her latest Robeast, Zarkon and Lotor are settling a difference of opinions by having Lotor destroy a few beasts in the Arena.
Episode 32

A Transplant for the Blue Lion

Princess is nursing her shoulder injury and worried about her Lion, when her father appears on the Castle monitor to impart some wisdom.
Episode 33

(Dub) Attack of the Fierce Frogs

Lotor wonders how they will trick Voltron into fighting in water, Haggar produces a tank of mini-robeasts that resemble tadpoles.
Episode 34

(Dub) Lotor Traps Pidge

A storm brews on Arus. Pidge, while trying to round up townsfolk to take shelter, gets in a scuffle with a young boy over a rabbit Pidge claims the boy looted to eat.
Episode 35

(Dub) Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics

The Voltron Force men are busy using a huge earth mover to help construct a new stadium where the Space Olympics are to be held on Arus.
Episode 36

(Dub) Lotor's Clone

Lotor promises to deliver a plan that does not involve robots and then leaves to consult with Haggar. She took a culture from the Prince and together with her magic, has created a clone of Lotor to lead the troops.
Episode 37

(Dub) Lotor's New Hit Man

Lotor, Zarkon and Morgill are watching some of the up and coming pilots in the Academy practice when a stand-out performance from one catches their eye.
Episode 38

(Dub) Raid of the Red Berets

Instead of your typical Robeast, this time Haggar and Lotor have cooked up an elite fighting force of robots they call the Red Berets.
Episode 39

(Dub) The Captive Comet

Haggar tells Zarkon the story of the Omega Comet, which is mysterious in that it behaves like a black hole by sucking everything it passes up with its massive gravitational pull.
Episode 40

(Dub) The Little Prince

Lotor has a fleet hitting Arus hard since he knows Voltron's not around to stop it. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison is angry Bandor left their main power supply unguarded and want him to return.
Episode 41

(Dub) There Will Be a Royal Wedding

After giving Romelle one more chance to share the throne with him, tossing her into the Pit of Skulls on Doom. A voice tells Romelle not to be afraid right before she is thrown in, and indeed she is not alone.
Episode 42

(Dub) The Sand People

After being alerted to more Doomite mischief, the Voltron Force fly their Lions to a distant sand planet to prevent its friendly creature inhabitants from becoming unwilling pawns in Haggar's plan.
Episode 43

(Dub) Voltron Frees the Slaves

The people of Zarkonia are promptly enslaved and treated poorly, which Lotor hopes will draw Voltron. Lotor and Haggar have a little trap for their loathed arch enemy when he arrives.
Episode 44

(Dub) Voltron vs. Voltron

Lotor figures he has the perfect way to put an end to all the madness - an exact duplicate of Voltron! It was built from stolen blue prints - the only visible difference is a touch Haggar added by darkening under his eyes.
Episode 45

(Dub) One Princess to Another

Bandor gets a memo bearing some bad news - Zarkon and his cohorts are planning to fuel some 500 robeasts on a satellite called Nuklon.
Episode 46

(Dub) Mighty Space Mouse

While out training with pans on their heads as pseudo-helmets, they run across Haggar's blue cat and run to tell the Voltron Force of that little presence of Doom.
Episode 47

(Dub) Summit Meeting

Commander Steele explains how he hopes a summit meeting Allura has called between all the leaders of her galaxy will yield something useful in her fight for Arus, because Earth and its galaxy has its own problems.
Episode 48

(Dub) Return of Coran's Son

Blue Lion flies over a mysterious stranger and just as she does so, her Lion goes haywire and she crashes. Depsite the fact that she called in her distress, the boys are clueless until they get back to the Castle and get chewed out.
Episode 49

(Dub) Coran's Son Runs Amok

Voltron manages to blast off before the robeast could get a good swipe in but they are not out of the woods yet.
Episode 50

(Dub) Zarkon Becomes a Robeast

Lotor is still smarting over his defeat in the last episode, marveling at how such a perfect plan went so wrong. Then, armed Doomites show up to arrest the Prince on Zarkon's orders...
Episode 51

Lotor The King

Lotor is pumping up the morale of his troops, while Romelle and her forces are ready to lend Voltron a hand. She and Sven are prepared to take out Haggar's laboratory.
Episode 52

(Dub) Final Victory

Lions trying to penetrate Castle Dooms defenses with a little help from Romelle's crew of rebels on the ground. Coran also decides it is time to lend a hand, so he flies the Castle of Lions to Doom to level the playing field.

About this Show

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is the futuristic tale of a time when the universal forces of good have consolidated into the Galaxy Alliance. Its mission: to explore the universe to help those in trouble and to fight the dark forces of evil. The Galaxy Alliance send five determined explorers to search for the secret of Voltron on the planet Arus. Thus ensues the exciting adventures; five fierce lion-robots combine into one great robot-warrior, Voltron.

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