Velshi & Ruhle

News, Business & Finance • TV Series • 2017

Hosted by Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, “Velshi & Ruhle” covers the intersection of business, politics, and the economy. The program focuses on big...more

Hosted by Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, “Velshi & Ruhle” covers the intersection of business, politics, and the economy. The program focuses on big...more

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Kara Swisher: Everyone is going to drop a dime on Facebook now

#GoodNewsRUHLES: Welcome to the world, Baby Cevallos!

'The president is in a foul mood’

Mattis anticipates more troops at Southern border through holidays

President Trump finalizing written answers for Robert Mueller

Where are the middle class tax cuts President Trump promised?

Which issues will Congress tackle now that its back in session?

CNN is suing the president

For Fact's Sake: President Trump is wrong about the CA fires

NYC and DC-metro areas splitting Amazon’s new HQ2

Sources: Corsi one of nearly 12 Stone associates summoned by Mueller

What these rumored Mueller indictments mean for President Trump

A California nurse and wildfire survivor recounts her escape

Troops remain at southern border as Trump zeroes in on caravan

Florida's Secretary of State orders recount for Senate and Governor races

Gillum makes ‘Unapologetic call’ to count every vote

#MonumentalAmerican: ‘The Doctor of the Barrios’

3 wildfires ravaging California, destroying homes

Congratulations to City Council member-elect Jane Ginn!

How Jeff Sessions’ final act will affect police and those they serve

What's happening on Capitol Hill to protect the Mueller probe

Will President Trump's plan to block asylum seekers stick?

New Acting AG once criticized scope of Mueller investigation

Midterms 2018: The year of the woman and minority

Velshi on Trump press conference: That was a rollercoaster

Election Day misinformation to look out for

Georgia’s election protection group seeing voter confidence after court order

How many educators are running for office?

How many veterans are running for Congress?

Hundreds of candidates with science backgrounds running for office

PA voters hit the polls in ‘bellwether’ race for control of House

Which states could give us early indications of midterm results?

You can register to vote on election day in 15 states and DC

How some voters are being suppressed across the country

Midterm countdown: 35 million have already voted

This country needs immigrants to fuel the economy

What is the most important issue to Americans?

What issues are drawing millions of voters to the polls?

What will it take for Dems to pull off a ‘blue wave’ tomorrow?

#MonumentalAmerican: Native American who pushed for voting rights

#RoadWarriors: Trailing in Trump Country

Does your state allow you to take time off to vote?

Meet the African-American women running for office in TN

Strong jobs report could boost GOP in final days before midterms

What does each party need to win on Election Day?

Why You Vote: Native Americans still struggle with voting rights

Can Oprah's endorsement give Stacey Abrams an edge over Brian Kemp?

Candidates fighting for key Southern California House seat

How Georgia could change history after the midterms

How have presidents used fear as a campaign tactic in the past?

Oprah: 'I refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain'

Republicans edging Dems in early voting nationwide

What is Beto O’Rourke’s closing message?

#MonumentalAmerican: Civil rights activist Viola Gregg Liuzzo

Early voting in key states see surge at the polls

How secure is your vote?

The federal government has nearly tripled the amount of new debt

What teen voters in PA are talking about ahead of midterms

Why We Vote: The important issues on the ballot

#MonumentalAmerican: Racial equality attorney who faced violence

A president's party doesn't have a big impact on U.S. stock returns

David Hogg: We are angry, but we can change this with our vote

How does the 14th amendment protect birthright citizenship?

Is it possible to deny birthright citizenship to kids born here?

The stories behind stunning photos of school shooting survivors

Why isn’t the Pittsburgh shooter facing terrorism charges?

Why it matters that President Trump is praising Brazil’s new president

'We will use this to inspire the world to do acts of great kindness'

How ‘Gab’ was involved in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Remembering the victims of the Tree of Life massacre

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